Billy Brockmann Memorial Scholarship

The Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA)awards the scholarship for Billy Brockmann Memorial Scholarship, a scholarship program whose aim is to offer financial support to the students who are residents of certain counties in the state of Illinois such as Bond, Clinton, Dewitt, Madison, Mc Lean, Peoria, St. Claire, Tazewell and Woodford.

Billy Brockmann Memorial Scholarship is open to both international students as well as those who are citizens of the United States. In order to be considered eligible for this scholarship grant, hopeful candidates need to have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, and that he or she must be intending to pursue medicine, engineering or education.

This scholarship program offers $2,300 worth of financial assistance to its recipients. The award for this scholarship grant is given every year and is non- renewable. The monetary award covers payment for fees that includes tuition, registration, books, dorm and other expenses related to the academic needs of the recipient. The award will be made payable to the college or university chosen by the recipient. Only one recipient is selected each year for Billy Brockmann Memorial Scholarship.

The application for this scholarship program can be obtained from the Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA) website, and the application is required to be completed online through the ESA application system. Part of the qualifications for this scholarship program is the candidate’s SAT/ ACT documentation, two letters of recommendation as well as a personal essay that talks about the applicant’s career plans and the reasons why the candidate is deserving to be chosen and also his or her leadership and service accomplishments.

A $5 application fee is required by this program.

Amount: $2,300
GPA: 3.00
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