Barry & Julia Smith Family Nurse Scholarship Program

Those nursing students who are at least aged 25 years old or older and are planning to practice nursing care for those who are in home care and those who are in their final days of living can apply for the Barry and Julia Smith Family Nurse Scholarship Program. These nursing students must be enrolled at the present in their junior year.

The monetary value of the scholarship award is one-thousand U.S. dollars. The number of scholarships given out depends on how much funds have been raised. The scholarship is good for one full school year. Applications are accepted not later than May of every year.

For more details applicants can write them at their address Scholarship Management Services, Scholarship America, One Scholarship Way P.O. Box 297 Saint Peter, MN 56082. They can give them a call at (507) 931-1682.

Amount: $1,000
Length: 1 year
Deadline: May of each year