Association for Radiologic & Imaging Nursing

The Association for Radiology and Imaging Nursing has established a scholarship program. The scholarship program is called The Dorothy Budnek Scholarship. The aim of the scholarship program is to help those nurses who have enrolled back in nursing school and gain higher level education.

The scholarship program is named after Dorothy Budnek.  Dorothy or Dot was a practicing Technologist in the Radiology field. She had a firm belief that nurses in Radiology played a major role in treating patients.  This was the main reason why she enrolled back to school in University of Southern Carolina and took a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.  All throughout her studying years she loyal support to The Association for Radiology and Imaging Nursing even though she was suffering from breast cancer.  Since she was connected with Radiology nursing, The Association for Radiology and Imaging Nursing, in her tribute, proudly grants a nurse in the field of Radiology this fund.

There are specific requirements the applicant must fulfill before The Association for Radiology and Imaging Nursing gives the grant.  First is that the awardee must be a continuous member of the association for at least three consecutive years. Second, the student must be a licensed nurse. The students’ Grade Point Average must be at least a 2.5. The student also must be in need of financial help.

The grant is worth $600 to be offered for a full year.  The deadline of application is on the 15th of September.

Interested students can visit their website at or can give them a call at 229-228-2795.


Amount: $600
Length: 1 year
Deadline: 15-Sep
Website: Visit Website