Arnot Health Operational Nursing Scholarships

A scholarship fund given out by the Arnot Ogden Medical Center Foundation will be awarded to a nursing student experiencing financial need. This is scholarship is given in honor of Teresa Gulati, a former instructor for nursing. The scholarship is named the Teresa Gulati Nursing Scholarship will be awarded to two students with a combined monetary value of five-thousand U.S. dollars per year. Successful applicants must be at least in their sophomore year in their course. Gulati was a former nurse in Arnot before becoming an instructor for nursing. Applicants interested in gathering information may give the Arnot Ogden Medical Center Foundation a call at (607) 737-4606 or may log on to

An application for financial aid must be done so that educational costs can be settled by the scholarship. This can be done by filling out a financial aid application form from the Financial Aid Office of Arnot Ogden or at the counselors’ office. The application must be sent to address stated on the application form.

Aid (FAFSA) from Arnot Ogden, or a guidance counselor. Fill it out and return it to the address listed on the form. Use this guide to help with the form.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid can help students in paying for the cost of school expenditures. Officers can also give ideas regarding the following; Benefits of Veterans, Benefits for Federal Vocational rehab, assistance regarding tuition fees, Pell grants from the government, Loans for Family Education from the government, Loans for Perkins’ Students, secondary education opportunity grant from the government, working and studying plan for college students.

These are all peruses on a one by one basis. The monetary values for these may differ depending on the amount raised.

Those who are interested may log on to the website and gather more information.

Amount: $5,000
Website: Visit Website