Army Nurse Candidate Program

The U.S. Army Health Care Team has established a scholarship program which they named The Army Nurse Candidate Program. This scholarship grant is open to all nursing students currently enrolled in Bachelor of Science in nursing course in a certified nursing school.

Here is how the scholarship program goes and what kind of financial assistance it offers nursing students:

First is that a grantee will receive $5,000 at the start of the curriculum and an additional $5,000 extra upon completion of the course.

Second is that the grantee will be given a monthly allowance of $1,000 provided that he or she is taking up her studies in a school that is under the National League of Nursing or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Those who are eligible for the grant must be an American Citizen. The Bachelor of Science course in nursing has to be finished within half a year to two years in a certified school. An NCLEX-RN certificate is a must. All completed obligatory army services and with not more than ten years military experience is a must for those who are enlisted in the Army.  The applicant must be a resident of Oregon.


Applicants may log onto their website at or visit them at 7600 NE 41st ST STE 120 – Vancouver (98663).  They can call them at 360-891-4938 or email at

Website: Visit Website