Arizona Nurses Foundation Academic Scholarship

The Arizona Nurses Foundation Academic Scholarship was established to give financial support to the residents of Arizona who are either presently enrolled or at least has been accepted in an academic nursing program that is also based within the state of Arizona. This scholarship program is awarded by Arizona Nurses Association.

The amount provided by this scholarship grant is decided by the Council of Trustees of AzNF (Arizona Nurses Foundation). For the recipients who are in the ADN program, the amount given to them is $500, while for the BSN/ RN- BSN recipients, the amount of $1,000 is provided. Recipients who are in the graduate level are allotted $2,500 worth of financial assistance.

The awards are given every year and is non- renewable. There are 36 scholarships that are being distributed each year that are equally divided into the fall and spring semester, such that 18 scholarships are distributed during the fall term and 18 awards are also given in the spring semester.

Students who are interested to make an application to the Arizona Nurses Foundation Academic Scholarship may obtain the application on the Arizona Nurses Association (AzNF) website. Apart from the completed application, other supporting documents are also required by this scholarship program such as letter of recommendation from someone who can vouch for the candidate’s capacity for leadership. Another requirement needed is that the applicant needs to make a personal statement that indicates his or her dedication to nursing, and his or her effectiveness in interpersonal relationships. Aside from these, letter of acceptance into an educational nursing program and transcript of records must also be submitted.

Amount: $2000
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