Arc of Washington Trust Fund Research Grants

Graduate students and upper division students who are experiencing financial difficulties are in luck since the ARC of Washington Trust Fund and Research Awards give out scholarships for these students who have shown a kin sense of attention in the area covering mental retardation. The monetary value of the scholarship is renewable provided that the student applicant is registered. All student applicants are required to compose and submit a letter of intent stating their interest in the said field and its connection to the visions of the Trust’s program. It should also include the amount of monetary support needed by the student. Upon their perusal, the Trust will agree to the proposal if and when the Trust sees that the proposal is in line with its’ own program. Then a formal proposal for the scholarship grant may be applied for and authored.

There is no time period or deadline for the submission of the letter of intent. These letters should be addressed to The ARC of Washington Trust Fund; Attention: Diana Stadden, Administrative Assistant 2638 State Avenue, NE, Olympia, WA 98506.

Their website is at

Amount: $10,000
Website: Visit Website