American Quarter Horse Foundation Education or Nursing Scholarship

High school graduates who are about to get into college and are active members of the American Quarter Horse Foundation Association of one full year and are in the middle of taking up their courses in nursing or education can avail of the American Horse Foundation Education or Nursing Scholarship.

The scholarships are aimed at helping out future leaders who are at present experiencing financial difficulties. The Foundation began giving out scholarship grants in the year 1976 and has given a total of five-million and seven-hundred thousand U.S. dollars to help their awardees. The selection committee will base their selection on the applicants’ financial disposition, academic standing, involvement in equine and participation in community services. The main focus of the foundation is to give help and aid to young people who have the same ideas on how to be a member of the American Quarter Horse.

With donations coming in as from different people, advanced educational programs can now be availed with the American Horse Foundation. These programs come in detailed or generic arrangements and is based on the wants and needs of the donations are welcome anytime and anyday.
For those interested in applying for the scholarship grant, applications are accepted until the 1st of December.

Amount: $10,000
Length: Up to 4 years
Deadline: January of each year
Website: Visit Website