American Legion Auxiliary, Dept. of New Jersey Past President's Parley Nurses Scholarship

The Department of New Jersey of the American Legion Auxiliary has established and initiated a scholarship program for those who want to practice nursing in the military service. The scholarship program is called the Past Presidents’ Parley Scholarship for Nursing. This is readily available to those offspring of those who have been discharged with honor American war veterans.

However, this scholarship program is limited to the freshman year of schooling taken in a two or four year course in an industrial academy or institution for nursing.

This Past Presidents’ Parley scholarship program runs for about one year. There is a deadline with regards to applying for the course. The deadline for application is the 15th of February.

There is no requirement when it comes to gender of applicants. Another requirement that applicants must be able to satisfy is that he or she must be a New Jersey resident.

For those who are interested in taking up the Past Presidents’ Parley Scholarship Program offered by The American Legion Auxiliary, New Jersey Department, you can visit their website at They can be visited in their own headquarters with address 1540 Kuser Road, #A-8 – Hamilton (8619)

You can call their headquarters at 609-581-9580 or send them a fax message at 609-581-8429.

You can write to them through their e-mail address

Length: 1 year
Deadline: 15-Feb
Other Req: RESIDES IN NJ state
Website: Visit Website