American Legion Auxiliary, Dept. of Michigan, Medical Career Scholarship

Many individuals hope to complete a degree in nursing. However, the cost of nursing education is not that economical, even at state or public colleges. In this case, many students look for ways to pay for the cost of education such as becoming a part-time worker and some apply persistently to scholarship programs offered to deserving students. Scholarships are designed that way – provide assistance to deserving students who demonstrate high aptitude academically speaking and financial needs. There are scholarships that are intended for other requirements aside from the two mentioned above such as being an immediate family member of a war veteran.

For students who hope to pursue career in the medical field, this scholarship is created to help you achieve that. This scholarship program will award $500 that will last for a year and will be used for school related expenditures such as tuition, board and room fees, school supplies and necessary books and so on. The scholarship is restricted only to the students who are going to or finishing the senior year in high school and will enter college on full-time basis. Other eligibility requirements include able to demonstrate financial need and being an immediate family of a war veteran residing in the state. Candidate must be also a resident of the state for a year and his/her chosen school is located within the state.

Copy of the application form can be obtained online and candidate must complete all the requirements before submission or else their application will be eliminated.

Amount: $500
Length: One year
Deadline: 15th of March
Other Req: Resident of Michigan State, Applicant must be a descendant, wife, or widower of any discharged or deceased wartime veteran, Michigan resident
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