American Legion Auxiliary, Dept. of California Past Presidents' Parley Nursing Scholarships

If you are looking for a scholarship that will help you complete your nursing degree in any college or university in California, consider applying to the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of California Past President’s Parley Nursing Scholarships. The amount of the scholarship that will be awarded is $2,000 per year. The student must be pursuing nurse degree program and enrolled on full-time basis in an accredited institution within the State. There is higher preference given to immediate family members of a veteran such as those who are the child, spouse, widow or widower of the veteran as well as who is or was serving at the Armed Forces of the United States. This amount is more than enough for the recipient in which he/she can use to fund the tuition of his/her nursing degree program.

The application form for this scholarship can be obtained online at the website of the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of California. The Unit will then choose one applicant for this type of scholarship and will forward the applications to the District Education Chairman. The candidate will then be eligible to be awarded with one scholarship only.

Scholarships are indeed established with the intention of providing assistance to the deserving students in order to complete his/her college studies. The assistance will be a big help for the recipient in terms of studying since he/she will not have to worry about money for the entire duration of the scholarship. At this amount, other expenses can be covered as well that are related to his/her studies.

Amount: $2,000
Length: One year
Deadline: 3rd Friday every April
Other Req: Resident of California State
Website: Visit Website