American Holistic Nurses Association Research Grants

Continuing education is very important. It is possible to achieve continuing education by going to school again and take graduate studies and do it conveniently online. However, online studies are expensive in comparison to studying in a classroom. Continuing education such as taking masters or doctoral degree programs is generally expensive. Not all are able to do graduate studying even if they are employed. Nevertheless, for those who are truly persevering to pursue their goals in life through graduate studies, scholarships are one avenue to achieve that. If you are a doctoral student conducting a research about holistic nursing and needs research grants, consider applying the Research Grants from American Holistic Nurses Association/AHNA.

The AHNA Research Grants are available only to the current members of AHNA for at least a year. Applicants must be engaged in research about holistic nursing research. You are eligible if you are a current doctoral student looking for funding for your research in the nursing field. The general objective of the AHNA assistance is to be aware of and to celebrate the nurses who are dedicated in the practice of holistic nursing.

This is a competitive research grant and recipient can be awarded with grant for as much as $5,000. Candidates must submit a research proposal that is about three to five pages that include the cover letter (follow the guides for the cover letter describe at the AHNA website), duly accomplished proposal that follows the guidelines, budget breakdown, application form and letter from the dissertation committee chair.

Amount: $5,000
Length: Four years
Deadline: 15th of March
Website: Visit Website