American Council of the Blind Scholarship Awards

For students hoping to pursue a degree in nursing, but having financial difficulties or some disabilities, the best way to solve this is to persevere by looking for scholarships. Financial woes and disabilities must not be a problem for students who truly want to pursue a nursing career, or any degree. Scholarships are designed to assist students in moving through the college with financial support. Scholarships can be offered internally or from the school itself or externally, which are open to many students and from all places.

One external scholarship that you can apply for this year is the American Council of the Blind/ACB Scholarship Award. This scholarship is awarded to students who are blind and still taking up and admitted to academic degree programs and to vocational ones at the college level. The application process of this one must be completed electronically and online. Those who are approved during the process will be given the go signal to send the supplemental documents by regular mail. The details for the submission of supporting documents are listed here: The deadline of submission is set on the 1st of March this year.

ACB is on the forefront of creating policies intended to shape opportunities available to people with disabilities in the country. One of them is this scholarship. ACB effectively collaborated with the providers of Vision Rehabilitation Service in developing principles and values that must be utilized and be the guide in giving placement and adjustment services to individuals who are blind.

Length: One year
Deadline: 1st of March
GPA: 3.3 or better
Website: Visit Website