American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Professional Development Scholarships

Studying does not end after the baccalaureate degree. Some people desire to go even further and taking up graduate studies. There are many reasons why individuals pursue graduate degree courses, but most of the time, it is due to furthering their specialization so that they can share and serve more to the organization they belong or the community they live now. Graduate studies are usually expensive and even if most grad students are employed, not all are capable to take the grad courses.

There are assistance programs given to graduate students, whether they are employed or not. Such example is the AAOHN Professional Development Scholarships. This scholarship programs is established to provide support to the individuals in the occupational and environmental health field so that they can attend and successfully complete continuing education. This scholarship is not intended to make supplements to the tuition. Nevertheless,the grants will be used for activity or program registration in the continuing education, as travel expenses and/or related subsistence fees that are related to AAOHN Annual Conference.

For this year, AAOHN will award two awards of $1,500 from the MEDITRAX and another two awards of same amount from the MOORE MEDICAL. This is an annual scholarship offered by the AAOHN. For the candidates, they must submit the duly signed and completed application form along with 500 words or less narration that describe career goals and how the grant can help them in continuing the education and a letter of support. Submission deadline is set at 1st of January annually.

Amount: $1,500
Length: One year
Deadline: January 1st annually
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