Alice M. and Samuel Yarnold Scholarship

Nursing jobs is not difficult to find, but you must get a degree, and become a Registered Nurse before applying for one. There are many schools that offer BSN. Almost every university offers these programs to encourage students to go into healthcare. The world will never run out of nursing jobs, and will continue to need more nurses in the future. It is expensive to study nursing because of the training and education that you will need. Students need extensive training because the lives of the patients will also depend on them. You don’t need to worry though; scholarships are offered to students who deserve them. You can ask information from your school, or check your area for available scholarship programs. These programs will provide students with financial assistance while they are aiming for a career in nursing. They are also available for RNs depending on the type of scholarship.

If you are living in New Hampshire and interested in pursuing a degree in the health care field, the Alice M. and Samuel Yarnold Scholarship is for you. This program is for students who are residents of New Hampshire who are already in the process of post-secondary education to get a degree in a university within the area or out-of-state schools. The scholarship program will award the eligible applicants with $250 per year. They don’t have their own website, so interested applicants should mail their application at PO Box 2303 – Dover (03821-2303).

This kind of opportunity is rare, so you really have to grab it when it’s available. Maintaining a good GPA while you are in school will also be a plus, especially when you are applying for a scholarship. Most programs will require a recommendation letter from your professors, so it is also important to have a good relationship with your teachers.

Amount: $250
Length: 1 year
Other Req: RESIDES In NH state
Website: Visit Website