Albert E. and Florence W. Newton Nursing Scholarship

There is a scholarship award that is awarded for those nursing students who are taking up an undergraduate course in nursing. This scholarship award is called the Albert E. and Florence W. Newton Nursing Scholarship. Priority is given to those residing in the state of Rhode Island.
The deadline for the submission of application has already passed but there is a chance that you might be awarded with this scholarship for next school year. There is a lot of similarity between scholarship givers. In the near future, this grant will be re-evaluated. For more information for next year’s awarding, check with the website at a later time.
This scholarship is given out bu the Rhode Island Foundation and has a monetary value from between $500 and $2000 dollars per year. This can be renewed for a maximum of 3 years for a student of good academic records. The total recipients varies every year
Application forms are found at the Rhode Island Foundation website. To those who will visit the website must create an account before logging in. The account can be used as a data keeper by the user. Supporting documents to the students application may be needed to be uploaded on te website.

Student applicants must be able to scan these documents so that the application can be easily finished. The usual documents that student applicants need to submit online are the filled up financial forms, a duplicate of the student applicants financial aid records, updated scholarly records and his SAR or student Aid Report.

Amount: $500 to $2,000
Length: annually
Website: Visit Website