Aird-Lemone Scholarship

Nursing has become one of the fastest growing careers in different countries. Because of that, it is very easy to find a nursing school around. However, it is also very important to find a school that will help you develop your skills, and will give you proper training for your future career. These schools do not only give students the opportunity to help other people, but also help them practice on the skills that they are good at. One good way to search for a good school is to look it up on the Internet. This kind of method is the fastest, and it will also give you information about the available scholarships. These programs for deserving students are always there. If you really want to become a nurse, or become a part of the healthcare field, you can always check for the available scholarships online.

There are foundations and institutions that offer scholarship for both registered nurses and undergraduates. One of the reasons they are giving our scholarships is because they want to advance and develop healthcare. They give out scholarships to registered nurses for the advancement of the existing healthcare programs. Of course, there are also scholarship programs available for students who want to get a degree in nursing (BSN). If you are a non-traditional student who have a financial need, and wants to get a nursing degree, the TheAird-LeMone Scholarship is for you. This is an endowed scholarship founded by Dr. Priscilla (LeMone) Koeplin in honor of her late husband and parents. The program will grant the student $500-$1,000 for a year to assist them with their education. The scholarship last for a year, and the application deadline is on every 1st of July. Interested applicants may check their website at, or they can email them at

Amount: $500-$1,000
Length: 1 year
Deadline: 1-Jul
Website: Visit Website