Abell-Hanger Foundation Nursing Awards

The Texas Interscholastic League Foundation students who take part in their projects and are interested in taking up nursing studies may apply for the Abell-Hanger Foundation Nursing Awards. The scholarship awards come in eight-thousand U.S. dollars pay-outs which are divided into four two-thousand U.S. dollars denominations for the first four semesters. Applicants who come from the 56 counties of West Texas are given priority. The first requirement that an applicant must fulfill is that a score of 1650/24 on the SAT or ACT must be achieved. The second requirement is that the applicant must be enrolled in a four year course in a state accredited educational institution. Interested applicants may look for Brenda Baxendale, TILF Scholarship Coordinator at P.O. Box 8028, Texas 78713-8028 and may call her at (512) 232-4937.

Amount: $8,000
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