AAMN Scholarships

Scholarship programs have a common goal which is to provide financial assistance to the students who are experiencing difficulties with their finances, thus making it tough for them to continue their education. Because of these programs that offer financial aid, more students are given the chance to complete their education and lead them to have a bright future. While these scholarship programs possess a common objective, their requirements for eligibility vary such that some are open to only a specific group of ethnicity, nationality or even gender.

One of the scholarship programs that is available around is the AAMN Scholarships. This program is open only to the male nursing students who are active members of the AAMN. The AAMN Scholarships is a cooperation between the kindness of the AAMN members as well as the donations that are generated from a select group of benefactors. The application for the AAMN Scholarships is only made available if there are enough financial resources to support the scholarships.

For the year 2015, six recipients will be chosen and will receive the amount of $500. This is intended for the Pre- Licensed Nursing students who are active members of AAMN. There will also be two $1,000 worth of scholarship award which is meant for the Graduate Nursing Students who are also members of the AAMN.

The AAMN Scholarships will begin accepting applications on March 1 and the deadline set by this scholarship program is on June 1, so the male students who are qualified to apply must submit the necessary requirements before its deadline.

Amount: $1,000
Deadline: June 1
GPA: 2.75
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