$4,500 Nurse Leader Scholarship

Being a nurse requires a lot of time and patience, as you need to work longer hours every day. It’s not like any regular job. Most jobs have fixed schedules. You come to work, at a specific time, and leave after finishing 8 hours of work schedule. Being a nurse is different though. You need to get used to flexible working hours. It is very important that you know all those things before choosing this career. After all, the lives of the patients depend on the people working at the hospitals.

Working to help people heal is very rewarding, but most nurses will think of advancing their careers, which also means better compensation. A specialization anda career in administration is the most common choice. Of course, going to a university with fixed schedules for classes will not work. That is why, some universities offer online courses.
If you are looking for a career in administration, the Loyala University New Orleans is the perfect school for you. The university provides online MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) with specialization in healthcare management. This program helps you gain knowledge and skills necessary to advance your profession. After finishing the degree you can go for a career in nursing administration, workforce management, leadership, finance, quality assurance, and health care promotion.

As part of their 33rd anniversary, the Loyola University New Orleans is also giving out five $4,500 worth of scholarships to students who will enroll for a Master of Science in Nursing degree program. The university offers accredited online graduate programs designed specifically to fit your busy schedule.

Ethnicity and gender will not be a problem, as long as the student has a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Deadline of application is on the 30th of November. If you have any further inquiries, you can visit their website (http://scholarship.loyolaneworleansonline.com/scholarship-overview/), or email them at degrees@loyno.edu.

Deadline: November 30, annually
GPA: 3.0 or higher
Ethnicity: White
Gender: No gender requirement
Other Req: Military, Disability
Website: Visit Website