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The Wyoming State Health Department says that the nursing crises is about to reach new heights. The most affected field of nursing are the certified nursing assistants who work at nursing homes. The department states that all health officials will have to act on this problem right now in the hope that this problem will not get any bigger. The state health department is now working hand in hand with the Department of Workforce Services to come up with solutions to this major problem.


  1. Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

Then main reason why a lot of patients within the community have their healthcare at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is because they get the best and highest quality medical and nursing care services offered in the state in this hospital.

It has a rich history of providing top notch healthcare services because they only employ physicians and nurses who are dedicate enough o give the best care for their patients. Add to this other good qualities and reputations the hospital has achieved since opening its doors back in 1867, the hospital has become a well respected provider of healthcare. It all started when a tent hospital was built back then to attend to injuries experienced by Union Pacific Railroad workers.

The very next year, for a meager amount of $125, the tent hospital was bought by the founding members of the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center with all its supplies. At first it was named Cheyenne Regional. Through the years, more buildings were constructed and the name has undergone a few changes and thousands of employees have come and gone. Throughout its’ history, one thing has not changed – their passion to healing people.

The physicians and nurses put a lot of importance into caring for the health of every patient that walk through their doors. Their passion for providing the best healthcare overflows and it manifests in how they handle each and every case they are assigned to.  They all stand by their patients through the healthcare process to give encouragement and confidence to them. The hospital knows what to give their community patients other than the medical treatments that they need. A lot of dedication and commitment to their moral duties of helping their patients heal from their illnesses.

The hospital offers a complete array of medical healthcare services from Oncology, Cardio care, Neuroscience care, Othopedic care, Women care, Children care, Wound Treatments, Hyperbaric Medicine, Imaging and Laboratory Services, Hospice care, Behavioral care, Weight care, Trauma, and Rehabilitation care.

214 E 23rd St, Cheyenne, WY 82001

Phone: (307) 634-2273



  1. St Johns Medical Center

1916 saw the birth of the St. John’s Medical Center as an original part of the St. John’s Episcopal Church. Truth is that the hospital is not directly related to the church, but founding members have decided to stick with the name for a good number of decades. However in 1976, the hospital changed its name to Teton County Hospital District but continued to provide healthcare through its’ original name. Then in 2000, the Board of Trustees decided to change its name to St. John’s Medical Center because it started to offer a more complete line of medical services to its growing patient list.

The hospital today has a capacity of 108 patients. The hospital that the building uses was built in 1991 is home to 3 Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum and Labor beds, 40 primary care beds and 5 Intensive Care Unit beds for a total of 48 Acute Healthcare beds. It also has 60 Living Center licensed beds. It steam of physicians, nurses and allied workers performed 2,691 surgical procedures and birthed 445 new born babies in 2013. Patients that have been admitted in the hospital this year number to about 2,000 and counting. Inpatients are at 6,000 with nearly three days stay. ER has treated 8,273 cases.

The hospital employs about 500 people today. Some the healthcare services they offer are ICU, Living Center, Skilled Nursing Care, Obstetric care, Surgical Care, Recovery Room, Emergency Room, Home Care, Hospice Care, Cancer Care, Radiology, Imaging Rehabilitation and Laboratory services. Allied services that the hospital offer are community education, prenatal services, blood banking, clinical psychology, emergency cases, occupational therapy, outpatient operations, physiotherapy, cardiology care, speech therapy, anesthesiology and wellness care. It also provides patients general medical care, vascular surgical procedures, neuroscience care, orthopedic care, perinatology, oral surgery, internal medical care, dermatology care, dental care, cognitive health care, otolaryngology, pain care, pathology care, cosmetic and reconstructive physical surgeries, pulmunology and sleep care,

The hospital has not stopped on its’ laurels as far as improvements are concerned. With continues upgrading of the facilities and investing on new equipment, the hospital has been continuously been able to provide better healthcare services.  2004 saw the completion of the refurbishment of the Primary Care Unit which now houses 8 new Acute Care beds. The hospital also added another Chemo therapy unit, a Women’s Imaging Unit, and it added more space to outpatient surgical unit, and the laboratory department.

The very next year saw the hospital added more space to its’ Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit.  A digital mammography service was also added.

The Hospital has anti-racism policy in which employees and officers cannot discriminate patients regarding, disability, ethnicity, nationality, religion background, age, gender, race and skin color.

PO Box 428, 625 E. Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

Phone: (307) 733-3636



  1. Wyoming Medical Center

Being rich in medical history is one of the things that the Wyoming Medical Center can be very proud of. The thing with their history is that it has molded the hospital into one of Wyoming’s best healthcare facility.

1986 saw a new corporate set up for the medical center which is the main reason why the Wyoming Medical Center came to fore as a nonprofit, privately owned and operated charity health facility. It is now governed by a Board of Trustees where people from Natrona County sit as board members.

Three years later, the Central Services Building opened at a cost of $5,000,000 and introduced a slew of new buildings in the hospital grounds for the next 10 years. These buildings include a Cancer treatment Center, the Casper Surgical Center and the south connecting link from the main hospital and parking building. In 1997, the hospital management decided to bring down the old east building and in its’ place, a new wing was constructed at a cost of $45,000,000. This wing is where the Intensive Care Unit, Surgery Suites and Trauma Center.


1233 E 2nd St, Casper, WY 82601

Phone: (307) 577-7201



  1. Evanston Regional Hospital

The Evanston Regional Hospital only has a 48 patient capacity but is still considered a great provider of medical and nursing care services in the city of Evanston. Its’ emergency room alone has recorded 8,547 cases. The total patient admission numbered to 999. As for surgeries, the hospital performed 1,631 outpatient and 437 inpatient procedures.

It is an accredited healthcare facility of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations that is set in a rural area located just about an hours’ drive from Salt lake City, Utah.  It has a well equipped ER service with an average waiting period of just 15 minutes. The 6-patient capacity Intensive Care Unit was recently upgraded.

190 Arrowhead Dr, Evanston, WY 82930

Phone: (307) 789-3636



  1. Mountain View Regional Hospital

The Mountain View Regional Hospital is a Physician owned and run medical facility that serves the citizens of the city of Casper and its’ outskirts. It practices ultimate standards when it comes to medical and nursing care. Their main aspiration is to make modern surgery procedures available to every patient in need.

Mountain View Regional Hospital aims to maintain its reputation as the hospital of choice when it comes to surgery operations in the state of Wyoming through its top quality medical and nursing care services. The management has no plans of improving its’ services and facilities especially in the near future ensuring their patients the best care they can give to them.

Patients are directly in the minds of the owners since they are physicians. The patients welfare are always the priority of the owners thus making the hospital a patient first type of hospital which is backed up by dedicated and passion driven doctors, nurses and allied workers whose main thrust is to provide the best quality care for their patients.

The staff has been trained to provide a lot of importance to all of their patients and to put their care as their priority. The physicians and nurses of the hospital know that this is what it all boils down to – caring of all the patients that walk through the doors of the hospital. The staff lives on the principles of ethical professional practices, honesty and integrity.

They have one of the best surgery team of physicians assembled in any hospital in Wyoming. Most of their surgeons are certified by the board and a lot of them have received multiple awards for their services.

6550 E 2nd St, Casper, WY 82609

Phone: (307) 995-8100



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