Best Hospitals in West Virginia

There are several hospitals in the area of West Virginia where nurses can take advantage of working in a health care environment that would allow them to effectively use their skills in nursing, and at the same time would encourage them to thrive in their career as nurses.  The state of West Virginia has top 5 hospitals where nurses who intend to work in the region can have the opportunity to grow in their chosen field as they will definitely gain more knowledge and skills that will allow them to do better service to their patients.

Some of the leading hospitals within West Virginia where nurses can gain more credentials as professional nurses, and where patients can expect to treated with the highest quality of care are as follows:


  1. West Virginia University Hospitals

1 Medical Center Drive

PO Box 8059

Morgantown, WV 26506

(304) 598- 4000

One of the leading hospitals that can be found in the area of West Virginia is the West Virginia University Hospitals which is part of the WVU Healthcare that is made up of two corporations, and where the other one is the University Health Associates.  This medical facility is known for providing the most excellent care to its patients, and at the same time provides other services as well such as in the areas of research and also education.

West Virginia University Hospitals is without a doubt committed to offer high quality of patient care to the sick and the injured.  One of their objectives is to be able to give medical assistance to the people as well as the communities in order to achieve and maintain good quality of health.  Apart from offering medical services to treat the concerns of the patients, West Virginia University Hospitals is also educating both the present and the future health professionals in order for them to provide better and quality service to their patients.  Also part of the West Virginia Hospitals’ goals is to find better ways to cure the causes of diseases among humans.

Part of the WVU Healthcare are some teaching hospitals as well as clinics.  This group also provides medical assistance and services to the patients who are at Ruby Memorial Hospital which is the flagship hospital of the system.  It also has outpatient clinics that offer state of the art facilities.

West Virginia University Hospitals is also known to provide advanced medical treatments in a wide variety of medical fields.


  1. Charleston Area Medical Center

3200 Maccorkle Ave SE, Charleston, WV 25304

(304) 388- 6203

Among the best hospitals in the state of West Virginia is Charleston Area Medical Center.  This medical establishment was created through a merge between independent facilities and is considered as the biggest medical facility in the state.  Charleston Area Medical Center is the leading medical establishment in the area of Charleston.

Charleston Area Medical Center has about 838 staffed beds in all of its 3 facilities.  This medical center receives thousands of patients each year because it has been noted to offer exceptional medical services and outstanding patient care as well as the latest treatments.  In 2008 about 98,103 patient visits were made to its emergency department, and also in the same year, around 3,131 babies were delivered.  There were 33,132 ambulatory surgeries performed and about 557,867 outpatient visits were made, while 35,294 patients were discharged from the hospital.

This medical facility has also performed around 26,597 general operating room procedures and has done some 1,687 open heart bypass surgeries.  Along with all these, Charleston Area Medical Center was also able to do 8,294 procedures in cardiac cath labs.

Part of the medical center’s system is the CAMC Memorial Hospital in Kanawha City.  This medical facility is considered to be its biggest branch and caters to serve patients that have concerns with cardiac, oncology and internal medicine.  Another part of the system is the CAMC General Hospital which is known to be the second largest medical facility in the group.  CAMC General Hospital prioritizes neurology, orthopedics, trauma and also rehabilitation care.

Charleston Area Medical Center is also comprised of Women and Children’s Hospital, and at the same time is also a tertiary teaching institution that has several academic partnerships that includes an association with the West Virginia University.  Charleston Area Medical Center is also home to the Marshall University Doctor of Management Practice Nurse Anesthetist Program.

Because of its persistence to produce breakthrough in research, education and treatment, Charleston Area Medical Center was named as one of the top 50 hospitals for cardiology as well as cardiac surgery in 2005 and 2006 on the US News list of “Best Hospitals”.


  1. Fairmont Regional Medical Center

1325 Locust Ave, Fairmont, WV 26554

(304) 367- 7100

One of the top 5 hospitals that can be found in the area of West Virginia is the Fairmont Regional Medical Center.  This medical facility is a community hospital that was established in 1939.  Fairmont Regional Medical Center was originally called as Fairmont General Hospital.

At this medical establishment, patients can expect to receive exceptional medical careand at the same time anticipate to be treated with the highest quality of care.  One of the features of Fairmont Regional Medical Center is that its medical staff are trained to offer quality as well as compassionate care.

This medical center provides a comprehensive range of services to its patients in order to respond to their every medical need.  Since it is deeply committed to its objective which is to offer the highest quality of patient care, Fairmont Regional Medical Center is recognized and accredited by the Joint Commission as well as the American College of Surgeons.

Fairmont Regional Medical Center employs more than 700 staff which includes physicians, nurses and also other personnel.


  1. Mary’s Medical Center

Huntington, WV 25702

(304) 526- 1234’

St. Mary’s Medical Center is among the best hospitals within West Virginia.  This medical center is known to be the biggest medical establishment in the area of Huntington, and is the biggest private employer in the Cabell County as its staff is made up of more than 2,600 personnel.

St. Mary’s Medical Center has 393 beds and is considered as one of the largest health care facilities in the state of West Virginia.  This medical facility is also a teaching institution that has an alliance with the Joan C. Edwards Marshall University School of Medicine where it trains and educates medical residents in different specialties and areas of specialization.

At this medical center’s hospital campus, three programs that are associated with Marshall University can be found here such as the St. Mary’s School of Nursing, St. Mary’s School of Medical Imaging and St. Mary’s School of Respiratory Care.

St. Mary’s Medical Center is West Virginia’s medical leader that offers advanced medical care that comes with compassion for its patients.  This medical facility’s centers of excellence include cardiac care, cancer treatment, emergency/ trauma services, neuroscience, orthopedics that feature exceptional technology as well as medical expertise.


  1. Logan Regional Medical Center

20 Hospital Drive, Logan, WV 25601

(304) 831- 1350

One of the finest and the most innovative hospitals in West Virginia in terms of facilities, services and treatments is the Logan Regional Medical Center.  This medical center is a 132 bed acute care institution where patients can experience excellent care and the most revolutionary treatment.  Logan Regional Medical Center provides a comprehensive range of health care services to ensure that it is able to serve its patients’ every medical need and concern.

This medical institution constantly upgrades and enhances its facilities in order to keep serving their patients better.  In the early 2000’s, Logan Regional Medical Center made some renovations to the hospital.  The project which amounted to $1.1 million was able to build a Physical Rehabilitation Unit and was officially launched in 2003.  After this improvement, a bigger project followed, and this time more facilities and space were added to the structure.  This $20 million project was able to construct an emergency department and was able to make some other enhancements to the facility.  Apart from these, it was also able to add 42,000 square feet to the facility and was able to renovate around 8,000 square feet within the existing hospital.  The $20 million renovations were completed in 2005.

The newly constructed emergency department comes with 22 rooms that has a portable x- ray unit, a CAT scan, a portable ultrasound, a few x- ray rooms as well as 3 sauna rooms.  On its second floor was the Women’s Center that includes 3 labor and delivery suites, a staging area, and a 9 bed nursery that comes with the most current features in terms of safety and LDR security.  Also part of the enhancements at Logan Regional Medical Center is the use of PACS technology which enables the physicians in the emergency department to conduct consultations 24 hours a day along with radiologists from other facilities within the country.

Just recently, Logan Regional Medical Center purchased a state of the art medical equipment that was worth more than $4.2 million.



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