Best Hospitals in Virginia

Nurses who intend to practice their nursing profession in the state of Virginia can without a doubt find great opportunities in this part of the United States as there are several hospitals within the area that can give them the chance to work in an environment that will be beneficial for their career.

In Virginia, there are some top 5 medical facilities where nurses can definitely have the opportunity to thrive in their chosen nursing career as these hospitals can provide them a good work environment that will further encourage them to pursue their profession and utilize their skills in nursing in a way that is most effective.

Among the best hospitals within the state of Virginia where patients can anticipate to receive excellent care and the most revolutionary treatments are the following:


  1. Inova Fairfax Hospital

8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

(703) 776- 3332

One of the top 5 medical units that can be found across Virginia is Inova Fairfax Hospital which belongs to the group of Inova, a not for profit health care system that originated from the area of Northern Virginia.  Inova Fairfax Hospital is certainly committed to offer outstanding health care and services to its patients, and in fact provides service to about 2 million people each year all over different areas such as Washington, DC, metro area and still extends to the rest of other communities.

This medical facility began in 1956 with only just one hospital, and because of its continuous efforts to create better health care services to its patients, Inova Fairfax Hospital became known nationally and has established a comprehensive network of hospitals as well as outpatient services that comes with the best facilities.  It also offers primary and specialty care as well as physician practices and also health and wellness initiatives.

From a single unit back in 1956, Inova Fairfax Hospital today has 5 hospitals and carries more than 1,700 licensed beds.  This medical facility employs around 16,000 personnel.  At Inova Fairfax Hospital, patients can expect to choose from a wide variety of medical services and facilities which includes the only level 1 Trauma Center as well as level IV neonatal intensive care unit in the area.  Apart from these, Inova Fairfax Hospital also houses the nationally and internationally recognized Inova Heart and Vascular Institute as well as the Inova Translational Medicine Institute that is centered on Genomics Research, and there is also the Inova Neuroscience Institute and the Inova Children’s Hospital.

Among this medical facility’s objective is to enhance the health of the different communities that its services covers by way of providing the highest quality patient care as well as through education and also research.  Part of Inova Fairfax Hospital’s vision is to recreate hospital- care based to raise the value for its patients.


  1. Medical College of Virginia Hospitals

401 N 12th St, Richmond VA 23298

(804) 828- 0938

Medical College of Virginia Hospitals is among the leading hospitals within Virginia that offers the best medical facilities, services and definitely the most outstanding patient care.  What used to be called as Medical College of Virginia became Virginia Commonwealth University when it formed an alliance with the Richmond Professional Institute in 1968.

VCU Medical Center is Virginia Commonwealth University’s medical campus.  In the 1990’s an authority called the Medical College of Virginia Hospitals Authority which governed control over the MCV hospitals was created. Then in 2004, it was renamed to VCU Health System which then provides authority over the staff as well as the real estate that are occupied by the 5 hospitals within the VCU Medical Center.

Its West Hospital comes with several different clinical, administrative as well as support services, and at the same time also houses its academic and administrative units of the School of Medicine and also the academic and administrative units of the School of Allied Health Professions.

VCU Medical Center is comprised of a number of facilities that include several hospitals and 5 schools that are found within the MCV campus that is adjacent to Virginia Bio Technology Research Park.


  1. Sentara Norfolk General Hospital

600 Gresham Dr, Norfolk, VA 23507

(757) 388- 3000

Sentara Norfolk General Hospital is one of the top hospitals across Virginia that provides high quality patient care.  This medical establishment was founded in 1888 and started with a humble beginning as it only had 25 beds back at that time.

Today, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital is ranked by Modern Healthcare Magazine to be among the nation’s leading integrated healthcare systems for a period of over a decade.  This medical facility belongs to a not for profit system and offers a complete range of services as well as facilities that include advanced imaging centers, nursing and assisted living centers, outpatient campuses, physical therapy and rehabilitation services as well as home health and hospice agency.

Sentara Norfolk General Hospital employs about 3,800 medical staff as well as 4 medical groups.  This hospital also offers medical transport ambulances and the Nightingale air ambulance.  Aside from its excellent facilities and services, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital is also able to provide health insurance to some 450,000 people through Optima Health.

Among Sentara Norfolk General Hospital’s accomplishments is that it is also known to be the national leader in heart care as well as kidney care, stroke care and also infection prevention.  This medical establishment is also the first to pioneer and at the same time develop the eICU which is a remote monitoring system for intensive care.  Apart from all these, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital is also active in both national as well as international research in order to offer better care and treatment to its patients.

At the present time, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital consists of 12 acute care hospitals with more than 100 sites of care all over the state of Virginia and also the northeastern North Carolina.


  1. University of Virginia Medical Center

1215 Lee St, Charlottesville, VA 22903

(800) 251- 3627

University of Virginia Medical Center is one of the best hospitals that can be found in the state of Virginia, and is part of the University of Virginia Health System which is an academic health care center that has a partnership with the University of Virginia that is located in Charlottesville.

UVA Health System’s history reaches to as far back as the 1800s when the University of Virginia was established in 1819.  It was in 1901 though when UVA first opened its hospital which housed 25 beds and had 3 operating rooms.  Shortly after the hospital was launched, a training program for nurses was established.  What started as a training program became UVA School of Nursing.  This School of Nursing was officially opened in 1956.

University of Virginia Health System is composed of several different medical facilities that includes a medical center that comes with a main hospital, a children’s hospital and numerous network of clinics.  It is also comprised of a school of medicine, school of nursing as well as health sciences library.

University of Virginia Medical Center offers a wide array of services which includes inpatient as well as outpatient care, and also patient education.  It also performs medical research and education.  The first medical degrees granted by UVA were handed out in 1828.  UVA Health System’s patient care as well as its research and medical education are constantly ranked highly by US News and World Report.


  1. Virginia Hospital Center

1701 N. George Mason Drive, Arlington, VA 22205- 3698

(703) 558- 5000

One of the top 5 hospitals within Virginia where patients can expect to be treated with excellent care is the Virginia Hospital Center.  This medical facility first originated as a community service project of 5 women’s clubs when they had a joint meeting back in 1933.  After their meeting, the members of the clubs collected donations which was worth $5 from 20 local organizations.

In 1934, Arlington Hospital Association was launched.  Arlington Hospital began simply as a small project that eventually turned into a fully operational 100 bed medical facility.  This project was completed in 1944.  Over time, Arlington Hospital’s name was changed to Virginia Hospital Center.

This medical facility has undergone several major expansions as well as renovations until it has become what it is today.  At the present time, Virginia Hospital Center has 342 beds and is situated in a 530,000 square foot state of the art facility.  The priority of this medical establishment aside from offering high quality patient care and the most innovative treatments to its patients is to provide comfort not only to its patients but also to their families and other visitors as well.

Part of the expansion of Virginia Hospital Center is a 9 story hospital building that houses around 1,100 parking spaces, and also an emergency department that is about 60% bigger than the original facility.

In 2004, Virginia Hospital Center was able to proudly celebrate its 60th anniversary.  This anniversary also means that for 60 years, this hospital has been giving quality care and service to the residents of the area.

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