Best Hospitals in Vermont

The state of Vermont has some of the finest medical facilities where nurses can have the opportunity to use their skills in nursing and at the same time, will let them have the chance to learn new knowledge in the health care industry in general as well as their very own profession.  More than gaining further knowledge, nurses who work in the hospitals of Vermont will also be able to enhance their nursing skills.

Vermont definitely has hospitals that can provide nurses a good work environment while honing their skills and knowledge in nursing.  Aside from having a work environment that is conducive for the nurses, the best hospitals within Vermont can certainly offer high quality of patient care as well as provide their patients with the latest medical treatments.

The top 5 hospitals in the state of Vermont are the following:


  1. Fletcher Allen Hospital of Vermont

111 Coldchester Ave, Burlington, Vermont 05401

(802) 847- 0000

One of the leading hospitals in Vermont is the Fletcher Allen Hospital of Vermont which is part of the University of Vermont Medical Center, along with two other founding organizations namely Fanny Allen Hospital and the University Health Center as well as the University of Vermont College of Medicine.  All of which share a rich history that can be traced back to the 1800’s.

The Medical Center Hospital of Vermont which was originally known as the Mary Fletcher Hospital was the very first hospital to be built in the state.  The idea as well as the intention to have a hospital constructed in Vermont came about in 1876 and was officially opened in 1879.  Then in 1967, Mary Fletcher Hospital changed its name to Medical Center Hospital of Vermont which today is the UVM Medical Center’s Medical Center Campus.

The Fanny Allen Hospital on the other hand was founded by the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph in 1894.  This medical facility was named after Frances Margaret Allen who was also called Fanny Allen, daughter of the famous Ethan Allen who defended the Green Mountain state and at the same time was a nun who looked after wounded soldiers in the 1812 war.  Fanny Allen finished her education in Montreal and converted to Catholicism.

University Health Center was founded in 1971 because of the need to have a coordinated program which is to provide education on ambulatory care to the students of medicine. This initiative inspired the historic joining of 10 specialty practice groups.

University of Vermont College of Medicine was established in 1822 and was known as the 7th medical school in the nation.  Its history started in 1804 when Dr. John Pomeroy began teaching medical students in his home.  The college that Dr. Pomeroy helped establish has made a strong reputation for graduating physicians that has excellent clinical skills.


  1. Rutland Regional Medical Center

160 Allen St, Rutland, VT 05701

(802) 775- 7111

Rutland Regional Medical Center is among the top hospitals that can be found in the state of Vermont.  This medical establishment is known to be the largest community hospital in Vermont and is also the second biggest in the entire state.  Rutland Regional Medical Center is a 123 bed hospital facility which has more than 1,600 professional as well as support staff that also includes 229 health providers who are all trained in 36 different areas of specialty.

This medical center offers a wide variety of services which includes preventive diagnostic, acute as well as rehabilitative services.  Rutland Regional Medical Center is always available and open to provide service to the people of Rutland County, and also parts of Southern and Central Vermont as well as the communities in Eastern New York State.

The medical team behind Rutland Regional Medical Center is also being supported by outstanding nurses.  Aside from having a well- credentialed medical staff, patients can also expect to find several services as well as facilities in this medical center that can give them the proper treatment.  Some other services that patients can expect to find at Rutland Regional Medical Center are diagnostic and ancillary services, while facilities such as the most modern equipment technology that includes advanced diagnostic imaging and top of the line linear accelerator which is used to provide treatment to cancer patients can be found in this medical center.  It also has laboratories for diagnostic cardiovascular and angiography.


  1. Central Vermont Medical Center

130 Fisher Road, Berlin, Vermont 05602

(802) 371- 4100

One of the top 5 hospitals in Vermont is the Central Vermont Medical Center which offers primary health care services to the 66,000 people who are residing and are employed in the area of Central Vermont.  This medical center is always ready to serve the residents in the area, and in fact is open to give a 24 hour emergency care to its patients.

Central Vermont Medical Center offers a complete range of both inpatient as well as outpatient services.  It is a 122 bed medical facility which employs more than 121 physicians and more than 60 other associate providers.  In order to extend its services, Central Vermont Medical Center also provides treatment in CVMC’s 18 other community based medical group clinics and also local physician practices.

This medical facility has about 1,400 staff who work in the medical center both full time and part time.  In 1993, Central Vermont Medical Center launched Woodbridge which is a nursing home that is designed to offer long term care in an ambiance that is similar to the feel of a home.  Through the years, Central Vermont Medical Center has continuously undergone a lot of modernization as well as expansion programs to better serve its patients.

Among its improvements are the following: In 2007, a new operating room as well as a new birthing center were added to the medical center’s facilities.  Then in 2009, the new National Life Cancer Treatment Center was launched.  In 2011, another set of renovations took place, and part of it was the new Aquatic Wellness Center as well as some improvements in its emergency departments.

Central Vermont Medical Center’s medical staff closely collaborates with other health care professionals in order to reach out to more people who are in need of medical assistance.  This medical center provides services to over 25,000 patients each year in their emergency department and more than 164,000 outpatient treatments per year.  This figure includes about 3,000 outpatient surgeries.


  1. Southwestern Vermont Medical Center

100 Hospital Drive, Bennington, VT 05201

(802) 442- 6361

Among the best hospitals within the state of Vermont is the Southwestern Vermont Medical Center which is part of the Southwestern Vermont Health Care, a not for profit health care system which upholds to their personal values which are based on quality, empathy, safety, teamwork and stewardship.

Southwestern Vermont Medical Center is a 99 bed community hospital that is also a center for living and rehabilitation.  It also has a 150 bed nursing facility and at the same time comes with some special units that are meant for short term rehabilitation, long term care and also for the patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Also part of the system is the Southwestern Vermont Regional Cancer Center which offers full service to the cancer patients including chemotherapy as well as the newest radiation therapy.  Aside from these, it also allows the patients to have access to clinical trials that are approved by the National Cancer Institute.

SVMC Northshire Campus is another member of the Southwestern Vermont Health Care whose aim is to provide primary care in the area of Manchester, Vermont.  SVMC Deerfield Valley Campus on the other hand offers primary care to those in the area of Deerfield Valley.


  1. Northwestern Medical Center Inc

133 Fairfield Street, St. Albans, Vermont 05478

(802) 524- 5911

Northwestern Medical Center Inc is one of the finest medical facilities in Vermont.  This is a not for profit medical center as well as a primary care hospital.  At Northwestern Medical Center Inc, patients can expect to find the latest facilities and also some state- of- the- art medical equipment and also services.  More than having the modern and revolutionary services and facilities, patients can also expect to be cared for with the highest quality.

Northwestern Medical Center Inc has received National Avatar Awards in 5 straight years for overall patient satisfaction because of its outstanding service to its patients.  This medical center’s history can be traced in as far back as 1883, and during that time, it was still known as St. Albans Hospital.

Since this medical facility offers only the finest care and the most innovative treatments, thousands of patients flock to Northwestern Medical Center Inc to experience this kind of care.  About 1,900 inpatients are cared for by this hospital each year, while its emergency department alone looks out for more than 28,000 patients per year.  Its latest walk- in clinic that is located in Georgia receives about 7,000 patients annually, while its Family Birth Center welcomes about 400 babies each year.

Northwestern Medical Center Inc performs more than 6,000 surgical and outpatient procedures annually and 300,000 lab tests are done and about 50,000 diagnostic imaging exams.




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