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Since nurses are highly essential in any health care facility, then they also need to be treated with great care and respect as well which is why providing them with a work environment that is conducive for them to obtain further professional skills and allow them to practice their knowledge and expertise very well would certainly enable them to be happy with their profession and encourage them to stay in it.

Nurses who are keen to pursue a career in the state of Texas are definitely most welcome as there are a lot of hospitals within the state where nurses can have this opportunity.  But it would be most advantageous for their professional career if they are able to get into any of the top 5 hospitals in the state.

Being included in the health care professional team of any of these best hospitals in Texas will certainly give the nurses a great edge in terms of professional experience as they would definitely be able to learn a lot of new knowledge and skills as all these hospitals are progressive and certainly innovative.

Some of the best hospitals in the state of Texas are the following:


  1. The Methodist Hospital

6565 Famnin Street

Houston, TX 77030

(713) 790- 2221

Houston Methodist includes the primary academic medical center that is found within the Texas Medical Center as well as 6 other community hospitals that serve the Greater Houston Area.  The main priority of this medical institution is to provide patient safety and deliver service that is of high quality to ensure that patients are satisfied with the care and treatment that they receive.

The flagship of the group is the Houston Methodist Hospital which is always one of the best hospitals in Texas as reported by the US New and World Report.  Houston Methodist Research on the other hand is where you can find the world’s most brilliant physicians and scientists who are all working hand in hand in about 800 clinical trials.  The objective of this team is to be able to convert their discoveries or findings in the laboratory into treatments that will help the patients in their recovery.  This team of physicians and scientists have made significant breakthroughs in cardiovascular disease, cancer, infectious disease, neurosciences, diabetes and a lot more.

Also part of the Houston Methodist Hospital is the 35,000 square foot surgical training center and virtual hospital which is responsible for giving physician education as well as surgical training that uses the most current techniques and technology.  It also utilizes the latest simulators, technical trainers and also robotics and image guidance devices to make revolutionary surgical training possible in an environment that is safe and effective.

Aside from its groundbreaking research and the use of the most innovative technology and treatment to give high quality patient care, this hospital also has a non- profit organization which is always ready to accept financial support from donors so it can fund the hospital’s other programs that lets them offer financial as well medical assistance to over 150,000 patients every year.


  1. Baylor University Medical Center

3500 Gaston Ave, Dallas TX 75246

(214) 820- 0111

One of the best hospitals that can be found in Texas is Baylor University Medical Center which offers individualized health and wellness by way of excellent care, research and education.  The aim of Baylor University Medical Center is to be able to provide a kind of health care that is safe and is of high quality and also sympathetic to the needs of the patient.

This hospital believes that its each and every employee is true to the Baylor University Medical Center’s values that includes: integrity, servant hood, teamwork, excellence, innovation and stewardship; and that each of its health care professional is up to live in the hospital’s high ethical standards.

Baylor University Medical Center also constantly strives to uncover new concepts as well as new opportunities in order to progress in their mission which is to give the most current and up to date health care options, treatments and procedures.  More than providing the best patient care that they can give, Baylor University Medical Center also has financial assistance programs to be able to give service to more people who are needing medical treatment and care.


  1. CHI St. Luke’s Health- Baylor of St. Luke’s Medical Center

6720 Bertner Houston,

TX 77030

(832) 355- 1000

Like most hospitals which started in a humble way, CHI St. Luke’s Health- Baylor of St. Luke’s Medical Center is no different.  Its dream first started in 1945 when it was able to obtain its original charter to have a 180 bed non- profit general hospital.  Then later on had additional 30 beds in 1947.  Since its time of foundation, this medical center has had so many achievements in the field of medicine and has certainly helped so many patients in the state, and from that time until the present, this medical facility has definitely gone a long way.

In 1954, it was known as the St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital and has made groundbreaking achievements such as being the first to perform a successful heart transplantation as well as the first to do an artificial heart implantation.  To add to its most significant accomplishment, they were also the first to perform a laser angioplasty procedure.

More than its own success, it also has formed some affiliations that also produced very important milestones in the field of medicine such as its partnership with Texas Children’s Hospital in which they were able to develop highly respected high risk pregnancy and neonatal intensive care programs.  It also had an affiliation with the Texas Heart Institute in 1962 and together, they were able to do about 10,000 open heart procedures as well as over 200,000 cardiac catheterizations and more than 25,000 cardiology interventions which was an alternative to bypass surgery.  CHI St. Luke’s Health- Baylor of St. Luke’s Medical Center was recognized by the US News and World Report as one of America’s best for heart care.

Part of this medical center’s history is the foundation of St. Luke’s Health System in 1997 which is a Texas non- profit corporation, then had established partnership with Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas Medical School in which St. Luke’s is involved in the training of residents rotating through the hospital.  To this day, this medical center continues to live up to its mission which is to provide patient care that is of high quality.

In 2003, it launched its Diagnostic and Treatment Center called Kirby Glen which comprises of radiology, cancer treatment facilities, lung therapy, sleep apnea diagnostics and travel medicine.  After its establishment, more facilities were added and became part of the system such as the St. Luke’s The Woodlands Hospital which utilizes the latest and the most modern medical facilities that comprise of an emergency department, newborn and infant nurseries, diagnostic imaging services, labor and delivery rooms as well as lounges for the families that are available on each floor.  Other additions include St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital which provides inpatient and outpatient services, and also has 64 medical/ surgical beds and 16 bed intensive care unit and comprehensive diagnostic and imaging services.  In 2009, it added St. Luke’s Lakeside Hospital in the Woodlands which specializes in cardiology, sports medicine, orthopedic and spine care.


  1. Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center

909 Frostwood Suite 2: 205, Houston, TX 77024

(713) 704- 3700

Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center was established in 1925 and since then has set new paradigms in terms of medical care in the state of Texas as well as in the entire nation through progress and developments in the practice of medicine.  This medical center offers the finest care in heart, neurosciences, orthopedics, women’s health, general surgery and also organ transplantation.

Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center is one of only two certified Level I trauma centers in Greater Houston Area, which at the same time offers 24 hour emergency and trauma care. It also features the Memorial Hermann Life Flight Air Ambulance Service which manages a fleet of 6 helicopters to give emergency rescue and air transport services should there be a need for one.  Also part of its system is the Memorial Hermann Heart and Vascular Institute- Texas Medical Center which provides the most current breakthrough in cardiology programs and treatments; and also the Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza which is a 30 story structure that houses the medical office building and other services, physician’s office space, ambulatory care center and in two of its floors are where you can find the retail stores and some restaurants.


  1. Ut Southwestern University Hospital- Zale Lipshy

5151 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas Texas 75390

(214) 879- 3758

Ut Southwestern University Hospital- Zale Lipshy was founded in 1989 and was the only medical school in the United States that did not have its own private referral hospital.  Today, this medical facility is known to be among the world’s finest neurological diagnostic and treatment centers and in fact has been certified as an Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center by the Joint Commission.

Ut Southwestern University Hospital- Zale Lipshy has 152 beds and is popular for its treatment for neurosciences.  It also uses Zale Lipshy for treatments for the following: hematologic malignancies, urology, ophthalmology, oral surgery, psychiatry and rehabilitation among many others.

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