Best Hospitals in Tennessee

Nurses who would like to pursue their profession in nursing within the state of Tennessee can certainly find a good opportunity in the area as there are so many medical facilities in the state where nurses can practice their skills and knowledge in nursing, and at the same time will allow them to gain more knowledge about their nursing career as well as the entire health care industry.

In Tennessee, there are 5 leading hospitals where nurses can definitely get employed and create an edge in their credentials as nurses.  In these hospitals, aside from being able to give the nurses a great opportunity to learn and practice their skills and knowledge, patients can also expect to receive the highest care possible as well as the latest treatments.

Some of the top hospitals in the state of Tennessee are as follows:


  1. Vanderbilt University Hospital

1211 Medical Center Dr, Nashville TN 37232

(615) 322- 3454

One of the best hospitals that can be found within Tennessee is the Vanderbilt University Hospital.  This very well- known teaching hospital is part of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) which is composed several hospitals and numerous clinics.  It also has physician practices as well as affiliates that includes 9 hospital systems and is also present in 48 different other locations.

Vanderbilt University Hospital is popular for many of its accomplishments, and among its achievements is its cutting- edge initiative in creating electronic medical records.  Aside from this, this medical establishment has also able to perform more than 35,000 surgical procedures.  This medical facility constantly strives to make their services as well as their facilities even better so that its patients will always receive the highest quality care possible.  More than this, the Vanderbilt biomedical scientists who work in more than 100 laboratories were able to accomplish more than $616 million of both federally as well as corporately sponsored research as of 2013.

Vanderbilt University Hospital receives about 1.6 million patients every year and provides treatment to some 65,000 patients in its emergency room.  This medical establishment has about 19,600 people on its team who are always ready and available to provide medical treatment and care to its patients.  At Vanderbilt University Hospital, patients can always expect to be given the proper care, attention and treatment whatever illness or injuries they have.


  1. Methodist Healthcare Memphis Hospitals

1211 Union Ave Memphis, Tennessee 38104

(901) 516- 8274

Methodist Healthcare Memphis Hospitals is among the top 5 hospitals that can be found in the state of Tennessee where patients can anticipate to get excellent care and the most innovative and the latest treatment.  Methodist Healthcare Memphis Hospitals is a member of the Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare which is known to be an integrated and at the same time a not for profit health care system that is within the area of Memphis, Tennessee.  What makes this health care system even more efficient and effective is that it makes affiliations with other health care facilities and organizations in different locations across the area of Mid- South.

Methodist Healthcare Memphis Hospitals has always been in close association with the United Methodist Church.  Also one of the partnerships that it has formed is the one with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.  Through this alliance, Methodist Healthcare Memphis Hospitals is able to train the next generations of medical practitioners and professionals and at the same time makes it possible for them to produce groundbreaking research and come up with revolutionary treatments so that they can serve their patients better and in a more effective way.

Methodist Healthcare Memphis Hospitals also makes it a point to form partnerships with other community organizations as well as congregations who reach out to the underserved neighbors and communities.


  1. Wellmont Holston Valley Medical Center

130 W. Ravine Rd, Kingsport, TN 37660

(423) 224- 4000

Wellmont Holston Valley Medical Center is also one of the leading hospitals that is located in the area of Tennessee.  This medical center has been present in the Kingsport community for more than 80 years already, and has been constantly serving this community and providing them with the most outstanding care and service.

Part of Wellmont Holston Valley Medical Center’s facilities is one of the state’s only six Level 1 Trauma Centers that is very well equipped to provide care and treatment to the most critically injured patients.  Another very helpful facility that this medical unit has is their Level III neonatal intensive care unit that is designed to heal even the sickest babies.

Through time, this medical center has been undergoing expansions and innovations so they can continuously provide excellent care and treatment to its patients.  One of this medical facility’s biggest project is called the Project Platinum which is worth $113 million to make the necessary renovations in the facility in the year 2010.

Because of Project Platinum which took place in 2010, Wellmont Holston Valley Medical Center was able to have the most current health care design as well as innovations.  It was also able to have a new intensive care unit as well as new operating suites.  Wellmont Holston Valley Medical Center was also able to expand its emergency department as well as its radiology department.  More than these, this medical facility was also able to have additional parking areas and also a grand entrance drive to make the hospital more appealing and inviting to the patients and their families.  Through this improvement, a bridge that provides a more easy and comfortable access to the hospital was also made possible.


  1. University of Tennessee Memorial Hospital

1924 Alcoa Highway, Knoxville, Tennessee 37920

(865) 544- 9000

University of Tennessee Memorial Hospital is one of the best medical facilities in the state of Tennessee that offer high quality patient care and definitely the most advanced treatment to ensure that its patients always get the best kind of service and medical attention.  The University of Tennessee Memorial Hospital is known to be the state’s only academic medical center, and is also the only hospital in the region that is committed to provide all types of care and treatment to every kind of heart concern.

More than being the only dedicated heart hospital in the area, this medical unit is also recognized as a Level 1 Trauma Center, and at the same time it is also the only adult as well as pediatric transplant center.  University of Tennessee Memorial Hospital is a 581 bed medical facility that also has a Comprehensive Stroke Center as well as the only medical establishment that provides a Level III private room neonatal intensive care unit.

University of Tennessee Memorial Hospital also serves as a regional perinatal center and it has 6 Centers of Excellence as well that enables them to offer a complete range of care to its patients.  Because of its untiring commitment to the medical field as well as its dedication to provide outstanding care and the most revolutionary treatment to its patients, University of Tennessee Memorial Hospital has earned various prestigious awards such as a Magnet distinction, and is also recognized by the Joint Commission and the American Heart Association.


  1. Johnson City Medical Center

400 N State of Franklin Road, Johnson City TN 37604- 6094

(423) 431- 6111

One of top 5 hospitals that can be found in the state of Tennessee is the Johnson City Medical Center.  This medical center was established in 1911 and has since then been providing high quality care to its patients.  Johnson City Medical Center was the second hospital that was ever built in the area of Tennessee.

This medical establishment is a 445 bed hospital and is known to be a regional tertiary referral center as well for its entire service region.  Johnson City Medical Center is also one of the 6 Level 1 Trauma Centers within the state, and it is also considered as a leading heart hospital in the area of East Tennessee.  In fact, this medical facility was named as among the top 100 heart hospitals by Solucient.  Aside from this, Johnson City Medical Center is a leading Cancer Center in the area as well.

More than having so many accomplishments and achievements in the field of health care, this medical establishment has also maintained associations with other institutions such as Harvard, Duke and Vanderbilt, and has a partnership as well with East Tennessee State University.  Johnson City Medical Center is a major medical referral center and is also known to be a comprehensive acute- care teaching hospital in the region.

This medical center also provides the Wings Air Rescue which is the state’s biggest fleet of highly committed emergency medical air ambulances.  More than what has already been mentioned, Johnson City Medical Center also offers a complete range of specialty  as well as subspecialty care services and patients can expect to find the latest diagnostic and surgical techniques.  This medical facility has patient rooms as well as separate specialized units meant for newborn, pediatric, medical and surgical intensive care.

Because of its commitment to the field of medicine, Johnson City Medical Center is the first to be given the Magnet distinction in Tennessee, and is only one of the two hospitals with that kind of prestigious recognition in the state.  It is also recognized by the Joint Commission.


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