Best Hospitals in South Dakota

The state of South Dakota is definitely capable of providing nurses the chance to work in an environment that is conducive for them to thrive in their nursing career as there are several hospitals across South Dakota where nurses can practice their skills in nursing in a way that is effective.  Aside from the opportunity of utilizing their nursing skills, nurses who work in the state will also certainly have the chance to learn new skills and in the same way, get to know more about their chosen profession which will help them to become more proficient in what they do.

In South Dakota, there are top 5 hospitals where nurses can try to get into.  Being involved in any of these hospitals will definitely create a big advantage on any nurse’s career as these hospitals are renowned for their capacity to provide the highest quality of patient care and offer the most advanced treatments in different types of illnesses or injuries.

Some of the leading hospitals that can be found within the area of South Dakota are the following:


  1. Avera Mc Kennan Hospital and University Health Center

1325 S. Cliff Ave PO Box 5045, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

(605) 322 8000

One of the best hospitals in South Dakota is the Avera Mc Kennan Hospital and University Health Center.  This medical establishment is part of the region’s biggest as well as the strongest health care network called Avera Health.  Avera Mc Kennan Hospital and University Health Center is very well known for providing outstanding patient care, and at the same time is also known for delivering excellent clinical quality to its patients.

Because of their dedication to serve more people and to be able to extend to the communities, Avera Mc Kennan Hospital and University Health Center has more than 300 locations in 82 different communities in 5 various states which includes hospitals, primary care clinics, specialty care clinics and long term care facilities.  Aside from these they also have retirement communities, home medical equipment outlets as well as research centers.  Having mentioned the extent of their services and facilities, patients can definitely expect to be provided the right care and treatment at any Avera Mc Kennan Hospital and University Health Center owned medical establishment.

Since its facilities can be found in over 300 locations, Avera Mc Kennan Hospital and University Health Center’s services are certainly accessible and convenient to the patients.


  1. Sanford Usd Medical Center

1305 W 18th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57117- 5039

(605) 333- 1000

Sanford Usd Medical Center is among the top 5 hospitals that is located in South Dakota.  This medical center is part of Sanford Health which is an integrated health system that is based in the Dakotas.  Sanford Health is also known to be one of the biggest health systems in the area as it is composed of 43 hospitals and almost 250 clinics in 9 various states as well as 3 different countries.

Being the largest health system, Sanford Health is also the largest employer in the region of the Dakotas as it has about 27,000 personnel in its team which includes 1,400 physicians.  This medical group was supported by the donation of philanthropist named Denny Sanford whose $1 billion worth of monetary gifts has allowed many projects to be implemented such as global children’s clinics, genomic medicine and specialized centers which are researching cures and treatments for different diseases like type 1 diabetes, breast cancer and others.

Its member, which is the Sanford Usd Medical Center offers the best and the most modern care  to its patients who are residents of the Midwest.  It is also a teaching hospital for the Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota.  Sanford Usd Medical Center is constantly among the top 100 hospitals in the nation as a reward for its continuous effort to provide excellent care, treatment and service to its patients.

Patients can expect to find a complete range of services at Sanford Usd Medical Center as it includes emergency air transport, neonatal and pediatric intensive care, transplant services as well as specialty centers in children’s heart, cancer, neuroscience, sports medicine and also women’s health.  Sanford Usd Medical Center is a 545 bed medical facility that is supported by around 4,000 medical staff.

This medical establishment is also known as Level II Trauma Emergency Care Center.


  1. Rapid City Regional Hospital

353 Fairmont Blvd, Rapid City, SD 57701

(605) 755- 1000

In South Dakota, one of the leading hospitals is the Rapid City Regional Hospital.  The establishment of this medical facility was the result of the merging of two hospitals which took place in the 1970’s when all costs were high and there were a lot of new developments in medical technology.  Because of this condition, it seemed impossible to maintain two hospitals at the same time thus the decision to combine the two hospitals which are Saint John’s Mc Namara and Bennett- Clarkson.

The two hospitals were formally incorporated in 1973 and also at that time, it began to be called Rapid City Regional Hospital.  The beginning of Rapid City Regional Hospital started with only 80 physicians and around 280 licensed beds.  Over the years, this medical establishment continued to grow and expand, and so in the year 2012 the inpatient bed capacity totaled 329.

Rapid City Regional Hospital is a not for profit medical facility whose roots can be followed to a foundation that is based on various aspects such as communication, cooperation as well as collaboration.


  1. Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota

4500 W 69th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57108

(605) 977- 7000

One of the best hospitals in the state of South Dakota is the Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota which is the first and only hospital in the area that is committed only to the diagnosis as well as the treatment of heart disease.  Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota uses only the most current and innovative technology, and patients can definitely experience a customized service so that it can further respond to the personal needs of its every patient.

Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota is owned by Avera Mc Kennan and the physicians of North Central Heart Institute.  This medical facility comes with 55 critical care beds as well as 3 surgical suites, 4 catheterization labs, radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, respiratory therapy and other departments that are needed to provide care to the patients.

This medical establishment also has an emergency room that has physicians 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so patients can expect to be given the medical attention they need should an emergency arise.  Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota offers an outstanding care that comes with a state of the art cardiovascular care and treatment to its patients as well as their families in a way that is respectful and caring so that patients and their families will feel comfortable.

Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota is named to be among the top 50 hospitals for Cardiovascular Care by Thomson Reuters in 2011.  At this medical facility, patients are guaranteed to experience lower costs as well as shorter lengths of stay, and of course better results.


  1. Avera Queen of Peace

525 N. Foster, Mitchell, SD 57301

(605) 995- 2000

Avera Queen of Peace is among the top hospitals that is found in South Dakota where patients can expect to treated with high quality patient care.  This medical unit is the result of the union between two hospitals which are St. Joseph Hospital and Methodist Hospital.  It also became part of Avera Health when it was founded in 1998.

Part of Avera Queen of Peace Health Services are some medical facilities that are committed to offer overall health care in different areas such as Mitchell, South Dakota and a 19 county area.  Avera Queen of Peace is the flagship hospital of the group. This medical establishment comes with the latest medical technology and has more than 45 physicians who serve in about 17 different specialties.

The total staff of Avera Queen of Peace is close to about 800 personnel and more than 150 volunteers.  Over time, this comprehensive medical facility has went through some numerous changes and enhancements to give better service to its patients.  Among the developments are 4 separate expansions.  In 1994, it had a $15 million budget expansion which included a new emergency department, operating suites, same day services department, diagnostic imaging department, surgical unit, cardiopulmonary services department as well as some other laboratories.

In 2006, there was another set of improvements that was done at Avera Queen of Peace.  Its $6 million project enabled it to have two additional floors which had same day services that has 13 private rooms that are all equipped with a TV, phone and recliner chair.  The additional space also has a spacious waiting area that is staffed by a surgery hostess.  It also has private consultation rooms, a quiet area and a special area for children.

There is also a new Maternal Care Center in the improvement which has 10 patient rooms and 3 spacious labor/ delivery/ recovery rooms.  It also features a high tech fetal monitoring unit to track the baby’s condition throughout the labor process.

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