Best Hospitals in South Carolina

Nurses who intend to practice their skills in nursing in the state of South Carolina can certainly check out the hospitals within the state as these can definitely provide them the kind of opportunity that they wish to achieve in their career in nursing.  There are several hospitals around South Carolina where nurses can have the chance to effectively practice their nursing skills and at the same time gain more knowledge in their profession and learn new skills that will allow them to be more proficient in their line of work and offer better service to their patients.

In South Carolina, there are top 5 hospitals where patients can expect to receive superior care and the most modern treatment.  Being a part of any of these best hospitals in the state will definitely boost the professional credentials of a nurse which is why it is certainly worth it if the nurse will make an effort to become a part of any of the top hospitals in South Carolina.

Some of the best hospitals that can be found within the state of South Carolina are the following:


  1. MUSC Medical Center

171 Ashley Ave, Charleston, SC 29425

(843) 792- 2300

One of the best hospitals that is located in South Carolina is MUSC Medical Center.  This medical complex was established in 1850 and was originally called Roper Hospital.  It was also the very first teaching hospital in the area of South Carolina which is why is it was an essential facility in the state at that time.  In 1886 though, Roper Hospital closed down because the earthquake caused a very serious damage to the structure.

In 1946, South Carolina General Assembly passed a bill that will allow them to build a new teaching hospital.  The new project was worth $ 4 million and the new hospital was to be under the control of Medical College of South Carolina.  The construction of the new hospital started in 1951 and was finally reopened in 1955.  During the re- launching of the hospital, its name was also changed to Medical University of South Carolina Hospital and later on has been further shortened to MUSC Health Medical Center.

Today, MUSC Medical Center is a 750 bed academic medical center and is known to be a world- class teaching hospital.  Over the years, MUSC Medical Center has grown and expanded its facilities as well as its services, and has also earned some recognitions for its accomplishments in the field of health care.  MUSC Health Transplant Center is among the top 10 organ transplantation centers in South Carolina and is known to be a Level 1 Trauma Center.  MUSC Medical Center is also a regional referral center for the low country of South Carolina.


  1. Spartanburg Regional Medical Center

101 East Wood Street, Spartanburg, SC 29303

(864) 560- 6000

Spartanburg Regional Medical Center is among the top 5 hospitals within South Carolina where patients are treated with outstanding care and are given the best medical treatment.  Spartanburg Regional Health Care System is a unified health care delivery system that offers excellent care to its patients from birth up to their senior years.

Spartan Regional Medical Center has able to create a reputation for its technological superiority, and constantly abides by its mission which is to provide excellence in health, and in the same way continuously strives to become a national leader when it comes to providing the best quality of care.  This medical establishment is a 540 bed research as well as a teaching hospital.

Because of its commitment to provide the best quality of care and make it more accessible to the people, this medical center has several other facilities and services to ensure that all the medical needs of the people will be responded to.  Part of the Spartanburg Regional Medical Center is the Spartanburg Hospital for Restorative Care which is a 97 bed facility that is designed for long term as well as acute care services.  Also included in this facility is a 25 bed skilled nursing service.

Another member of the Spartanburg Regional Medical Center is the Pelham Medical Center which is located in Greer, South Carolina.  This medical establishment is a 48 bed acute- care facility that comes with an emergency center as well a medical office building and several other practices and also other amenities.  Union Medical Center is another member of this medical group.  It is a 59 bed hospital that can be found in Union, South Carolina.  Union Medical Center has emergency services as well as inpatient/ observation care, and also an outpatient diagnostic service.

Also part of the Spartanburg Regional Medical Center is the Ellen Sagar Nursing Center, which is also found in Union, SC.  It is a 113 bed long term care facility that provides skilled nursing as well as rehabilitation services.  Spartanburg Regional Medical Center also has In- Home Hospice Services which is a 15 bed hospice home that is composed of an experienced palliative team who are designated to offer comfort, care and support to patients with life limiting diseases.  Medical Group of the Carolinas is also a member of this medical center, and it has more than 300 physicians who are serving its 6 county service region.

Other members of the Spartanburg Regional Medical Center are: Regional Health Plus which is a network of hospitals as well as physicians who come from different areas of specialization.  There is also the Spartanburg Regional Foundation which is able to give back more than $30 million to the community through its health and wellness programs.  Aside from these, there is still the Sports Medicine Institute where doctors as well as athletic trainers and physical therapists provide service to both professional and recreational athletes.  Gibbs Cancer Center and Research Institute is also part of this medical group.


  1. Ghs Greenville Memorial Hospital

701 Grove Rd # 1, Greenville, SC 29605

(864) 455- 7000

One of the best hospitals in South Carolina is the Ghs Greenville Memorial Hospital which is also considered as the biggest medical facility in the area of South Carolina.  It is a 710 bed tertiary referral hospital that is at the same time an academic center.  Ghs Greenville Memorial Hospital also acts as a regional referral center for the upstate area, and is a flagship for Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center which is a not for profit academic health organization that focuses on medical research as well as education.

This hospital system offers health services to Greenville County and the nearby areas, while its 5 campuses offer integrated health care to communities within the Greenville County.  Part of its group includes community hospitals, short- stay surgical hospitals, long- term acute care hospitals, nursing homes as well as outpatient facilities and wellness centers.

Ghs Greenville Memorial Hospital is part of the Planetree Alliance which is a non- profit association of health care institutions that are meant to promote practices that are friendly to its patients.


  1. Francis- Downtown

1 St. Francis Dr, Greenville, SC 29601

(864) 255- 1000

St. Francis- Downtown is among the leading hospitals in South Carolina.  It is a 245 bed hospital that has an all private room facility.  This hospital was originally known as St. Francis Hospital.  St. Francis- Downtown provides a full range of medical, surgical, imaging as well as diagnostics services.

Part of its services and facilities are the following: a 24 hour emergency department, cardiac services which includes cardiac catheterization laboratories, open- heart surgeries and inpatient cardiac care.  It also has inpatient oncology services, bone marrow transplantation, inpatient orthopedics as well as spine and neurosurgery care.  St. Francis- Downtown also has a complete range of imaging capabilities and laboratory services.

This medical facility upholds the mission statement of Bon Secours St. Francis Health System which is to bring compassion to health care and to be a good help to those who are in need.


  1. Roper Hospital

316 Calhoun St, Charleston, SC 29401

(843) 724- 2800

Roper Hospital is one of the top 5 hospitals that can be found in South Carolina.  It is a 657 bed hospital which comes with more than 90 facilities as well as doctors’ offices that can be found in the entire region.  Roper Hospital is known to be the only private and at the same time not for profit hospital system in Charleston which gives emphasis on community outreach.

This medical facility is one of the biggest employers in the area of Charleston as it has about 800 doctors and more than 5,500 staff on its team.  Because of its commitment to provide high quality care and treatment, Roper Hospital annually receives top national awards for patient satisfaction.

In 2010, it added Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital to provide service to the communities east of the Cooper River.  Roper Hospital began in 1852 when the Medical Society of South Carolina used the donations of philanthropist and former mayor of Charleston who was Colonel Thomas Roper to construct a hospital that was meant to treat all the sick and the injured regardless of race, nationality and religion.  The hospital formally opened in 1856

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