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The nursing shortage happening today in Pennsylvania is nothing like it. The causes of this huge problem stems from population and labor issues that have directly and indirectly affected the nursing profession. And add to these is the huge demand of nursing care that has just taken off to newer heights.

The real cause of the problem is population – population of the number of patients that need nursing care. More and more patients are coming in to hospitals in Pennsylvania because people here are getting older. Another thing is that more people are now patients of chronic illnesses that need medical and nursing care. Now to compound the problem, nurses are also getting older and eventually most of them will have to retire. This will certainly be felt in about fifteen years when most of todays’ nurses are set to retire.

The solution here is to attract more and more students to take up nursing and eventually fill the void before it actually happens. Below are the five best hospitals for nursing and nursing education.


  1. UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside

The UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside has been awarded a Magnet recognition by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. A magnet recognition is one of the most respected and prestigious awards for nursing excellence of a hospital or healthcare facility. This signifies the hospitals’ focus on providing the very best nursing care that they can to every patient that walks through their doors.

The UPMC Shadyside has a capacity of 520 patients mainly in tertiary medical care. It has been offering the very best medical and nursing care to the residents of the tri-states and the city of Pittsburgh from 1866. The UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside primary medical services; trainings for its’ physicians and nurses matched with a comprehensive line of medical treatments in oncology, cardiology, orthopedics, endocrinology, geriatrics, vascular medicine and a whole lot more medical services.

The UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside employs more than a thousand physicians and specialist doctors with clinic based offices found within the hospital and all throughout the Pittsburgh area.

200 Lothrop St., Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2582

Phone: (412) 647-8788



  1. Hospital Of Univ Of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania Health System owns and operates The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and it is its’ foremost medical facility in University City in the city of Philadelphia. It has been at its’ very location since it was founded and built in the year 1874 through the efforts of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. It is considered to be the oldest university run hospital in the whole country.

The highly respected U.S. News and World Report has ranked the hospital at number 9 of all the best hospitals in the United States of America. It also gave the hospital a number one ranking in the best hospitals in Philadelphia and in the region. The hospital is ranked by the award giving body a top 20 ranking in 11 of 16 medical specialty fields.

The hospital is situated within the University of Pennsylvania grounds nearby healthcare buildings and departments like the School of Nursing, the Radiology Technician School, the Veterinary School and the Dental care School. It is also within reach of the Abramson Cancer Center and also the Roberts Proton Therapy Center together with the laboratories for research and outpatients cases clinic. Although the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is also inside the campus premises, it is not included in the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

A certain Isaiah Vansant Washington was the main benefactor of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania during its initial years of operations.

The University of Pennsylvania Health System, as of May of 2012, has been recognized as the number three biggest Philadelphia based private employer.

The Level I Trauma center has been transferred to the Pennsylvania Presbyterian Hospital since the 4th of February, 2014. Pennsylvania Presbyterian Hospital has installed a technically advanced 5 patient capacity trauma bay treatment area under the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

3400 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: (215) 662-3227



  1. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

The Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is the best source of medical and nursing care in the city of Philadelphia.  The hospital is inside the Thomas Jefferson University which occupies a thirteen acre chunk of prime land in the central parts of the city of Philadelphia. The hospital within close distance of major thoroughfares and is just a short walk towards public transportation lines and this includes the SEPTA railways which connects the city to the outskirts and the Philadelphia International Airport. All of these accessibilities make the hospital easy to go to and from for patients from any part of the city. In fact, some of the public transportation lines make stops directly in front of the hospital.

The one thing that separates this hospital from the rest is the fact that part of their service is to make every patient feel like they are in their own homes. They believe that being sick is already a bad thing for the patients so the next best thing for them to do is to make their patients’ stay as comfortable as possible. This may be a small difference but surely their patients appreciate this so much.

A few of the creature comfort amenities that the hospital provides are hairdresser services. If patients want to have their hair done because it is one of those things that can make them feel better, then the hospital has it. They even have nailcare services as well. Extra blankets and pillows are always available for a more sound sleep.

To add more creature comforts, the housekeeping staff provides housekeeping services for every room everyday, once a day to make sure that the rooms are clean. The housekeeping staff do their rounds of cleaning between 8 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. If there was no one in the room when they cleaned it, the staff will be leaving a note making the patient know that the room has been cleaned. If patients want something to be cleaned in their room, all they have to do is call the on-duty housekeeping staff about it and they will take care of it.

Volunteers also come in to help serve the patients by giving the little things that they look for at home like newspapers and have them buy food for them in the cafeteria or a little present for a loved one at the Gift Shop. Volunteers come in between 8 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon.

s, 111 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: (215) 955-6000



  1. Milton S Hershey Medical Center

The Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, together with the Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital and the Penn State College of Medicine has always been at the forefront of providing the best quality medical and nursing care for every patient they have. They also put a lot of effort in educating and training the future workforce of the medical and nursing field providing all the knowledge they will need in their professional practice.

When it comes to educating their medical and nursing students, the Medical Center puts a lot of emphasis on the learning processes offered to medical fellows and resident doctors, post-graduate medical and nursing students and those taking up degree courses in other fields of healthcare.  Only the best of the best students are accepted and educated in the system. The educational curriculum provided for all healthcare students are all based on the healthcare necessities of the State of Pennsylvania and of the whole United States of America. Primary care students are given more emphasis in their educational training.

When it comes to caring for their patients, the hospital has imposed a complete range of medical and nursing healthcare service which they offer mainly for the residents Penn Sylvania and its’ outskirts.  The services being offered covers care about preventing diseases to health management with the use of primary health care. A is expected in patient care from one of the best hospitals around.

When it comes to research, medical investigation is something that the hospital excels in. Based on these researches and its’ results, the hospital has been able to come up with new treatments that would benefit of their patients.

s, 111 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: (215) 955-6000



  1. Lehigh Valley Hospital

The main goal of Lehigh Valley is to heal as many patients as they can while providing them the most comfortable healthcare service they can get. They do this by offering the most technologically advanced healthcare facilities which is backed by the best medical and nursing education and training.

With more than 13,000 physicians , nurses and allied workers  helping to achieve their goals, Lehigh valley hospital is now a better place to stay in for patient while getting treated by the best trained doctors and nurses.

Towards the end of the 1950’s, a number of Lutheran clergymen purchased a huge 102-acre alfalfa farm in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania which is to be the site of their dream hospital that would provide medical care for the people in the surrounding areas. The system expanded by opening the Muhlenberg Hospital and Medical Center as a health facility for patients experiencing chronic illnesses and diseases. It has a full capacity of 192 patients.

Leonard parker Pool was the man behind the idea of how Lehigh valley hospital is being operated today. Pool has shown a lot of ideas for the healthcare system and all these are born because of his willingness to help those who are in need of medical help. A twist of fate made this vision and desire of his become deeper for him.

Observing that his spouse, Dorothy, had the means of going to and from Lehigh Valley and New York City to get her oncology treatment, Pool realized that not everybody from Lehigh Valley can afford to travel as often to get themselves treated. Thus he came up with the idea of building a modern hospital for the region to address his concern.

2100 Mack Blvd. PO Box 4000 Allentown, PA 18105-4000

Phone: (610) 402-2273



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