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State government officials state that the nursing shortage Oklahoma is experiencing might get worse in the next few years. However, when the worse is over, things will definitely be brighter for the long haul. By the year 2020, officials are looking at 3,100 nursing vacancies in hospitals.

This number only concerns nurses working in hospitals and does not include the shortage in other medical and healthcare facilities. The main reason for this is that present nurses are getting old since most of them are in their 50’s. A lot of them are set to retire within the next ten years. Some hospitals and healthcare facilities have been experiencing the brunt of this shortage at this early stage with most of their nurses being overworked.

One of the reasons that is causing the shortage is the lack of nurse educators in nursing schools. The result of which is that about 32% of nursing applicants had to be turned down.


  1. U Medical Center

The central part of Oklahoma City is the location of the OU Medical Center. It is found within the grounds of the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center. Its’ geographical location is just below the State Capitol building and on the eastern part of the big city.

The Presbyterian Tower, which is the main building of the OU Medical Center is home of the hospital. The hospital was formerly known as the Presbyterian Hospital. 5 years ago the hospital celebrated its’ Centennial year.

The Medical Center is capable of holding around 784 patients at one time. With this number, it is considered to be the state’s biggest hospital. A good number of physicians working at The Children’s Hospital and OU Medical Center, both full time and as affiliates are members of the OU Physicians and educators of the OU College of Medicine and specialize in about 60 areas of medical care.

According to the American College of Surgeons, the Medical Center houses the only Level One Trauma in the state. It is on the western area of the hospital which also has four Medi Flight which is visible from the helipad on Lincoln Blvd.

Some of the most complete treatments that the hospital offers are oncology care with Gamma Knife Department that is mainly used for treating brain tumors. It also has a complete Bone Marrow Transplant Department and huge Radiation Therapy Department.

700 NE 13th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Phone: (405) 271-5911



  1. Integris Baptist Medical Center

The Baptist Medical Center opened its doors to its first patient on an Easter Sunday in 1959. It was originally a 200 patient capacity hospital on the hill.

The Integris Baptist Medical Center is one of the affiliates of the VHA which is the country’s biggest nonprofit healthcare system. All members of the VHA provide their physicians high quality training through seminars and offer their patients with cost-friendly treatments through its network of 852 hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

The Medical Center is a nonprofit, volunteer oriented, multiracial healthcare facility that is affiliated with the Joint Commission and is a part of the prestigious Oklahoma Hospital Association and the American Hospital Association. In this hospital, all earnings in excess are invested in trainings and state of the art equipment to better serve their patients.


Its’ history started in 1959 when the 200 patient capacity was built on a 62-acre chunk of prime land in upper Oklahoma City. The original building was built on a hill and was just 6 stories high.

In 1959 a 200 bed hospital opened on a 62 acre tract in northwest Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, it was on the far end of the city where public transportation rarely passed making it difficult to both patients and employees to go to.

Today, the onced dubbed as ‘hospital on a hill’ is now at the forefront of a complete learning facility in a campus setting which has several facilities for physicians, a fitness department and a medical specialty edifice in which all three displays all the advancements in technology regarding medical care.

The Medical center has always been at the forefront of developing new ideas and techniques that benefit their patients’ wellbeing. The Nursing department still has the same quality of nursing that they provide since the hospital opened.

The mission of the hospital is for their employees to improve the health of each the people living within the community that they service and reach by offering the best possibly health, medical and nursing care treatments that any hospital can. With this in their hearts, the people behind INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center have witnessed within itself many levels of progress since they opened in 1959. This progress has produced a total of eight Centers of Excellence and also the participation of a kidney transplant operation that involved six hospitals. Today they are still continuing their research to come up with new medical treatments.

The hospital has grown to a 500-patient capacity but it still has plans of expanding its’ reach and specialty fields so that they can provide more top quality medical and nursing care services.

For more than 50 years, INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center has been a leader and visionary in medical healthcare.

3300 Northwest Expy, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Phone: (405) 951-8110




  1. Oklahoma Heart Hospital

The main priority of every Oklahoma Heart Hospital physician, nurse and allied worker is the wellbeing of all their patients. Being owned by a physician bodes well for their patients since the hospital was built by a cardiologist who knows very well what cardio patients need for their treatments. It offers personalized treatments while never putting the comfort level of the patients on compromise. This hospital has the distinction of being the all state-of –the-art technologically advanced healthcare facility in all of the United States of America.

With locations co-existing, the hospital is able to reach and service more patients. Add to this at least 70 cardio specialist in its employ and about 60 clinics and hospitals all throughout Oklahoma and the hospital has been able to reach patients in every part of the state.

Diseases that affect lungs and heart for treatment and preventive purposes are what the hospital focuses on. For better identification and treatments, the hospital focuses mainly on the most dangerous cardiovascular diseases.

In a collaborative way, all the facilities within the Oklahoma Heart hospital work and operate as one whole unit.

2 Clark Bass Blvd # 301, McAlester, OK 74501

Phone: (405) 608-3200




  1. Medical Center Of Southeastern Oklahoma

Serving the counties and residents of Marshall, Choctaw, Atoka, Johnston and Bryan, The AllianceHealth Durant, which owns and operates the Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma has a 148 patient capacity when full. The Medical Center offers their patients a comprehensive array of medical and nursing healthcare services and operational procedures that a lot of patients benefit from to achieve total healthcare. The hospital also contributes a lot to the local government being one of the biggest tax paying hospitals in the country today with revenues of more than $85,000,000.

The principle that they live by is that they will always prioritize the people that the hospital is assigned to care for. The whole health system works as one unit in order to achieve this principle on a daily basis. And with each physician and nurse trained and committed to giving their very best for every patient, the health system has been very successful in providing the very best medical and nursing care for their patients.

The residents of the counties mentioned above have been the recipients of the very best medical and nursing care services from the AllianceHealth Durant since it first opened its’ doors to its’ very first patient in 1987. All the physicians employed or affiliated with the health system have continually worked their way to provide the utmost and top quality medical and nursing services a hospital can provide.

The AllianceHealth Durant prides itself in the presence of a Trauma Level III Emergency facility. Aside from this it also has around 20,000 square feet of Women’s Health department, a Wound Care and Hyperbarics Department, a New Vision Medical Stabilization department, Home Healthcare Service program, Surgical operational procedures for both Inpatient and Outpatient cases, a technologically advanced Diagnostic Imaging department, Physiotherapy department, Pediatrics department and a whole lot more to offer.

1800 W University Blvd, Durant, OK 74701

Phone: (405) 924-3080



  1. Saint Francis Hospital, Inc

The Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center is a huge 617 patient capacity healthcare facility that is situated along Woodland Street in the city of Hartford, Connecticut. The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chambery were the ones who started to build this hospital way back in 1897. With its capacity of 617 patients and bassinets of about 65, Saint Francis is the largest Catholic run hospital in the State.

The hospital has been identified as an affiliate of the Mount Sinai Hospital from 1990. In the history of medical care in the United States of America, this partnership signaled the very first collaboration of a Catholic and Jewish entities. This partnership was made formal in the year 1995. Aside from Mount Sinai, Saint Francis Hospital, Inc. also has partnerships with Saint Mary’s Hospital, Waterbury and Bristol Hospital which both operate on individual licenses. Saint Francis Hospital has focused a lot on diseases regarding Women’s Health, Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, Cardiology, and Oncology.

The John T. O’Connell Tower was started in 2008 as an additional facility. It is designed as a ten story high housing the new operating rooms, operation beds for patients and a helipad for aerial transport of patients. It houses orthopedic operating rooms plus a bigger emergency room with an additional 19 treatment beds.

Then in 2012, the hospital was awarded its second PureCell System’s Model 400 phosphoric fuel device which will be used to provide power to Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital.

6161 South Yale Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74136

Phone: (918) 494-2200



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