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A nursing educator shortage is the main culprit for the nursing shortage in Ohio State. Last year alone saw the decline of applications to nearly 2,000 applicants for doctorate degrees due to a lack in nursing educators. The main reason why nursing schools are experiencing this is that they do not have enough funds to support the hiring or more nurse educators. The problem becomes more imminent because a lot of these nurse educators are getting old and are set to retire within the next decade. The solution thereby lies in educating more nurses to become nurse educators. However, this is easier said than done because most educators today have an average age of 53. This means that educating new nurse educators must be done starting right now or else, the void these educators will leave will become bigger when they retire.


  1. Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation or CCF owns and operates the Cleveland Clinic in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. The clinic specializes in different fields of medical and nursing care. It was put up in 1921 and is a not for profit health care facility. The CCF likewise owns and operates other healthcare facilities located in the states of Nevada and Florida as well as in Canada and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The clinic was put up by four physicians in February of 1921. The group had intentions of practicing together their specializations in different fields of medical care all under one roof. Aside from practicing, they also intended to share their wealth of knowledge in a teaching setting in which they would train those who wanted to practice in their field of medicine. They did this by applying a research method and implemented the results on their patients while their trainees watched.

One of the founders of the clinic succumbed in the fire that razed the clinic in 1929. Along with Dr. Phillips, a total of 123 citizens suffered the same fate. That fire did major damage to the clinic. It was in the storage area of the nitrocellulose x-ray film where the fire ignited. The tragedy became a wakeup call for other healthcare facilities to implement safety measures in nitrocellulose x-ray film storage.

The Cleveland Clinic expanded its facilities by acquiring a string of healthcare establishments like the Lerner Research Institute in 1998, the Cole Eye Institute in 1999, the Taussig Cancer Center in 2000, the Surgery Center and 2 hotels located within the campus. All of these acquisitions were done between 1989 and 2004. In 2005 Cleveland Clinic Foundation became the second biggest private healthcare provider in the whole country. It has a total of 1,400 doctors specializing in about 120 fields. They whole system serves an estimated 1 million patients per year.

This year, the CCF has opened a healthcare facility in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The facility cost $1.5 billion to build. When it reaches completion, The clinic will be one of the biggest healthcare facility in the whole Middle East.

9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195

Phone: (216) 444-2200



  1. University Hospitals Case Medical Center

University Hospitals Case Medical Center has proven to be an innovative healthcare facility as they developed the latest ideas, the latest techniques and the latest image of what a medical facility should be. Their innovative ways allowed them to provide the best healthcare services in the northeastern part of the state of Ohio by expanding its geographic coverage as well as adding to their services.

This approach has allowed them to service more patients through their different facilities in different locations. Some of the best services that they added are early detection of illnesses, primary care services and preventive medicine. The hospital likewise enhanced its fields of expertise while putting up new areas of specialization within the campus. For easier admission of patients, the hospital contracted partner hospitals where they can serve more patients. They also enhanced the hospitals network of physicians and also added more cost friendly outpatient cases clinics.

To better serve the people of the community where their new partners are located, the hospital opened more clinics with specializations in cardio-vascular care, oncology care, women’s health care, and pediatric care. The hospital is known for its affordable services since they have found a way of minimizing mistakes and repetitive treatments.

The hospital is now acknowledged as one of the leading healthcare systems in the state. It is known for providing the best medical and nursing care in different Northeast Ohio venues. They also have the biggest number of medical physicians and the biggest network of outpatient facilities and hospitals. Aside from their physicians, they also have a pool of specialized physicians in their fold to take care of patients under different field of medicine like geriatrics and rehabilitation. They also have services for home care nursing, insurance agendas, occupational medical care and the most complete behavioral medical practice in the area.

The University Hospitals Healthcare System has a total capacity of 1032 patients. It is also an accredited member of the Case Western Reserve University. Under the University Hospital healthcare system are the university Hospitals’ MacDonald Women’s Hospital which is the only hospital intended for women; the University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital which an acknowledged leader in pediatric healthcare;  the University Seidman Cancer Center which a part of the National Cancer Institute.

Counting all of its’ partner and affiliate hospitals and other healthcare facilities, the whole system has a total number of 24,000 Doctors under its’ fold. This makes the healthcare system the second biggest private employer. A total of 4,500,000 surgical procedures on outpatients are done every year with about 63,000 inpatient cases recorded every year.

The main goal of the University hospital is to able to provide the best Primary health care and specialized medical care. These two types of medical care are the most common health care that people look for.

11100 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106

Phone: (216) 844-1000



  1. Christ Hospital

Superiority in medical service is what defines Christ Hospital from the rest. They do this by giving out the best possible healthcare service that they can for their patients. They make their services easy on their patients providing facilities and services that are easy on the budget, easily available and more personal.

It all began by simple means in 1890. Since then they have been focused on providing the kind of healthcare that their patients need from them. They provide exactly what their patients need from them. This hospital has innovative ways of coming up with new ideas and techniques. The hospital has grown into a full health care system with physicians in primary and specialty care and a whole team of allied workers and nursing staff. All these employees are located in more than 100 different locales in and around the city of Cincinnati. This makes their affordable services easily reachable.

The system goes by the name of The Christ hospital Health Network and it includes the flagship Christ Hospital located in Mt. Auburn. They also have a number of clinics and facilities all throughout the Tristate which provides the best and convenient health care services.

2139 Auburn Ave Cincinnati, OH 45219

Phone: (513) 585-2000



  1. Akron General Medical Center

Located in the city of Akron, Ohio, the Akron General Medical Center is an acknowledged country leader in not just one but two medical specialization areas. In line with that, it is also known as a leading facility in six different adult care areas. It has one of the highest ratings in medical errors, the wellbeing of their patients and preventive measures of in-house accidents. The total patient capacity of the Akron General medical Center is at 498 at one time. Last year, the hospital recorded a staggering 23,809 admitted patients. A total of 7,465 were treated for outpatient surgical procedures and 6,175 inpatient procedural operations. The emergency room was at full service the whole year with a total of 103,995 patients treated. The hospital has an educational program in place.

1 Akron General Ave, Akron, OH 44307

Phone: (330) 344-6000



  1. Bethesda North

Focusing on providing the best healthcare for secondary and tertiary cases, Bethesda North hospital is an educational Hospital that is located in the city of Montgomery in Ohio. It provides a whole wealth of medical, nursing and allied a=care services to both individual patients and families that ome from the northeast path of Cincinnati on to the counties of Warren, Clinton and Butler. It all started in 1970 when the hospital was built as a community bases individual health facility. Today it is listed as the fourth biggest hospital in and around Cincinnati. It is a not for profit facility that is accredited with TriHealth which is a health care provider that is a joint venture by the Good Samaritan Hospital and Bethesda.

The history of Bethesda North started in 1886 with congregation of 7 Methodists of German origin. They all met in a small house in Mt. Auburn and from then on decided to care for the sick and ill. The small house turned into a small hospital and overflowed with patients. Then after two years, the Home Association of the German Methodist Deaconess was able to buy a small sized hospital owned by a private citizen where the streets Reading Road and Oak Street intersect. Soon they deaconesses started transferring their patients to the hospital which is actually the start of Bethesda’s history. The year 200 saw the hospital close down to make way for its new incarnation – Bethesda North.

Since 1970, the hospital has been able to keep with the demands. In 1979, the hospital had a maximum capacity of 235 patients. In 1987, the hospital put up an outpatient clinic. With more years in operation, the people behind Bethesda North have been able to add more services.

10500 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242

Phone: (513) 865-1241



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