Best Hospitals in North Dakota

Nurses who intend to work in the state of North Dakota definitely has a lot of good opportunities waiting for them as there are so many hospitals in the state that can offer them good incentives as they pursue their career in the field of nursing.  In North Dakota, nurses can certainly practice their nursing skills in a health care environment that is conducive for them to work in.  There are actually top 5 hospitals within the state where nurses can effectively use their skills in nursing and at the same time provide them a work environment that will encourage them to thrive in the field of health care as they will have the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the industry itself as much as their own field of expertise.

Some of the best hospitals that can be found within the state of North Dakota where nurses will definitely be motivated to stay in their nursing profession and be inspired to provide better service to their patients are the following:


  1. Alexius Medical Center

900 E. Broadway Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501

(701) 530- 7000

One of the leading hospitals that can be found in North Dakota is the St. Alexius Medical Center. This medical establishment was founded in 1885, and the CHI St. Alexius Health is known as a Roman Catholic organization that is supported by the Sisters of St. Benedict of the Annunciation Monastery which is based in Bismarck, North Dakota.

St. Alexius Medical Center is a popular medical facility that provides superior patient care and offers the most modern and the latest medical treatment to its patients.  It is a type of hospital where patients can definitely feel that they are being cared for in a very special way.  Because of its commitment to provide the finest care and treatment, St. Alexius Medical Center has been given so many recognitions in different aspects such as clinical excellence, customer satisfaction and also community service.

St. Alexius Medical Center is a 306 bed medical facility that offers a complete acute care services which includes a wide range of inpatient as well as outpatient services that comes with primary and specialty physician clinics, home health and also hospice services.  It also has durable medical equipment services and patients can also expect to take advantage of the medical center’s fitness and human performance center.

St. Alexius Medical Center also owns and at the same time manages various hospitals and also clinics in the different areas of North Dakota such as Garrison and Turtle Lake.  Aside from this, it also manages both the clinics and the hospitals that are owned by Mobridge Regional Hospital.  St. Alexius Medical Center owns and manages a primary care clinic in Mandan as well, and some specialty and primary care clinics in Minot.


  1. Sanford Medical Center Bismarck

300 N. Seventh St, Bismarck, ND 58501

(701) 323- 6000

Among the top 5 hospitals that is situated in North Dakota is the Sanford Medical Center Bismarck which is a non- profit hospital and is an integrated health system that has several clinic locations which includes Bismarck, Dickinson, Jamestown, Mandan and also Minot.  Sanford Medical Center Bismarck has 223 beds so that it can comfortably accommodate its patients.

Part of this medical center’s group are 4 multi- specialty clinics, college of nursing as well as 7 primary care clinics.  It also includes 3 kidney dialysis centers and 3 occupational health clinics as well as 4 walk- in clinics and 3 long term care facilities.

Because of its dedication to give superior patient care and the most revolutionary treatment to its patients, Sanford Medical Center Bismarck is well- acclaimed and is given recognitions by various award giving organizations which includes the Joint Commission and the American College of Surgeons Level II Emergency and Trauma Center.  It has also obtained a special recognition which is perhaps one of the most prestigious awards that can be given to a hospital for nursing excellence, and this is the Magnet status.

What urges Sanford Medical Center Bismarck to perform well and constantly innovate is their mission which is to improve, heal and cure.  It also upholds to its personal values that is based on courage and passion as well as the resolution to make a difference.


  1. Sanford Medical Center Fargo

801 Broadway Fargo, ND 58122

(701) 234- 2000

One of the best hospitals that is located in North Dakota is the Sanford Medical Center Fargo which is known to be the leaders in the health care industry.  At this medical center, patients are given convenient access to the best medical care as well as to the most state- of- the- art and outstanding medical facilities.

At Sanford Medical Center Fargo, patients can experience strong clinical care and has an environment that is comfortable to the patients so they can recover quickly and effectively.  This leading medical center is definitely dedicated to various areas such as research, education and community growth as well as medical research.

It also has a wide- range of award- winning care as well as programs and services for its patients who are residents of the Midwest.  Sanford Medical Center Fargo is a 583 bed medical facility which is also a known teaching hospital.  For its commitment to medical excellence, this medical center belongs to the top 100 hospitals in the nation and is also one of the top 100 heart hospitals.

In order to provide the most revolutionary treatment to its patients, Sanford Medical Center Fargo works hand in hand with the leading researchers at its very own Sanford Research.  This medical center is also considered as the busiest level 2 Trauma Center in the area and has other services and facilities that include LifeFlight air transport services and newborn/ pediatric intensive care services.It also has children’s and women’s center as well as orthopedics and also heart and cancer centers.


  1. Essentia Health- Fargo

(701) 364- 8000

Essentia Health- Fargo is one of the top hospitals that can be found within the state of North Dakota where patients can anticipate to receive the best health care and get the most innovative treatment.  Essentia Health- Fargo is an integrated health system that is always available to provide service to its patients from different areas which include Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and also Idaho.

Essentia Health- Fargo was initially established in 2004 through a collaboration between the Benedictine Health System and the SMDC Health System.  In 2008, Innovis Health merged with Essentia Health and all the hospitals as well as the clinics that are owned by the Benedictine Health System were reassigned to the Essentia Community hospitals and clinics.


  1. Trinity Hospitals

1 Burdick Expy W. Minot, ND 58701

(701) 857- 5000

Trinity Hospitals is among the top 5 hospitals in the state of North Dakota.  This medical establishment was initially known as Trinity Hospital Association in 1922 and started with humble beginnings and had only 30 beds.  It was in the 1950’s when some very important renovations were made, as major additions as well as expansive modernization of all the facilities took place.

In the 1970’s, Trinity Hospitals united with the Lutheran Home and created the Trinity Medical Center.  Through time, this medical facility simply continues to expand, not only physically but also it adds more services so that it can better serve its patients.  In the 1980’s, another major renovation was done to Trinity Hospitals, and it was also about the same time when the quality of care was further enhanced and also a wide range of services were added to the growing facility.

In 1990, Trinity established its very own physicians services department and called it the Trinity Medical Group, and in 1999 it changed its name to Trinity Health.  Another major accomplishment took place in 2001 when Trinity Health was able to complete a historic deal which linked various areas such as the staff, its services as well as the facilities of Uni Med Medical Center, Medical Arts Clinic and the Kenmare Community Hospital.

Trinity Hospitals is made up of 3 hospitals and a nursing home.  Also part of this system is an extensive network of community clinics as well as a regional eye care network.  At Trinity Hospitals, they offer a complete range of cutting- edge care and the most innovative services and treatment.  Also part of its mission and objective is to help its patients grow as whole persons which includes his or her overall well- being, which means incorporating the mind, body and spirit.

Nurses who would like to get a work opportunity in the state of North Dakota can certainly do so as there are a lot of hospitals that can provide them with this chance.  If they get to be a part of any of the top 5 hospitals in the state, then they will also get the opportunity to create an edge in their nursing career and get more credentials as professional nurses.  This way, a great future awaits them in the field of nursing.

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