Best Hospitals in Nevada

Nevada is a state that has a lot of hospitals found all over, especially in its’ two main cities, Reno and Las Vegas. However in recent years, the state has been experiencing shortage in the nursing profession from various reasons. A lot of it has to do with the retirement of nurses. Then there is one hospital still having problems addressing the shortage with legal troubles.


  1. Mountain View Hospital

The Mountain View Hospital is under the management of Sunrise Healthcare System. It has a capacity of 340 patients and is based in Sin City Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is considered a hospital that is god for nursing because of under staffing. There is a need to beef up their nursing work force today to fill up the need. This issue came about starting in 2009 when the hospital almost lost its certification because of equipment contamination and lack of control of infectious elements. The issue grew bigger The California Nurses Association attempted to meet the Mr. William Wagnon, the CEO of the hospital to remedy the situation. Unfortunately only two nurses were given the slip and the rest were retained.

The nurses built a union to focus on this problem. The nurses filed a case against management with the help of the National Labor Relations Board where the NLRB found a lot of irregularities in the hospitals’ management practices.

The nurses union was formally launched with the help of the California Nurses Association and a few other nurses associations, it is now the pioneer hospital under the National Nurses United.

The lack of nurses is still something that the hospital management is still acting on til now. Two years ago, current nurses took to the street in front of the hospital to hold a vigil airing their grievance toward the management’s lack of action. The State stepped in and fixed things for them.

3100 N Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, NV 89128

Phone: (702) 255-5065



  1. Renown Regional Medical Center

Why is Renown Regional Medical Center an ideal hospital for nursing? It is good for nursing because of the way the management handles its finances. It usually invests its profits to sponsor training programs, improve and purchase better equipment and hire the best people for employment.

Another thing going on for the employees of the hospital is that the hospital is a community based hospital and all of the owners are from within Las Vegas. This means that the specific health care needs of the people within the community is the main priority of the management and employees of the hospital. This definitely includes the nurses in their employ.

With only a specific area to focus on, nurses in this hospital will certainly not feel overworked and burned out. It is managed by a group of about 150 board members who are all members of the community.

It is the same board that provides guidance to the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer.  Aside from the board and the Chief Executive Officer, the hospital also relies on the presence and leadership of important members of the community in the healthcare profession. With all of these people coming together, there is no wonder that Renown is at the leader board of the health care industry in the state of Nevada.

The concerted efforts of all the nurses, Doctors and the management team has all been about the clear intentions of giving the best possible health care programs to the sick members of the community.

Nursing care in Nevada is an ever changing scenery. The nursing department of the hospital will definitely need new nurses to fill up this need to cope with changes. New nurses must be honed by veterans to take over their places once they retire from work. As retirement happens, there is an assurance that the good work these retiring nurses have done will be continued by the new ones. Unfortunately this has not been happening in the past years this is why the hospital is experiencing a shortage in nurses. This makes the hospital an ideal establishment for those seeing a career in the nursing field.

Renown Regional Medical Center, 1155 Mill St, Reno, NV 89502

Phone: (775) 982-4100



  1. Southern Hills Hospital And Medical Center

9300 W Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89148

Phone: (702) 880-2100


Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center located in Las Vegas has been ranked as the number one hospital in the area. It mainly serves patients from the Southwestern part of Las Vegas.

The hospital has constructed or improved facilities like their Chest pain Center, general emergency and pediatric emergency rooms, behavioral unit for-out patients who are aged at least 50 years old, the OB-GYN department, the primary Stroke Department, orthopedic department, neurology department, and the spine injury unit.

The main reason why the hospital has been ranked the best in Las Vegas is that it has a very dependable nursing staff that takes very good care of their patients on a 24/7 basis. The nursing staff is well complimented by the Doctors in Las Vegas and the best medical staff found in the state. With all of these people coming together, they all consistently contribute the best health care for their patients.

Sunrise Health System is the main operator and management of the Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center. Sunrise Health System has under its wings successful health care establishments like MountainView Hospital and Sunrise Children’s Hospital plus a string of diagnostic clinics and surgery clinics as well.

9300 W Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89148

Phone: (702) 880-2100



  1. University Medical Center Of Southern Nevada

What does the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada have that other hospitals do not? The answer is very simple – it gives every patient they have the best possible individualized patient care.  This type of care, which is basically practiced by all of the nursing staff is a personalized manner of providing care to each patient. This is mainly supported by the best medical staff and the latest manners about providing the latest techniques, providing staff members the necessary training they need and having the most committed group of Doctors in its’ fold.

When it comes to hospital technology, The UMC of Southern Nevada is at the top of the heap. There is no denying that the management of the hospital puts a lot of effort and budget in procuring the best equipment that any hospital can have. UMC is the Level 1 Trauma Center in the Southern Nevada area. And this title was simply achieved by any other means except by state government appointment. Aside from having the equipment for it, the hospital also maintains a group of Doctors and nurses to man the Trauma Center and its patients.  This is where physically injured patients are checked and treated.

Aside from the high technology found in the Trauma Center, UMC also houses Nevada’s one and only burn specialization department. This special department is called the Lion’s Burn Care Department. The hospital also has a fully equipped medicine and rehabilitation department.

UMC also has facilities that helps their staff deal with important family care nursing and medical needs. This is a department where all the treatments are done at once and in a fast manner.

But at the backbone of the success of the hospital is the people that work in it. Foremost of which are the nurses who directly takes care of every patient that comes in.

1800 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone: (702) 383-2000



  1. Sunrise Hospital And Medical Center

The Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center has been in operation for more than half a century now. The main reason for this success is that the management has helped all their Doctors’ and Nurses through sponsoring the very best training sessions out there. These trainings surely benefit not only the Nurses and Doctors but most especially the patients themselves.

The hospital is known for their superb service and nursing care especially for outpatient services as well as inpatient procedures.

Aside from this the hospital is also known to have the very best complete range of medical facilities and services in the area. This includes a Chest pain Department, an Oncology Department.

The Epilepsy Department is special because it is the only one of its’ kind in the whole of Nevada. This is one department where nurses specifically trained in handling Epilepsy patients are counted on to help a Chief Epileptologist. This is how specialized this unit is.

The Epilepsy Center at Sunrise, with a dedicated Chief Epileptologist, is the only center of its kind in Nevada offering a dedicated epilepsy monitoring unit.

The hospital has a lot more to offer than just the ones mentioned above.

3186 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: (702) 731-8000


The truth is that the nursing profession is on an upswing trajectory because of the deep requirement due to retirement. But the good news to those who would like to be in the nursing profession is that these hospitals have the needs and the best trainings to offer their staff.

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