Best Hospitals in Mississippi

Individuals who are looking to have a nursing career within the state of Mississippi can definitely do so as there are a lot of hospitals in the area that can provide them this kind of opportunity.  What is even better is that there are top 5 hospitals in Mississippi where nurses can certainly practice their nursing skills and at the same time gain more knowledge about their profession as well as the industry in general.

Getting to be a part of any of these hospitals will definitely boost any nurse’s career and will certainly create an advantage on their credentials as a nurse.  Some of the leading hospitals within the state of Mississippi are the following:


  1. Memorial Hospital at Gulfport

4500 13th St, Gulfport, MS 39501

(228) 867- 4000

One of the best hospitals in Mississippi is the Memorial Hospital at Gulfport which was founded in 1946, and from the time of its founding, this medical institution has simply continued to grow and expand in terms of services as well as facilities, equipment and staff so that it can always be abreast with the changing technology and also the growing community.  This medical establishment is a not for profit medical complex and is cooperatively owned by the City of Gulfport and Harrison County.

Memorial Hospital at Gulfport is a multi- specialty medical complex that provides a complete range of services that involves health and wellness.  It is also a 445 bed medical facility that comes with various services and facilities such as inpatient rehabilitation unit, behavioral health facility, satellite outpatient diagnostic and rehabilitation centers and also more than 80 other Memorial physician clinics.

Apart from what are already mentioned, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport also offers some of the area’s most comprehensive clinical programs such as emergency medicine, women and children’s services, orthopedic services, medical rehabilitation, cardiovascular services, neurosciences as well as oncology.  At this medical institution, patients can also expect to have the following facilities such as a neonatal intensive care unit and it is also a state- assigned Level II Trauma Center.

Memorial Hospital at Gulfport is also the first nationally certified Primary Stroke Center.  More than all these, this medical facility also has 3- D imaging, electronic medical records, advanced surgical techniques which includes CyberKnife and the da Vinci Si HD Robotic Assisted Specialty Surgery System.

This hospital is ruled by a Board of Trustees that is guided by tactical decisions which are based on customer satisfaction, growth, work environment, finance, quality/ patient safety, information technology and strong hospital/ physician relationship.

Memorial Hospital at Gulfport is recognized and fully accredited by the Joint Commission, and is also a member of VHA and the American Hospital Association as well as the Mississippi Hospital Association.


  1. Dominic- Jackson Memorial Hospital

969 Lakeland Drive Jackson, MS 39216

(601) 200- 2000

Among the top 5 hospitals that can be found within Mississippi is the St. Dominic- Jackson Memorial Hospital.  This medical institution was established in 1946 and was first ran and managed by the Dominican Sisters.  The objective of St. Dominic- Jackson Memorial Hospital is to provide Christian healing ministry, which means healing the patient from physical to spiritual and goes along with the most advanced medical developments.

St. Dominic- Jackson Memorial Hospital utilizes state of the art services that goes hand in hand with a high touch care.  This medical facility only have physicians, surgeons and other health care professionals who are highly skilled and well- credentialed to make sure that they only give the very best patient care and treatment.

This medical establishment consistently receives high patient satisfaction scores as well as the most excellent medical outcomes.  Because of its continuous effort to give an excellent patient care and come up with the most revolutionary treatments, St. Dominic- Jackson Memorial Hospital has earned several national distinctions and numerous awards.

This comprehensive hospital comes with superior facilities that offer several programs as well as services such as cancer screenings and treatment, cardiovascular care, childbirth planning and delivery as well as health and wellness.  Patients can also expect to receive a personalized type of care at St. Dominic- Jackson Memorial Hospital.

In order to extend the finest care and services that they offer, this medical facility also has clinics in other locations such as Madison, Clinton and Flowood.


  1. University of Mississippi Medical Center

2500 North State St, Jackson, MS 39216

(601) 984- 4100

University of Mississippi Medical Center is one of the leading medical facilities that is located in the state of Mississippi which is considered as the only academic health science center in the region.  This medical center is comprised of 6 health science schools which includes medicine, nursing, dentistry, other health related professions, graduate studies and also pharmacy.

Part of the mission of the University of Mississippi Medical Center is to continuously enhance the lives of the residents of Mississippi and the community by educating future health care professionals through conducting health sciences research as well as offering the most advanced patient care and also to have a complete range of medical programs that will benefit its patients.

University of Mississippi Medical Center primarily would like to achieve its main goal which is to remove the differences or all the biases in health status that are based on race, income, geography as well as social status.  This medical center is composed of 4 hospitals within its Jackson campus, and these are: the only children’s hospital in the state, women’s and infant’s hospital and also a critical care hospital.

This world- class medical center also offers only the best facilities such as the only Level 1 Trauma Center, the only Level 4 neonatal intensive care nursery as well as the only organ transplant programs in Mississippi.  University of Mississippi Medical Center is also known as one of the biggest employers in the state as it has more than 9,100 employees which includes full timers and part timers, and about 500 physicians who are all experts in their fields of expertise.


  1. Forrest General Hospital

6051 US 49, Hattiesburg, MS 39401

(601) 288- 7000

Forrest General Hospital is one of the top hospitals within Mississippi where patients can anticipate to receive the finest treatment as well as excellent patient care.  Forrest General Hospital was founded in 1952 and since that time has been at the forefront of medical excellence in the area of South Mississippi, and is also the flagship hospital of Forrest Health.

Forrest Health System is an alliance of various health care programs which is designed to raise access to quality health care within South Mississippi.  Forrest General Hospital started from simple beginnings as it began with only 90 beds, and now has 512 beds, and is also a Level 2 Regional Trauma Center.

This medical facility has various programs, services as well as facilities to continuously serve their patients better.  Part of its facility is a 400 bed general medical/ surgical unit and also includes Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services which comes with 88 beds for chemical dependency and psychiatric unit.  This facility also has a rehab resource with 24 beds for its rehabilitation unit.

Part of the hospital’s system is the Forrest General’s Home Care and Hospice, Live Well Center, Cancer Center and the Wound Healing Center.  Forrest General Hospital also offers different types and levels of care for critical access care hospitals within its 19 county service area.

Regency Hospital Company is also part of this hospital’s system.  It has 33 beds for long term acute care.  This facility is designed for patients who need acute care for a longer than usual period of time hospital patients.


  1. Wesley Medical Center

5001 Hardy Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39402

(601) 268- 8000

Among the best hospitals in the state of Mississippi is the Wesley Medical Center which is the leading health care provider in the community.  This medical center is comprised of more than 200 physicians and more than 1,200 health care professionals so that it can very well serve the community as well as the residents of the area who are needing medical care and treatment.

Wesley Medical Center is also nationally acknowledged for patient safety as well as quality care, and is also the first and the only accredited Chest Pain Center, and also the only hospital that is accredited for its Heart Failure care in the region.  Wesley Medical Center is committed to offer excellent medical services that comes with personal as well as compassionate Christian care.

Because of its superior patient care and its dedication to create revolutionary treatments, Wesley Medical Center is accredited by the Joint Commission as a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures.  It is also the only hospital in the state to receive the distinction for its performance in 4 categories which includes heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical care for 4 consecutive years.

Wesley Medical Center is a 211 bed facility that is situated on an 85 acre health care campus in West Hattiesburg.  Among its accomplishments are the following: it uses minimally invasive surgery and has upgraded its robotic surgical system.  In 2012, it was able to have its first single- incision gall bladder removal and in 2013 had its first single- incision hysterectomy.  Wesley Medical Center also has an ER Senior Track which provides emergency care for older patients.

It is recognized by the March of Dimes in 2014 for their work to give babies a healthy start.  This medical center has other facilities and services like a fitness center, cardiac rehabilitation programs, aquatic rehabilitation, and food and nutrition training services.

Wesley Medical Center upholds its principles which are: Loving God, Serving Others and Excelling in Health Care.


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