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It is all over the news that the state of Minnesota is experiencing a nursing crisis due to an expected shortage. The truth is that the shortage is very real and that several organizations have taken action about the situation. The main focus is to make the nursing profession in Minnesota an advocacy. Travel nursing is one of the actions being taken.

Expectedly in the following years, close to two-thousand nurses will vacate their positions mainly due to retirement and other factors as well. Each and every spot must be filled immediately so the health care situation in Minnesota will not be hampered in any way. With this problem in mind, the state has gathered the five top hospitals with the best nursing care program to help promote the profession and address the possible shortage of the future.


  1. Mayo Clinic Hospital Rochester

1216 2nd St SW, Rochester, MN 55902

Phone: (507) 255-5123


Mayo Clinic Hospital Rochester is one of the best hospitals in the country today. However being at the top of their game does not exempt them from experiencing the shortage problem. Nursing staff in the Rochester hospital is in dire need to add more nurses in their fold.

The hiring methods and demands of the Department of Nursing is at an all time high. Key nursing positions in the hospital that have to be filled as soon as possible so that their nursing care program will not be hampered.

This is a bad thing for the hospital but a god thing for those nursing graduates who may want to apply for a job at this highly ranked hospital. Aside from the usual nursing positions commonly offered in hospitals around the country, Mayo Clinic Hospital Rochester has revised its health care program paving the way for more nursing jobs that need to be filled up. Other factors that lead to more vacancies in nursing are retirement of nurses, in-hospital promotions and transfers, and the interest in participating in another nursing training program like anesthetist nursing.

But off the bat, retirement is still the main reason for the impending shortage as a lot of the nurses have made their plans clear that they plan to retire in a few years. This will pave the way to a lot of job openings for nurses in Mayo Clinic Hospital. To make the situation even sweeter for those who plan to become nurses in the future, Mayo Clinic has began accepting applications who have finished a 2-year associate degree as well as the 4-year bachelor’s course. The only requirement that associate degree holders must fulfill is that they need to finish their Bachelor’s degree with no more than 5 years to take it.


  1. Abbott Northwestern Hospital

800 E 28th St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Phone: (612) 863-4509


Abbott Northwestern Hospital has a long history of providing exemplary and exceptional nursing care to their patients. Nursing started in this hospital in the year 1882 with the Harriet Walker’s Training School for Nurses. With the merging of both Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Harriet Walker’s Training School for Nurses in 1970, the main aim now is to train and educate their nurses in a continuous manner. And the education never stops.

The nurses of Abbott Northwestern Hospital are the frontliners of the health program of the hospital. Everyday, 24/7, these nurses at Abbott see to it that their patients need are well taken cared of. The nursing care is so personalized.  The good thing about this is that in developing the nursing program within the hospital and has had a positive effect in the nursing industry in the whole country. The nurses in Abbott have all the leadership skills and knowledge and know how born out of experience and top notch training in the actual field. All these traits have contributed to the positive image of the nursing program which is now deemed as something that should be emulated.

Abbott’s nursing program has been adjudged the Magnet award by the American nurses Credentialing Center or the ANCC in 2009. This is one Center that hands out awards to hospitals that have shown exceptional nursing programs and nursing care to their patients.

Spearheading Abbott’s excellence in the health care industry is its nursing department and competent nursing staff and leaders. The hospital employs about 1,600 nursing staff that work for their own ideals and capabilities. All the nurses employed by the hospital contribute in their own way to things that pertain to the proper care of patients. Things like helping out the Doctors by administering medication or something to that effect. Either big or small, their contributions play a big part in the patients they care for.

The Minnesota Nurses Association or MNA is the largest nursing association in the state of Minnesota and Abbot is widely represented by a big number of their nurses. A lot of their nurses are rooted in nursing research. This means that these nurses specializes and focuses in nursing ways that concern them and their patients.

Employment application is now going on for nursing.


  1. University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview

2829 University Ave. SE, Suite 400

Minneapolis, MN 55414-3246

Phone: (612) 273-3000

Those interested in applying for nursing jobs in the state of Minnesota may look into the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview. There are a lot of openings for Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses in the hospital. This is due to the shortage caused by the recent retirements of a big number of nurses.

The good thing about practicing nursing at the University of Minnesota Medical Center is that nurses are considered to be leaders who are given the chance to speak and act out their ideas and are encouraged to contribute their time and effort to certain environments. The nurses at the UM Medical Center perform nursing-centered topics studies, act as consulting nurses for patients, offer to educate their patients on the kind of nursing care they will administer, take on new functions and applications in nursing care and serve as parameters and role models as nursing leaders in the industry.

Nurses in the UM Medical Center have the added knowledge of combining their nursing care practice with the latest and state of the art technology. This allows nurses to provide faster and more cleaner studies on their patients, their illnesses and what type of care will the patient require. Nurses who easily adapt to the technologically advanced equipment and atmosphere of the hospital will definitely have an advantage over other nurses in other hospitals. Their nurses have that innate ability to progress and adjust to what the latest in medical technology has to offer.


  1. Mercy Hospital

4050 Coon Rapids Blvd.

Coon Rapids, MN 55433


Phone: (763) 236-8205


A career in nursing in Mercy Hospital is something that will prove beneficial to any nurse. Being at the forefront of trying to avert the shortage problem in nursing, Mercy is now in the middle of plans and efforts to improve their nursing care program. And these improvements cover the list of nursing care areas in the hospital. These are: Developmental disabilities, Renal Research, Ambulatory nursing, Burn nursing, Emergency geriatrics care, Home care, Intensive care unit nursing, Medical telemetry care, Mother and child care, Oncology care, Operating room nursing, Pediatric nursing care, Psychiatric nursing and Recovery rehabilitation.

All nursing applicants who are eligible to apply for any of these fields of nursing care are welcome to apply. One thing sure is that once these applicants are in, they will be receiving some of the best actual practice and beneficial training opportunities.  Management of the hospital fully throw their support in the progress and development of the mental and physical skills of each and every nurse that works for them.

With this kind of unwavering support that the management gives out to the nursing department, the continuous development of nurses skill levels will also continually improve for the good of themselves and of the hospital. With the support concept in place not just for nursing but for the other fields as well, the hospital itself has built a concerted effort in taking care of their patients. This is the kind of support that will definitely benefit newly graduated nurses.


  1. United Hospital

333 N Smith Ave, St Paul, MN 55102

Phone: (651) 241-8802


United hospital is totally focused on to giving the best medical treatments any hospital can give. Their belief is that this can be done with an outstanding nursing care program in place. For this to happen, the management has given the proper respect to each of their nurses and the effort they have offered to be able to give each and every patient of the hospital the proper nursing care they need.

The nurses at United Hospital have shown excellence in service by fully taking in all of the important aspects of nursing care and by putting it into practice. These aspects include leadership, professional etiquette, communal actions with other health care workers and by showing the desire to practice nursing care for a long time.

Another good thing about practicing the profession of nursing in United Hospital is that they have Florence Nightingale, the Mother of Nursing Care as their role model. Almost all her teachings are still practiced by the nurses.


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