Best Hospitals in Michigan

Nurses can definitely have a good opportunity if they plan to work in the state of Michigan as a lot of good hospitals are in the area that will offer them a wonderful chance to utilize their nursing skills and at the same time allow them to further gain knowledge about their nursing profession as well as the health care industry in general.

There are 5 best hospitals in Michigan which can certainly give these nurses a good work environment that will inspire them to always give the best service to their patients, and more importantly motivate them to stay in their profession.

Being a part of any of these top hospitals will definitely give an advantage to these nurses’ professional credentials.  Some of the best hospitals that can be found in Michigan are the following:


  1. University of Michigan Health System

1500 E. Medical Center Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 41809

(734) 764- 1505

One of the top 5 hospitals within the state of Michigan where patients can expect to receive excellent care that comes with the most innovative treatment is the University of Michigan Health System.  This health system is where among the biggest complexes in the world can be found, and is a place where several cutting- edge medical as well as technological developments take place since the time when its Medical School was established in 1850.

University of Michigan Health System gets national ranking in health care in 15 specialtiesand is known for its revolutionary research as well as superior patient care.  This medical institution is the finest in the region in terms of having a complete range of adult as well as pediatric specialties as reported by US News and World Report.  Aside from this, University of Michigan Health System has also obtained recognition from other hospital- quality organizations.

This medical institution is also referred to as the University Of Michigan Hospital, and is also among the nation’s biggest biomedical research facility.  Part of its system is the Michigan Health Corp which is a legal unit that makes it possible for this health system to have associations, partnerships, business activities and joint ventures with other organizations or institutions.

University of Michigan Health System remains steadfast in fulfilling its vision which is to create the future of health care by means of discovery, and at the same time become the national leader in the different aspects of the industry which includes health care in general, health care reform, biomedical innovation as well as education.


  1. Spectrum Health- Butterworth Campus

100 Michigan St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

(616) 391- 1774

Among the best hospitals that can be found in the state of Michigan is the Spectrum Health- Butterworth Campus.  This medical facility has been providing superior patient care since it was established in 1873, and because of its continuous efforts to become a leader in the health care industry, Spectrum Health- Butterworth Campus has expanded its services as well and also became a leader in diagnostics, treatment, and also prevention and education.

One of the four facilities that comprises the Spectrum Health Medical Center is the Butterworth Hospital which is also popular for being a clinical leader in areas such as cardiovascular, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, neurosciences and trauma, and emergency care services among many others.  Another facility that is part of this medical system is the Wedge Foundation Chest Pain Center which is a joint venture between the Butterworth Hospital Emergency Department and the Fred and Lena Mejier Heart Center.  This facility was founded to offer immediate heart attack assessment as well as treatment to its patients all days and all nights every single day.

Wedge Foundation Chest Pain Center is also a nationally recognized chest pain center in the area of Grand Rapids.  Another facility that makes up the Spectrum Health- Butterworth Campus is the Family Birthplace at Butterworth Hospital which delivers more than 7,000 babies each year.  This facility is also associated with the Gerber Foundation Neonatal Center which is a Level III neonatal intensive care unit that provides the highest level of care for newborns who are at risk.

Spectrum Health- Butterworth Campus also has a Level I Trauma Center as well as a Regional Burn Center which are situated at Butterworth Hospital.


  1. Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak

3601 W. Thirteen Mile, Road, Royal Oak, MI 48073

(248) 898- 5000

Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak belongs to the top 5 hospitals that can be found within the state of Michigan.  This hospital gives so much importance to the nurses which is why nurses can definitely have a good work experience here.  Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak also strives to give these nurses a conducive work environment where they can be inspired to excel in their profession as nurses.

One of the missions of its nursing is to sustain quality and distinction in their nursing professional practice as well as service and research, while at the same time enhancing the needs of their patients and also the communities within the area.  Because of the excellence that the nurses at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak displays in their profession, it was able to obtain the Magnet status designation that is given by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.  Magnet status is the highest and the most prestigious designation that can be given in the nursing profession.

At Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak nurses are also part of the decision- making process, and they are also an essential part of a team which gives importance in providing superior health care to its each and every patient.  At this hospital, nurses definitely feel their worth and essence as they are treated with much value and respect.  Also at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak nursing is seen as an academic excellence as and also profession.

This hospital also follows a model which they call as the Beaumont Nurse Professional Practice Model which shows the incorporation of nursing practice with its mission, vision, and also philosophy as well as values that make up the spirit of the nurses at Beaumont.  This hospital always lives up to its caring model which is made up of caring, vision, innovation as well as professional practice.

Nurses at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak combines new knowledge along with evidence- based practice and also research into clinical practice as well as care delivery.  Nurses in this hospital are also known to produce obvious contributions to the science of nursing by participating in research.  They also act within the American Nurses Association’s Standards of Professional  Nursing Practice, and displays accountability, autonomy as well as critical thinking.

Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak believes in professional development and its essence to the practice of the nursing profession through education, mentoring as well as reflective learning.


  1. Harper University Hospital

3990 John R, Detroit, MI 48201

(313) 745- 6211

One of the best hospitals that is located within Michigan is the Harper University Hospital which was founded in 1863.  This medical facility is considered as one of the oldest as well as the most highly regarded teaching establishments in the United States.

Among the members of Harper University Hospital is Wayne State University School of Medicine which has the best medical practitioners as well as educators.  This medical institution that comes with a long history is known to be among the nation’s leading hospitals, and is in fact constantly ranking almost at the top of “America’s Best Hospital’s” as listed by US News and World Report.

Harper University Hospital is also among the most technologically advanced hospitals in the state that is equipped with a fully- implemented electronic medical records as well as 100% medication scanning.  It also uses advanced robotic surgery technology.  This medical institution has a complete range of clinical services that includes neurosciences, cardiovascular care, minimally invasive surgery and also organ transplants.

Harper University Hospital has the finest doctors who are actively involved in producing some groundbreaking medical research and also clinical trials.  This hospital allows its patients to have access to revolutionary treatments as well as innovative diagnostic services even before they are available elsewhere, and this includes outstanding techniques such as non- invasive brain surgery and computer- guided endoscopic sinus surgery.


  1. Henry Ford Hospital

2799 W. Grand Blvd # K9, Detroit, MI 48202

(313) 916- 2600

Henry Ford Hospital is also one of the top 5 hospitals that is situated in the state of Michigan.  This medical institution was founded in 1915 by auto pioneer Henry Ford.  Today, Henry Ford Hospital is among the state’s premier provider of health care in Michigan.

Henry Ford Health Systems is a not for profit corporation that is composed of several medical facilities that includes hospitals, medical centers and also the state’s biggest group practices which is the Henry Ford Medical Group.

Henry Ford Medical Group is comprised of more than 1,200 physicians who are practicing in more than 40 specialties.  The flagship of Henry Ford Hospital is a Level I Trauma Center which is acclaimed for its clinical excellence in areas such as cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, neurology and also neurosurgery, orthopedics, sports medicine, multi- organ transplants as well as cancer treatment.

The medical group of Henry Ford employs about more than 23,000 personnel which is why Henry Ford Health System is considered as the 5th biggest employer within metro Detroit which is also one of the most diverse.  Henry Ford Health System operates as one of Michigan’s pioneer institutions.

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