Best Hospitals in Maryland

The state of Maryland is definitely available to provide nurses who would like to get the chance to work in the state a good opportunity to use their nursing skills and at the same time allow them to gain further knowledge as well as experience in the field of health care as there are a lot of hospitals within Maryland where nurses can get involved in.

There are top 5 hospitals in the state of Maryland where nurses can certainly make themselves a part of, and if they get the chance to be in any of these best hospitals in the state, it would definitely boost their career and would pose an advantage on their nursing profession.

Some of the best hospitals that can be found within Maryland where patients can without a doubt expect to receive high quality care are the following:


  1. Johns Hopkins Hospital

1800 Orleans St., Baltimore, MD 21287

(410) 955- 9540

Among the top hospitals across Maryland is the Johns Hopkins Hospital which is a teaching hospital and at the same time also a biomedical research facility of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  This world- class hospital can be found in Baltimore and was established to make the vision of one philanthropist a reality.

The financial resources used to found Johns Hopkins Hospital was from the donation of philanthropist, Johns Hopkins.  All the features that this hospital has came from the vision and wishes of Johns Hopkins himself.

Johns Hopkins Hospital as well as the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine are said to be the initiating institutions of modern American medicine, and at the same time was also where several traditions began.  Among the traditions are rounds, residents and also house staff.  More than these, some medical specialties were also created such as neurosurgery by Harvey Cushing, cardiac surgery by Alfred Blalock and pediatrics and child psychiatry by Leo Kanner.

Since its completion in 1889, Johns Hopkins Hospital has always been recognized as one of the finest hospitals in the whole world.  Because of its achievements and innovations in the field of medicine, this hospital has been ranked by US News and World Report as the best overall hospital in the entire United States for 21 successive years.

Johns Hopkins dream to have a world- class hospital definitely paved the way for the foundation of American medicine.  From what only started as a great vision, Johns Hopkins dream to create such huge ambition in the field of medicine has certainly gone a long way.  Aside from the substantial amount of money that Johns Hopkins shared in order to build a revolutionary hospital, he also donated 13 acres of his land on which to build the hospital in.  Part of his wishes was that he wanted the hospital’s character to be comparable with any other similar institutions like those in America or in Europe; and also he wanted only to have the best medical team of physicians and surgeons who have the finest character and superior skills.

In 1893, Johns Hopkins University was among the medical schools to first ever allow women to be admitted in the university and study medicine.  This coeducation was brought about by the need to generate more funds, and aside from this, a lot more accomplishments were established by this institution.

William Osler, who was the top internist at that time was also the first chief of the Department of Medicine.  He was the one who proposed the idea of bringing medical students into actual patient care even while still at the onset of their training.  Because of this, he made an impact in introducing practical education.

William Stewart Halstead, a top surgeon at that time was the first chief of the Department of Surgery.  During his time he was able to achieve so many things such as modern surgical principles of control of bleeding, accurate anatomical dissection, complete sterility and the first radical mastectomy for breast cancer.  Dr. Halstead was also the one who introduced the use of surgical gloves as well as advances in thyroid, biliary tree, hernia, intestinal and arterial aneurysm surgeries.  He also started the first formal surgical residency training program in the United States.

Howard Atwood Kelly, a top gynecologist during his time also made significant contributions such as introducing new surgical approaches to women’s diseases and at the same time also invented several medical devices like urinary cystocope.  Dr. Kelly is also among those who first used radium to treat cancer.

William Henry Welch, one of the leading pathologists at that time was able to train a lot of the outstanding physicians during his time.  He was also the one who established the first School of Public Health at Hopkins.


  1. University of Maryland Medical Center

22 S. Greene St, Baltimore, MD 21201

(410) 328- 8667

One of the top 5 hospitals in the state of Maryland is the University of Maryland Medical Center.  This medical facility is the center of the University of Maryland Medical System’s downtown campus, and it houses a lot of intensive care beds like no other hospital across the state.  University of Maryland Medical Center offers a full range care that is dedicated to the residents of West Baltimore, and at the same time provides tertiary care for the entire population of Maryland as well as in the nearby areas.


  1. Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center

9000 Franklin Square Dr. Baltimore, MD 21237

(443) 777- 7850

Among the best hospitals that can be found within Maryland is the Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center which is also known to be a proud member of the Medstar Health.  This medical center offers a lot of medical as well as health care services to all its patients.  In fact, Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center’s emergency department provides treatment and care to about more than 108,000 patients each year.

This medical institution is accredited and recognized by the Joint Commission and is also certified as a Primary Stroke Center.  Because of its great efforts in coming up with innovative treatments and having high quality patient care, Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center has received numerous distinctions and awards such as the Magnet Designation for excellence in nursing, the Delmarva Foundation Award for Quality Excellence and it was also ranked as the Best Hospital for 3 succeeding years by US News and World Report.

Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center is also among the top 25 community teaching hospitals, and is famous for giving revolutionary levels of care, treatment and technology in different fields such as ambulatory and minimally invasive surgery, cancer services, cyberknife, da Vinci robotic surgery, diagnostic imaging and radiology, obstetrics and neonatology, orthopedics and joint replacement therapies, women’s services and sleep disorders, among many others.

This medical center is also considered as one of the biggest employers within Baltimore as it has about 3,000 skilled professionals that includes more than 1,000 nurses and about 400 physicians.


  1. Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

2401 W. Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215

(410) 601- 5131

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore is another leading hospital that can be found in the state of Maryland.  This hospital is part of the biggest, most comprehensive as well as the most highly respected providers of health- related services to the residents of northwest Baltimore.

LifeBridge Health is a leading supporter of preventive services, wellness and fitness services as well as educational programs.  Within its system, namely Sinai Hospital, Northwest Hospital and Carroll Hospital are all acute care general hospitals.  Also part of the LifeBridge Health system are Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital as well as its subsidiaries and other affiliated units.

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore as well as the rest of the members of the LifeBridge Health is dedicated to become the best and the most respected health care system that provides service to the northwest area.  This health care system is also committed in improving the health of the community by utilizing different health and wellness programs and services.  More than these, it also offers a wide- range of fitness programs.

LifeBridge Health is also committed to provide an array of specialized institutes of health for individuals with special health care needs which comprises of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation, pulmonary therapy, Parkinson’s therapy and they also have programs for patients with diabetes and arthritis.


  1. Holy Cross Hospital

1500 Forest Glen Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

(301) 754- 7000

Holy Cross Hospital which is one of the top hospitals in Maryland is a not for profit, Catholic health system.  It provides treatment and care to more than 2,000 patients annually from its two largest counties namely Montgomery and Prince George. Holy Cross Hospital was established in 1963, and starting from one hospital, it definitely expanded to a system of two hospitals and 3 health centers.  All these facilities provide a complete range of inpatient as well as outpatient health care services and also community based health and wellness programs that are revolutionary.

Holy Cross Hospital has about over 3,900 staff which includes 1,300 community- based physicians and 425 volunteers.  This health care system is certainly dedicated in giving revolutionary and high quality services that are accessible to the needs of the community.  Holy Cross Health has shared over $228 Million in community benefit which includes over $116 Million worth of financial assistance.

Because of its significant contributions to the community, Holy Cross Health has received numerous awards and recognitions.  One of which is that it is the only health care provider in the state of Maryland to obtain the Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval Award from the Alliance for Workplace Excellence each year starting 1999.

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