Best Hospitals in Maine

Nurses definitely have good opportunities waiting for them in the state of Maine as there are a lot of good hospitals in the area.  What would be even better is when they get to be a part of any of the top 5 hospitals in Maine because surely it would give a great advantage to their career.  If they become involved in any of these hospitals, nurses will certainly gain more knowledge and be able to enhance their nursing skills because these hospitals will be able to provide them the kind of experience and challenge that are without a doubt beneficial to their nursing career.

Some of the best hospitals in the state of Maine are the following:


  1. Maine Medical Center

22 Bramhall St., Portland, ME 04102

(207) 662- 0111

Maine Medical Center is one of the best hospitals in Maine which provides a full range of health care resource not just for the residents of Maine, but also for the people who reside in the greater Portland as well as northern New England.  This medical center is also one of the biggest medical facility in Maine.

Maine Medical Center has 637 beds and has a huge number of staff which is about above 6,000 health care professionals and other staff.  This medical facility is known as both a community hospital as well as a referral center.  Aside from its high quality patient care, Maine Medical Center also has made some associations with other institutions such as the Tufts University School of Medicine and also Maine Medical Center Research Institute, which is considered to be a superior biomedical research center.

This medical center’s care model includes Maine’s biggest multispecialty medical group which is Maine Medical Partners where patients can expect to be given a complete primary, specialty and subspecialty care.  Maine Medical Center is the flagship hospital of Maine Health which is a 12 member health system.  Maine Medical Center is also a nonprofit institution and has offered more than $190 Million yearly as community benefits as well as providing care to those who most need it whether they are capable of paying or not.  This hospital then is not just about having the latest technology or having the most innovative research, but it also gives back to the community by giving service and being open to everyone who needs medical assistance.


  1. Eastern Maine Medical Center

489 State St., Bangor, ME 04401

(207) 973- 7000

One of the known good hospitals in the state of Maine is the Eastern Maine Medical Center which was founded in 1892 and was first known as Bangor General Hospital.  Like most hospitals, Eastern Maine Medical Center also had its humble beginnings but flourished because of continued efforts and innovations in their medical practice as well as the kind of service it provides to its patients.

At the time of its foundation, Elizabeth Spratt who was a graduate of Boston City Hospital became the first superintendent of Bangor General Hospital.  During her time, she was able to establish a school for nurses where 3 students joined in the program who later on became the first nursing staff of the hospital.

In 1896 Bangor General Hospital changed its name to Eastern Maine General Hospital in order to reflect that majority of its financial support came from the state of Maine.  With a budget of $20,000, the construction of a new building was made possible in 1897.  Also in the same year, Dr. Bertram L. Bryant became part of the medical team of Eastern Maine General Hospital.  Dr. Bertram L. Bryant was a specialist of pathology as well as bacteriology.

Another ward was opened in 1899 and became part of the hospital’s expansion.  In 1900, Eastern Maine General Hospital was able to accommodate its very first interns and also at this time, the hospital was able to purchase its first ambulance.  Another addition was included in 1900 when a separate building was constructed.  This new building was where patients with contagious diseases were placed.

Then in 1910, the children’s ward was finally established and also in the same period, Eastern Maine General Hospital was able to install its first set of X- ray equipment.  From the time of its foundation until the present time, this hospital simply continues to expand and make constant effort to make their services even better.


  1. Mercy Hospital

144 State St, Portland, ME 04101

(207) 879- 3000

Mercy Hospital is among the top 5 hospitals in the state of Maine where patients can receive high quality of patient care and the finest medical treatments and services. Mercy Hospital began in 1918 and was first known as Queen Anne’s Hospital.  This hospital was established to respond to the flu pandemic when city hospitals refused to accept patients who were Irish Catholics.

Queen Anne’s Hospital was founded by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland and the Sisters of Mercy.  It was a Roman Catholic hospital that was a not for profit community hospital as well.  Mercy Hospital which was then Queen Anne’s Hospital’s objective was to offer superior health care to the poor and the disadvantaged.

At the time of its foundation, Mercy Hospital only had about 25 beds, then in 1943 the full hospital was launched.  This hospital simply continued to expand its structure as well as its services, and in 1952 this hospital underwent some more expansions.   Major renovations took place though in 1980 and since that time, Mercy Hospital became the 4th biggest hospital in the state of Maine.

In 2006, the construction of a new campus along the Fore River began, and this new campus that was built on a 42 acre land that was overlooking the Fore River was finally launched in 2008.  This particular project is set to be completed by 2018, which is Mercy Hospital’s 100th year anniversary.

In 2013, Mercy Hospital was acquired by Eastern Maine Health System of Brewer, Maine.


  1. Maine Coast Memorial Hospital

50 Union St., Ellsworth, Maine

(207) 667- 5311

Another hospital that is among the best hospitals in the state of Maine is the Maine Coast Memorial Hospital which was built in 1956.  This full service hospital started with only 64 beds and today provides a wide range of health care facility and at the same time offers emergency, primary and specialty care acute inpatient, diagnostic as well as surgical services.

Maine Coast Memorial Hospital is accredited and recognized by the Joint Commission which means that this hospital is able to meet the highest performance standards for patient safety and quality.  On top of this accreditation, Maine Coast Memorial Hospital has also obtained both national and state recognition for patient safety outcomes as well as patient satisfaction levels.

Part of this hospital’s relentless efforts in making their services better is the addition of a new emergency center that comes with a 24 hour physician coverage as well as an adjacent helipad which is used for emergency air transport of patients who are in critical care.  Maine Coast Memorial Hospital also has an essential care network at 32 Resort Way which comes with internal medicine specialists as well as pediatricians.

More than these, it also has full rehabilitation services at Ellsworth, Gouldsboro and Somersville for areas such as physical and occupational therapy, speech language pathology, nutritional counseling as well as diabetes management.

At Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, patients can expect to be cared for and treated by highly skilled surgical staff for orthopedic, gynecology, urology, general and minimally invasive surgery as well as otolaryngology and also breast surgery.  This hospital is also equipped with an Endoscopy Suite which was designed to meet the demand for a painless colon as well as gastrointestinal screenings.

More than what are already mentioned, Main Coast Memorial Hospital also specializes in rheumatology, gastroenterology, lipidemiology as well as dermatology.  It also has full care services for women which is offered by both the OB/ GYN physicians as well as Certified Nurse Midwives.  Aside from this, this hospital also has a Wound Center that offers treatment for acute and chronic hard to heal wounds.

Maine Coast Memorial Hospital is also a home for patients who are undergoing cancer treatment, and also has robust cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs, cardiac stress testing and also a center where sleep disorders can be diagnosed.


  1. Parkview Adventist Medical Center

329 Maine St., Brunswick, ME 04011

(207) 373- 2000

At Parkview Adventist Medical Center, which is one of the top 5 hospitals in Maine, the goal of their treatment is to heal the entire person, which means that each aspect of the person’s being is given attention to such as his or her body, mind as well as spirit.  This is done by utilizing the most modern and up to date technology.

Parkview Adventist Medical Center also offers health care that is progressive and in the same way, provides wellness education to its patients.  This medical center is the first modern facility that was ever established in the midcoast area, and since its foundation in 1959 it never fails to make an effort to meet the demands of its patients through technological advancements as well as by adding more services that will benefit the patients.

This hospital only employs the best health care professionals who are concerned with their patients.

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