Best Hospitals in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky has so many good hospitals that are open to nurses who wish to find employment in the area.  At these hospitals, these nurses are sure that their nursing skills will be utilized in the best possible way, and what more is that they will be able to gain more knowledge.  There are top 5 hospitals that can be found within the state of Kentucky which can definitely provide a good opportunity for the nurses, and can certainly give them a very good work environment which will inspire and encourage them to stay in the nursing profession.

Some of the best hospitals in Kentucky where patients can anticipate to receive the finest treatment and superior patient care are the following:


  1. Baptist Health Louisville

4000 Kresge Way

Louisville, KY

(502) 897- 8100

One of the top 5 hospitals that can be found in the state of Kentucky is the Baptist Health Louisville which is a 519 bed hospital.  This medical facility is one of the best in the state for various fields such as orthopedics, emergency care, maternity care as well as neuroscience.

Being among the leading health care providers in the state, Baptist Health Louisville is acknowledged by the US News and World Report in 2015 as tied for the number 1hospital spot in the Metro Louisville for 4 consecutive years; and at the same time is also tied in the number 3 spot in Kentucky.

Another important achievement of Baptist Health Louisville is the Magnet designation for excellence in nursing services from the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Magnet Recognition Program.  This hospital got this special recognition two times.  Aside from this, this hospital has also been acclaimed 10 times as a Best Place to Work in Kentucky.

Among the services that Baptist Health Louisville offers are as follows: it has special teams that are always available to respond and provide heart attack and stroke care.  It also has cancer services which comes with two freestanding radiation centers as well as 3 outpatient infusion centers, an inpatient care, a cancer resource center and also a multidisciplinary clinic.  Aside from these, it also has a women’s health section which includes all private maternity rooms, digital mammography, ultrasound, bone- density scanning for osteoporosis as well as an antepartum unit.

More than the already mentioned services, Baptist Health Louisville still have other fields of expertise such as cardiovascular services, wound care, behavioral health, occupational health, sleep disorders, rehabilitation, weight loss and they also have in- home care that is provided by the Baptist Health Home Care

Baptist Health Louisville also has a group of health care providers that are always ready to serve their patients within the Metro Louisville area.


  1. University of Kentucky Hospital

800 Rose St

Lexington, KY

(859) 323- 5000

University of Kentucky Hospital is among the best hospitals within the state of Kentucky that is committed to provide the best patient care as well as to give a revolutionary treatment to its patients.  University of Kentucky Hospital was established in 1957 and since that time has been dedicated to support academic health care which includes research, education as well as clinical care.

UK Health Care is the brand name for University of Kentucky’s health care system which characterizes its hospitals, clinics, outreach locations, patient care services as well as the activities of the university’s 6 health professions colleges which includes medicine, nursing, health sciences, public health, dentistry and also pharmacy.

University of Kentucky Hospital is known to offer the very latest patient care, and at the same time it also functions as an information resource.  This hospital has also created partnerships and affiliations with community hospitals and physicians so that it can also provide medical assistance to those living in the rural communities.

This medical institution has so many aspirations and objectives that it definitely wishes to see the implementation of.  Among its visions is to become a top academic medical center, and also to be able to offer a comprehensive advanced subspecialty care so that the residents of Kentucky no longer have to travel outside the state just to get medical care.  Another vision of University of Kentucky Hospital is to become a clinical destination for some highly specialized services and also to provide support to the rural health care.  Also among its visions is to assist the research and teaching missions of the university.

University of Kentucky Hospital is also considered as the fastest growing academic medical center in the nation, and its physician faculty creates the biggest multidisciplinary group practice.  This medical facility is widely known for the finest patient care that it extends to its patients.

UK Health Care has more than 80 specialized clinics, and has 143 outreach programs as well as 9,000 physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health care providers.  UK Health Care is also a proud member of the Schwartz Center for compassionate health care.


  1. Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s Healthcare

200 Abraham Flexner Way

Louisville, KY 40202

  1. 587. 4011

Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s Healthcare is another leading hospital within Kansas.  This medical institution began in 1905 and is popular for giving high quality of care and treatment to its patients.  More than offering superior quality of services to its patients, Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s Healthcare also focuses heavily on research as well as education.

From a simple beginning, it is now a hospital that houses 462 beds and is known worldwide.  Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s Healthcare is also an advanced tertiary referral center that constantly produces revolutionary developments in various areas of specialties and services.

Because of its efforts to always create something significant for the health care industry, several of this medical facility’s programs have earned national rankings for excellence.  Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s Healthcare is also recognized for many of its medical firsts, not only in Kentucky but also in the whole world.  Among the firsts for its medical achievement is that it is the first to perform a 4 hand transplant, another is that it is where the 1st and the 2nd successful AbioCor Implantable Replacement took place.

This medical facility is also chosen to execute all 5 solid organ transplants which includes the heart, lung, liver, kidney and also pancreas.  Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s Healthcare has a Heart and Lung Institute that provides a comprehensive cardiovascular and pulmonary services.  It also offers hand and microsurgery which has a complete hand and upper extremity care.  Also part of this hospital’s service is a 24 hour emergency trauma teams which is available round the clock to respond to the patient’s needs.

Its Neuroscience Institute on the other hand is a certified stroke center that is designed to treat injuries and diseases that affect the brain, spine and the nervous system.  Aside from this, it also offers orthopedic surgeries which include minimally- invasive options.  Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s Healthcare also makes use of the da Vinci robotic surgery system, and at the same time also offers outpatient services which comprises of surgery and diagnostics with a complete range of imaging services such as PET, CT, Open MRI and also mammography.


  1. Norton Hospital/ Norton Medical Pavilions/ Kosair Ch

200 East Chestnut St,

Louisville, Kentucky 40202

(502) 629- 6560

One of the best hospitals in Kentucky where patients can expect to get high quality patient care is the Norton Hospital/ Norton Medical Pavilions/ Kosair Ch.  This hospital began with a humble faith- based objective, and because of its continuous efforts to be a leader in the health care field, Norton Hospital/ Norton Medical Pavilions/ Kosair Ch is now the primary provider of health care in the area.

This medical facility uses some of the state of the art technologies that are implemented by a well- credentialed medical team that is composed of the physicians, nurses and other medical staff.  Part of the Norton Healthcare are 5 large hospitals as well as 12 Norton Immediate Care Centers where more than 90 physicians are on different practice locations.

Norton Healthcare is a non- profit organization that is dedicated in caring for its own patients as well as the rest of the community.


  1. King’s Daughter’s Medical Center

2201 Lexington Ave, Ashland , KY 41101

(606) 408- 4000

Among the best hospitals in the state of Kentucky is the King’s Daughter’s Medical Center which has an interesting history.  This hospital was made possible because of an all- female organization that was formed in 1897.  The name of the local chapter of this female organization is What- So- Ever- Circle whose focus at that time was on charitable work which led to the idea of building a hospital that will serve the community.

The original plan was to start an emergency hospital in 3 rooms that is to be opened on the second floor of the Poage, Elliott and Poage Drug Store.  The very first patient of this medical facility is someone who suffered from typhoid fever, and the very first surgery that was performed was a leg amputation.

In all its 18 years of existence, King’s Daughter’s Medical Center has transferred to 4 locations because of the need to have more space in order to accommodate more patients.  In 1899, it was officially incorporated as King’s Daughter’s Hospital and was officially launched on July 10, 1899.  Also in the same year, the hospital moved to a 2 story, 7 room frame home.  Then in 1906, the What- So- Ever- Circle bought a 2 story with 9 rooms frame house that is located in Winchester Avenue.

This hospital at Winchester Avenue remained until 1917, and this is also where the first baby delivery was performed in 1906.  On March 1916, the fundraising as well as the construction for the hospital’s permanent home began.  This project was completed in 1917.  It had two stories and had 50 beds.  In spite of the expansions and renovations, the hospital stayed in this very same location.


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