Best Hospitals in Kansas

Like the other areas in the United States, the state of Kansas also has a lot of hospitals where nurses who are looking to hone their nursing skills can definitely practice.  There are some very good hospitals within the state, and which in fact belong to the top 5 hospitals where these nurses can learn further knowledge and at the same time enhance their nursing skills even more.  Getting themselves to be a part of any of these hospitals would certainly give them high credentials in the health care industry, and without a doubt create an advantage in their nursing career.

Since nurses are most certainly essential in the medical work force, giving them a very good work environment is definitely helpful and advantageous because it will encourage them to stay in the profession and would inspire them to provide better health care services to the patients.

In Kansas, nurses can take advantage of a good career opportunity in any of the following best hospitals, namely:


  1. University of Kansas Hospital

3901 Rainbow Boulevard, Kansas City, KS 66160

(913) 588- 7332

One of the top 5 hospitals in Kansas is the University of Kansas Hospital which is a non- profit institution and at the same time is also an academic medical center.  This hospital is known to be the only nationally verified Level I Trauma Center in the area, and in 1998 University of Kansas Hospital was named an independent body that does not get any financial support from the state of Kansas.

This hospital is also associated with the University of Kansas Medical Center which includes the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and also Allied Health.  This medical institution integrates education as well as research along with the best patient care.  University of Kansas Medical Center has physicians who specialize in about more than 200 fields of specialties.

It also houses 623 staffed beds and has around 298,920 outpatient visits, and about 27,380 inpatient admissions.  University of Kansas Medical Center has had approximately 47,771 emergency department visits, and every year it receives some 10,124 inpatient surgeries as well as 8,743 outpatient surgeries.

At this medical institution, patients can definitely expect to receive high quality patient care that comes with the most revolutionary treatment and care.


  1. Lawrence Memorial Hospital

325 Maine St, Lawrence, KS, 66044

(785) 505- 6100

Lawrence Memorial Hospital is among the best hospitals within the state of Kansas which was established in 1921 with the help of the donations coming from Mrs. Elizabeth Watkins.  Through the generosity of Mrs. Watkins, the hospital was built and began with only 50 beds.  Lawrence Memorial Hospital is a community owned and a not for profit hospital.

This medical facility is committed to offer health and wellness services that are of high quality and has a very personal approach in order to cater to every individual’s very own needs.  Since its foundation up to the present time, Lawrence Memorial Hospital has simply continued to expand physically as well as in terms of health care services that it provides to its patients.

In fact, it completed a 3 year project in 2009.  This project was a $45Million expansion which is comprised of new facilities for Emergency and Surgery, as well as some additional space for its Maternity, Intensive Care Unit and also Critical Care.  Also part of the expansion was an 18 bed wing.  This new addition enabled Lawrence Memorial Hospital to change its semi- private patient rooms into all private patient rooms.

This hospital invests all its surplus revenues in various areas such as services, equipment and facilities so that it can further offer better amenities and services to its growing number of patients.  Lawrence Memorial Hospital is committed in enhancing the health of the entire population of the community, and because of its constant efforts to extend innovative treatment, this hospital is fully accredited by the Joint Commission.

Some of the milestones of Lawrence Memorial Hospital: From being a 50 bed hospital, a south addition was accomplished using the financial aid that was extended by the federal government through the Hill- Burton program in 1956.  Also in the same year, Lawrence Memorial Hospital had 146 beds.  In 1969, this hospital had 165 beds and more service facilities were offered to the patients.  A new building was again constructed in 1975, and at this time there were already 200 beds.

The construction of a two story addition took place in 1986, and this new addition included a same- day surgery and education space which included a 100 seat auditorium.  Further developments were made at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital, such that in 2003 it increased its Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation program.  Also in 2003, the LMH Regional Oncology Center which included the addition of Radiation Therapy Services were also launched.  Lawrence Memorial Hospital opened its LMH Heart Center in 2005, and at the same time introduced Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Services (PCI) or what is also known as Angioplasty or a balloon which is a life- saving treatment for patients who are suffering from a heart attack or other cardiac- related concerns.


  1. Hays Medical Center

2220 Canterbury Dr, Hays, KS 67601

(785) 623- 5000

One of the best hospitals that can be found in the state of Kansas is the Hays Medical Center which is a private, and a not for profit hospital.  Hays Medical Center was created because of the 1991 union of two religiously affiliated facilities.  This medical center is known to give the only tertiary level services in the area.

Part of Hays Medical Center is Hays Med’s De Bakey Heart Institute which is designed to offer heart surgery for the patients residing in the western part of the Kansas.  This facility has 207 beds which offers medical, surgical as well as pediatric care; and is also comprised of cardiac, neonatal and intensive care units, as well as cancer, joint and spine care, diagnostic imaging and eye surgery center.  This area also houses the emergency department, rehabilitation, hospice and also lifeline.

Hays Medical Center receives about 6,696 admissions as well as 173,321 outpatient procedures, while the medical group’s specialty and rural health clinics has more than 145,464 office visits.  Also part of the system is the Center for Health Improvement which is an MEA accredited fitness center.  This facility combines hospital- based fitness and rehabilitation programs along with occupational medicine as well as independent physician clinics.

Among the achievements and recognitions of Hays Medical Center is a National Rural Health Association Outstanding Program Award for its EACH/ RPCU and Telemedicine programs which it obtained in 1997.  Also it is NIAHO hospital accredited and is a Level 3 Trauma Center.  Hays Medical Center is also an accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI and Primary Stroke Center, and is also accredited and recognized by DNV Health care as well as the American College of Radiology.

Hays Medical Center employs more than 1,000 personnel.


  1. Saint Luke’s South Hospital

12300 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS 66213

(913) 317- 7904

Saint Luke’s South Hospital is among the best hospitals that is situated in the state of Kansas.  It is a fairly new medical facility as it was only established in 1998, but even so this most recent acute care hospital that can be found in Johnson County regularly earns the highest patient satisfaction scores of all area hospitals.

Saint Luke’s South Hospital is faith- based and is a not for profit community hospital.  It is also a part of the Saint Luke’s Health System which is dedicated to improve the overall well- being of the community which includes different aspects such as their physical, mental and spiritual health.

This latest medical institution in Kansas is also known to have a comprehensive health care facility and uses only the most modern and the most up to date technology.  Saint Luke’s South Hospital is a 125 bed acute care hospital which has 24 hour emergency services as well as a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient diagnostic testing.  Aside from these, Saint Luke’s South Hospital also has a spacious Birth and Women’s Center that comes with a Level III a neonatal intensive care unit, and it also has inpatient as well as outpatient rehabilitation services.

At Saint Luke’s South Hospital, patients can expect to receive the finest health care services and treatments.


  1. Kansas Medical Center Llc

1124 W 21st St, Andover, KS 67002

(316) 300- 4000

Kansas Medical Center Llc is one of the best hospitals in Kansas where patients can anticipate to get the highest quality of treatment and patient care.  This medical facility aims to offer a patient- centered care by empowering its physicians as well as its other health care providers.  The empowerment of its health care professionals is assisted by the use of state of the art technology.

Kansas Medical Center Llc utilizes the latest and the most modern equipment and information technology to always provide a better service to its patients.  This medical center offers a complete range of revolutionary health care services to all its patients who are residents of Andover and other communities in the entire state of Kansas.

Another good feature of this hospital is that it provides a personalized care plan so that it can match every person’s individual needs.

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