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Iowa is another state that has been struck by the shortage in the nursing industry. Due to this problem, Iowa officials have been trying to look for solutions to allay this impending problem. A lot of factors are contributing to this. But the two main factors are; the lack of Nurse Educators and; a good number of nurses are in their 50’s and are soon going to retire with not enough replacements yet.


  1. University Of Iowa Hospital & Clinics

Just how big is the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics? To give you an idea Forbes Magazine proclaimed it as the top health care employer in its category while it is also the 12th biggest employer of all.

It offers the most complete services among all the hospitals in the state of Iowa. Add to that the fact that it has been proclaimed as one of the finest health care facilities all across the United States.

Their main goal is to provide the very best health care treatment that they can give to their patients and their family on a 24/7 basis while providing the best service they can through innovative approaches.

Last year alone saw a total of 1,617 doctors, 1,904 nursing staff and 4826 medical support staff employed across the system. Aside from these, the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics also has some 1,500 free volunteers to work within the health care facility.

In partnership with the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics provide the highest level of medical and nursing care with the assistance of the Physicians of the University of Iowa. This group of is known to be the most complete group of Physicians in terms of expertise. They cover a lot of specialization including surgery. This group is made up of Physician Educators who work at the University of Iowa Roy j. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine. The partnership with the Physicians is based at the University of Iowa Health Care and aims to deliver the best care for patients, perform medical and nursing research and help mold the next batch of health workers.

All the changes in medicine are all the reasons why lives are changed.  All these changes can be done through new discoveries, a lot of educational aspects they are ready for this, providing the best medical and nursing care.

The lives of these patients are being changed through the prevention and healing of illnesses, improvement of each patient’s health and life and by providing the best nursing and medical care in the state and through the whole country.

The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics has the means to develop and train world class nurses. This is the main foundation of their nursing training. It also produces the best medical care in Iowa. It has become the new standard in nursing education, nursing care and nursing research.

200 Hawkins Dr, Iowa City, IA 52242

Phone: (319) 356-1616



  1. Allen Hospital

Located in Cedar Valley in Iowa, Allen Hospital provides healthcare in a nonprofit, 204 bed capacity facility. Allen hospital is accredited with the UnityPoint Health system of Iowa which actually cares for a third of the patients in the state.

The hospital was founded by Henry Allen in memory of his loving wife Mary. The couple was based in Waterloo in the 1860’s. They lived prosperously in Waterloo for a good forty years of their lives. They decided to transfer to California but they missed their hometown so much and decided to return.

Mary passed on in the year 1913. With her memories fresh in his mind, he did something for the community that would remind him and the people of the goodness of Mary. He donated an 80 acre chunk of land and a huge amount of $200,000 U.S. to put up a hospital that is not sectarian and non-biased to any. Right on Mary’s birthday in November of 1924, the hospital had its dedication to Mary known to the community. Then in February of 1925, the hospital opened its’ doors to the public. Since then, a number of generations has been the recipient of the best health care services in the state of Iowa.

Among all the hospitals in cedar Valley, it is deemed that Allen Hospital is the busiest of all.  It caters to about 10 counties and offers outpatient care, inpatient care, emergency assistance and cardio health care service. Ambulatory services are affiliated with the Prairie Medical Park and the United Medical Park and their facilities for walking have their patients in mind. Henry Allen’s desire of providing the best health care services in his hospital is being put to good use till this day. If Mr. Allen were alive today, he would certainly be very pleased that his hospital is a way of helping the sick and needy.

The main goal of the hospital is to provide the best healthcare service to improve people’s health. This can be achieved by making those who are treated in the hospital a fully healed person when he comes out.

1825 Logan Ave, Waterloo, IA 50703

Phone: (319) 235-3941



  1. Trinity Bettendorf

4480 Utica Ridge Rd

Bettendorf, IA

Phone: (563) 742-5000


Trinity Bettendorf is affiliated under the UnityPoint Health system. It is a network of health care facilities located in some cities in Illinois and in Muscatine and Bettendorf in the state of Iowa. It has a total capacity of 584 patients. UnityPoint Health – Trinity Hospitals, home, mental health facilities, health sciences, clinics, outpatient clinics, in patient clinics, emergency clinics and others all have a combined workforce of more than 3,000 in various medical and nursing capacities. All of these employees and facilities have been working one goal and that is to provide the best health care service each of these facilities can give.

The best nursing care is being provided by Trinity Bettendorf through a more compassionate approach to providing nursing care. It also helps that Trinity Bettendorf has the very best physicians in the state of Iowa. They also offer a complete community medical program. All of the three thousand strong workforce have dedicated their lives in delivering the best medical and nursing care they can to each patient they handle. There are disease control programs in place within the Health System. One of these is called HeartAware that deals with anything about the Heart. The best medical and nursing care is achieved through working with Physicians, nursing care units must be in place to provide new nursing care techniques and a lot more.

4480 Utica Ridge Rd

Bettendorf, IA

Phone: (563) 742-5000



  1. Genesis Medical Center-Davenport

1869 was the year that people witnessed the birth of a new hospital The Genesis Medical Center-Davenport, although a different name. After 146 years, the Medical Center never ceases to grow in number of employees and in legacy. It has now built relationships with multi-generation families and has immensely participated and offered more than an adequate amount of nursing care to the people of Davenport. It has also time and time again offered something new in terms of medical and nursing care in the city and has kept on reaching newer heights with regards to health care services.

The system is now has its presence felt in 10 counties in several cities in the states of Illinois and Iowa. However, the system goes further than these limits of these counties and cities in connection to financial income and professional capacities. The system has been recognized as a top 100 Health System in the United States.

Today, our system of health-care services a 10-county, bi-state region of the Quad Cities metropolitan area and the surrounding communities of Iowa and Illinois. But when it comes to financial performance, groundbreaking research and clinical capabilities, we exceed those geographical limits, having earned recognition as one of the nation’s top 100 Health Systems and achieved medical firsts in the nation.

Genesis Health System

1227 E. Rusholme Street

Davenport, IA 52803


Phone: (563) 421-1000



  1. Mercy Medical Center-Des Moines

Mercy Medical Center – Des Moines is classified as a nonprofit, acute health care facility Catholic hospital that is located in three schools. The Sisters of Mercy are responsible for the founding of the facility. It all stated in 1893 and for 122 years, it is now the longest operational hospital in Des Moines. Its medical and nursing staff number to at least 7,100 professionals and Physicians numbering to more than 800 which makes it one of the biggest employers in the city and the state. It is affiliated with two groups; first is the Catholic Health Initiatives and the second is the Mercy Health Network which owns and operates eleven hospitals, 26 contract operated hospitals and 142 outside clinics which are manned by 625 Physicians.

1111 6th Ave, Des Moines, IA 50314

Phone: (515) 247-3121


Although an impending problem is so real, the presence of these five Healthcare systems will certainly make a positive impact and solve the nursing shortage.


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