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Indiana is one of the states that is experiencing a shortage in the nursing profession. In line with this, state officials have been trying to implement the best ways to solve this serious matter. In a few years time, the problem would become even bigger if solutions were not implemented at the soonest possible time.


  1. Indiana University Health

When it comes to the most complete nursing healthcare system in the state of Indiana, nothing comes close to Indiana University Health. The good thing about this nursing school is that it is connected with the Indiana University School of Medicine, which is acknowledged as one of the leading medicine schools in the land. This allows patients the chance to be treated by the best nursing staff and the best Doctors in the land. The Indiana University health System is made up of Doctors and Collaborative Services and hospitals that provide the best healthcare in the state.

The main goal of the system is to provide and promote the best healthcare to community and patients of the hospitals under it. This is done with the unique type of medical and nursing care, education, service and research on every care techniques.

Nurses under the Indiana University Health system focus on providing top notch educational training for nursing students; provide body, mind and spirit care for each patient; maintain the high level of nursing care given; observe charity, justice and giving when providing nursing care; must take the lead in promoting wellness and health; provide the best research services.

The system is a network of establishments that is bound on respect and trust of each other. Their trust is bound by the motto of working hard to maintain the best in nursing and medical care. This is something that they do by implementing the best practice around. Patients are treated with respect by the nurses while trust is the basis of the professional relationship between Doctors, nurses and other medical staff.

The community service of the Indiana University Health System is manifested in its effective community service program through such venues as education, research and clinical health care.

In 2013 alone the university spent about half a billion U.S. dollar and an even bigger $700 million U.S. dollars for their community services and was able to provide healthcare to about 1,400,000 million residents of the state. The total amount of $1.2 Billion U.S. dollars covered the following; providing education to nursing and medical students; help patients by extending financial support out of this amount; executing community health service programs to reach out to more people and finally, to research on new techniques and other features of healthcare. Out of this amount, $319 million U.s dollars were spent on patients who are not able to pay for their treatments or to subsidize discounts for patients experiencing economic difficulties.

The University has also began its education program on the future medical and nursing students. These programs will be anchored on the latest research findings that their research team has come up with.  All these will be passed on to a great number of establishments in the state so that these can introduce the latest in health care to their patients.

1001 W 10th St b2109

Indianapolis, IN

Phone: (317) 962-5900



  1. St Vincent Hospital & Health Services

What we do is the basis of our existence. St Vincent Hospital and Health Service shows this motto through its 130 years of history of providing service and pioneering the proper health care giving in the state.

It is under the guidance of Ascension Health which is the biggest system provider of health care in the whole country. The main goal of St. Vincent is to provide the best possible care in spirit, mind and physical body to every patient their nurses take care of. Their nurses practice no biases when it comes to sex, race and religion.

St. Vincent spearheads healthcare in the nursing profession through their holistic and spirituality founded training that they provide for the whole community and their individual patients. It is represented by 22 ministries that are distributed in 57 counties located in the southern and central parts of Indiana.

St. Vincent Hospital and Health Services System Network is represented in three modern hospitals equipped with the latest machines, 8 emergency cases hospitals and 7 specialized hospitals and the flagship, 4 building medical compound located in Northern Indianapolis. St. Vincent’s network has been magnified further with affiliations with clinics and joint venture endeavors.

The main focus of St. Vincent in terms of medical services are in the following areas; children’s and women’s health; cardiovascular cases; long-period intensive care; surgery in all cases; primary care; neuroscience; oncology; orthopedic practice; neuroscience; imaging and bariatric. It has in its employ a total of about 16,000 nurses and medical staff and more than 3,000 doctors making it one of the biggest health systems in terms of employment.

The expertise of the nurses trained in a St. Vincent Hospital or in any of its’ affiliate is well known in the industry. Add this to the compassionate approach of these nurses and you have the best trained and well mannered nurses around. The nurses are trained at providing the best type of nursing care to each of their patients by putting their patients needs above all.

10330 N. Meridian Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46290

Phone: (317) 338-7000



  1. St Mary’s Medical Center

Since 1872, the year the Daughters of Charity set up house in the Tri-State community, St. Mary’s has been known to provide the best of the best health care to everyone. Today St. Mary’s Health System now has the St. Mary’s Warrick Hospital located in Boonville, Indiana, the St. Mary’s Medical Center located in Evansville, Indiana and the St. Mary’s Medical Group. Aside from these, St. Mary’s also has under its belt a number of outpatient and inpatient health facilities all over the state.  St. Mary’s Health System employs around 3,500 nurses and medical staff and about 750 doctors making St. Mary’s among the largest employers in health care providers. It is also the recognized biggest faith-oriented health care system in the southern part of Indiana.

With more than 140 years of experience in providing the best health care to the community, its’ main focus is to train its health care efforts to the needy and sickly.

3700 Washington Ave, Evansville, IN 47714

Phone: (812) 485-4000



  1. Indiana University Health North Hospital

December 2005 saw the opening of the state of the art Indiana University Health North Hospital. It was first named Clarian North Medical center but was later changed. It offers a full line of medical services for children and grown-ups.  It has a capacity of about 170 patients with facilities like doctors’ offices, private rooms and operating rooms which is connected to the Medical Arts Building. Its main focus are the areas of medical care in adult nursing care, pediatric care and maternity care. The Indiana University Health Riley Hospital monitors the facilitation of health care in the inpatient pediatric department of the hospital. IU Health Riley is manned with doctors and nurses specializing in pediatric care. Other medical fields that are connected with the IU Health North Hospital are the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers or NAPBC, a Bariatric Excellence Program, cardiac department program, pre-natal courses, parenting courses and pediatric oncology program.

All the medical facilities that are under Indiana University are affiliated and connected with the Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital. However, The IU North Medical Center has its own Board of Directors and high ranking officials and management separate from the other IU entities.

11700 N Meridian St, Carmel, IN 46032

Phone: (317) 688-2000


  1. Franciscan St Francis Health – Indianapolis

The Franciscan St. Francis Health-Indianapolis started out with a unique partnership of three entities of people that combined their time and efforts in putting up this health system. The three groups are the citizens of the community of Beech Grove, the clergymen of the Holy Name Catholic Church and the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration.

Two of the sisters went on a trip from their convent in Lafayette, IN down south to Indianapolis in 1909. Holy Name Catholic Church Monsignor Peter Killian welcomed them and the three surveyed several spots.  They finally agreed on the site at the corner of Sherman Drive and Troy Avenue.

Immediately after settling for the spot, the nuns and the Beech Grove citizens went to work. Construction started in 1913 which signified the birth of the best health care provider of Beech Grove, Indiana. This was the start of the best health care system in the community.

In 1914, the St. Francis Hospital was opened to the public which houses 75 rooms , a number of operating rooms and an emergency department.

Nearly a century later in 2012, the health system now operates hospitals and health care facilities in Carmel and Mooresville, IN.

With all of these schools consolidating their efforts and time in trying to solve the nursing shortage in Indiana, the problem will certainly be solved sooner than what people might think.

700 E Southport Rd

Indianapolis, IN

Phone: (317) 528-5000



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