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Nursing in Illinois is looking closely at year 2020 because it is expected that the state’s nursing profession will be experiencing a shortage of an expected 21,000 from the workforce. This is the main reason why the Illinois Center for Nursing was established. Their main goal is to avert the expected shortage from happening by applying programs that would attract more nurses to the state.

The center also acts as a supply source that nursing students may use for their studies. These sources are also available to nurses who are currently employed and nursing educators so that they can find scholarship grants and study grants aimed for nursing degrees and post graduate degrees.

All of these things will have to be addressed because nurses are so much important in health care noting that they are the ones in touch with patients on a daily basis. The center has been taking huge leaps and has made progress in assuring the state with the necessary number of nurses it needs.

Illinois is now in need of nursing graduates or those interested in taking up nursing to fill the gap. In line with this, here are the five best hospitals for nursing in employment and nursing school in Illinois


  1. Northwestern Memorial Hospital

251 E Huron St, Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: (312) 926-2000


On September 1 of 1972, the Northwestern Memorial Hospital was established when Wesley Memorial and Passavant Memorial hospitals which were both established in the 1800’s were combined to make a bigger and more complete hospital.  Both of these hospitals had their foundations on Methodist and Lutheran beliefs and practices that had women participating in caring activities for people with ailments.

At Northwestern Memorial Hospital, patient care is best epitomized by the nursing staff. These nurses are trained to perform round the clock assessment, Q and A’s with all the patients, administering the patients’ medication and Doctors’ orders and if called on, can assist Doctors in surgical procedures.

The hospitals’ nurses take the time to talk to the patients under their care with regards to the kind of nursing care they will be receiving. During the conversation, the nurses also inform their patients of what kind of cooperation these patients have to do to hasten the progress. Each treatment that the patient undertakes has guidelines in it that nurses have to explain to them.

The nurses at Northwestern are quick to respond to every patients’ needs which is a reflection why this hospital is one of the best in Illinois for nurses to be employed in. The nurses play important roles in the healing of every patient in the hospital.


  1. Rush University Hospital

1653 W Congress Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60612

Phone: (312) 942-5000


Rush University Medical Center is a huge 664 patient capacity university hospital in Chicago. The hospital is known for several areas of health care both domestically and internationally. It is known particularly in the field of research and its new and imposing wing, the Tower.

Nursing graduates who are interested in practicing in Illinois may want to look at this hospital. The reason for this is that the hospital has Nurse Residency Program installed. Through this program, Rush University throws its full support behind fresh graduates of nursing within the first six months of their employment.

What this program is focused is to help the new graduate adjust to the rigors and demands of a fulltime nurse from being a nursing student. This will definitely reap results in favor of the fresh graduate because he or she will be given the training that is needed to cope with the life of being a fulltime nurse.

Within the six months residency program, fresh graduates are encouraged to participate in discussions and will be a part of their duties. The nursing management is in full support of this activity. There are activities that the fresh graduates have to participate in with experienced nurses leading them. These activities imitate real life scenarios with the proper nursing care actions being applied to. Topics that will be dealt with during these activities and discussions cover the following: management of stress, end-of-life decisions, nursing career progression, safety of the patient, decision making, leadership training, patient-nurse communication and more.

The Nurse Residency Program does not need any special ways of application. Once an applicant is seen to fulfill the requirements for the program, the applicant will straight away be registered in it.


  1. The University of Chicago Medical Center

5841 S Maryland Ave, Chicago, IL 60637

Phone: (773) 702-1000


Being a university and school hospital, the University of Chicago Medical Center has a lot of opportunities lined up for nurses wanting to practice in its’ employ. It does not matter whether a nurse is just a fresh graduate or a well experienced one, the UC Medical Center has a satisfying and gratifying nursing career for those interested in practicing nursing in the hospital. The hospital offers salary compensation that is deemed to be one of the highest in the state of Illinois. Plus the hospital offers tremendous and rewarding benefits like a 75% reimbursement on tuition fees spent by the nurse on a PhD course in nursing and a 100% reimbursement on tuition fees spent on a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and a Master of Science in Nursing degrees.

The nurses at the UC Medical Center are always at the frontline of patient care. They have been trained to provide the latest techniques in nursing care. Our nurses collaborate with all the members of the healthcare team of the hospital so that they can gain more knowledge and know what type of care to apply to different patients. The Doctors work hand in hand with them, Scientist do research assisted by nurses and other health professional like Physiotherapist are assisted by them.

With its long history of being able to introduce new nursing care techniques and ideas, the nurses have the opportunity to learn something new every so often. Nurses are required to actively partake in the application of advanced nursing care procedures. The truth is that most of the new procedures introduced in the hospital become industry standards for nursing care in different parts of the country. The nurses in UC Medical Center are trained to work in any field of patient care and on patients of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. This is the type of training that puts the nurses in UC Medical center at a distinct advantage. These are just a few of the factors why the UC Medical Center is a good choice for those interested in a nursing degree.


  1. Advocate Christ Hospital & Medical Center

4440 W 95th St, Oak Lawn, IL 60453

Phone: (708) 684-8000


The Advocate Christ Medical Center Nurses are renowned in the whole country for their high standards of training and nursing care. For the past 12 years, the nursing department of the hospital has been adjudged as a ‘Magnet’ hospital under the Commission on Magnet Recognition of the American Nurses Credentialing or ANCC. 2005 was the year that the hospital was given the Magnet citation. This is the highest form of recognition given to hospitals who have given the highest standards in nursing-patient care and relations. At the same time, it is also the top level award given by the ANCC in relation to nursing standards and services.

The hospitals’ ‘Magnet’ status was achieved through rigorous and strict evaluations by a team representing the ANCC. This process includes meetings with Registered Nurses and an appraisal and assessment of all the nursing care services provided by the hospital. To signify the high standards of the ANCC, Magnet awards are given to hospitals that can satisfy and provide 88 facts related to nursing (116 facts for first time applicants for the award).

Being awarded with this prestigious award for so many times without any biases only means one thing – that Advocate Christ Medical Centers’ nursing care program is second to none. The best nurses provide the best nursing care treatments and approach to each of their patients. With our nurses’ dedication to providing the best care for their patients, a lot of them have taken certificate classes in specialized fields of nursing.


  1. Alexian Brothers Medical Center

800 Biesterfield Rd #605, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Phone: (847) 437-5500


At Alexian Brothers Medical Center, the nurses are trained to give the highest standard nursing care for every patient that they handle. If a patient is suffering from a mental illness, the nurses in this hospital are well equipped and trained to provide the best possible nursing care for these patients. There will always be compassionate, personalized and comprehensive nursing attention given to patients. The type of nursing care quality is as consistent as it will ever be. Nothing changes.

The reason for this is that nursing care is an imperative factor in the recovery and healing process of each patient.  This is how the nurses in Alexian Brothers Medical Center do it.


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