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The obvious fact that hospitals and clinics are rendered useless without the needed number of nurses to run is always evident whenever a nursing shortage is happening. Hospitals can survive with a lack of doctors but not with a shortage of nurses. Unfortunately for the state of Delaware, it is about to experience a boom in nursing shortage. The height of this shortage will probably be felt in the year 2020. The seriousness of this issue is that hospitals and clinics will not be able to administer the proper nursing care services to their patients.

Delaware has a total of about 16,000 nurses. This actually is a small number already and that means when the issue hits its’ peak the problem would double in terms of urgency. Even experts say that in 5, 10 or 15 years time, the situation would become a lot worse than it is today.
The best way to prepare for this thing is to prepare. The government has spearheaded the campaign to alleviate this impending problem. Some of the nursing schools in Delaware have started to make things better by accepting applicants to nursing at this early.


  1. Christiana Care Health Services, Inc.

The main focus of this health service facility is to provide the very best nursing and medical care that can be given to the members of the community. This is being done by the Christiana Care Health System by continually innovating healthcare programs that they deem to be the best care system they can come up with. This innovative way of caring is what they call the Christiana way.

This is easily done by the members of the Christiana Health Care Services, Inc. because they are equipped with the latest and state of the art medical equipment that can be found in any healthcare facility. This is the type of technology that helps nursing staff become better and more precise with the job on hand.

The reason why this is important is that nurses tend to commit less human error on their reports and findings thus they become more precise with it. Aside from this, the nursing staff of Christiana Care have a full commitment to taking care and helping their patients heal and recover.

PO Box 1668, Wilmington, DE 19899

Phone: (302) 733-1000



  1. Beebe Medical Center

Beebe Medical Center is a nonprofit hospital that is owned and managed by the Beebe Healthcare system. Its’ main goal is to promote leading healthy lifestyles, avert ailments and help people achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit. The residents of the southern parts of the state are the ones that benefit from all these services. The system has a 210-patient hospital that specializes in oncology and has a number of outpatient satellite clinics.

Beebe Medical Center is focused on providing the very best medical and nursing care services for the people working, residing, studying and just simply touring within the community. The medical facility’s mother company, Beebe Healthcare has successfully just put up an out-patient facility in Lewes. This facility will treat minor cases of illnesses. Beebe medical doctors are assigned to take care of the patients in this facility which is strategically located in the same building as that of the offices of the Beebe Medical Group doctors.

The nurses in this facility are well trained to handle out-patient cases. This means very fast production of reports and administration of medication.

This is how effective all of the Beebe Healthcare facilities work. All their nurses are well trained to administer fast and precise reports that the Doctors request from them. The nice thing about these health care facilities is that it all comes complete with all the other departments that a full pledged hospital has. Therefore nursing care is also a very much in demand position in all their facilities. It has a Physiotherapy Center, Imaging Center, an express diagnostic laboratory, and an outpatient operating room. All of these departments would need nursing professionals to help the doctors assigned to these.

203 Atlantic Ave, Millville, DE 19967

Phone: (302) 645-3300




  1. Bayhealth – Kent General Hospital

Bayhealth – Kent General Hospital only has one thing in mind – to promote a healthy lifestyle for all the people of the Bayhealth area.

Bayhealth is the biggest healthcare system in the Southern and Central parts of Delaware. Under its wing are two of the most advanced hospitals in the state, namely, Milford Memorial and Kent General. It also has its own outpatient clinic located in Smyrna and a number of satellite clinics were patients can be treated that covers a wide range of specializations.

The Bayhealth system has the most advanced equipment and technology of any nonprofit health system. It has in its fold a total number of 400 Doctors and about 3,200 nurses and other health workers.

Last year alone saw the whole health system provide car to more than 110,000 patients of varied ailments. They also provided about $50 million in uninsured treatments and procedures.

640 S State St Dover, DE

Phone: (302) 744-7001




  1. Nanticoke Memorial Hospital

There is only one goal for this hospital – and that goal is to put the health of every member of the community at the center of their service.

The Nanticoke Health Services provides healthcare services through two systems. The first is the Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. The second is the Nanticoke Physician Network.

The hospital is a multi-awarded, not-for-profit facility that has the ability to provide the best medical and nursing care available to the members of the community. It has been given a Level 3 status for trauma and is affiliated with the Joint Commission. The primary stroke department of the hospital has also reaped its fair share of awards. Even its cardiology department is an award winning facility of the hospital. It has been reviewed as a top 150 healthcare workplace for the workforce. Under its belt, it has a network of about 150 community providers for any healthcare needs which covers about 40 medical specializations.

On the other hand the Nanticoke Physician Network has about 35 Doctors and healthcare facilities under its’ name. These facilities can be found all over Delaware and nearby Maryland. Aside from these, the system also manages a couple of outpatient facilities in Georgetown and Seaford both in Delaware. Soon a third facility will be open to the public.

Phone: (302) 629-6611


  1. St Francis Hospital

1072 Justison St

Wilmington, DE

Phone: (302) 421-4100


St. Francis is a hospital that is a member of the Catholic Health East healthcare system. It is identified as Delaware’s one and only Catholic run Hospital. It has been in operation since 1924 and has been tending to the healthcare needs of residents of counties Northern New castle and Wilmington. Procedures regarding Joint surgeries and treatment are one of the hospitals strongest points. In fact it has received some awards for this for two consecutive years in 2007 and 2008. It is also recognized as being in the elite list of hospitals for its services regarding surgeries and treatments for gastro-intestinal health issues. 2006 saw the introduction of the state’s first daVinci Surgical procedures which is done by the St. Francis Robotic Institute.

In 2008 St. Francis Hospital launched the Peripheral Vascular Institute, which offers a multidisciplinary team approach to early diagnosis and treatment of peripheral vascular problems. Another healthcare treatment that the hospital has pioneered is The Diamondback 360 degree Orbital Atherectomy treatment which is made to remove stains on legs.

Its’ Heart Center department is one of the fastest treating sections in the whole country. The amazing aspect of this is that the number of complications that has happened is at a minimum which therefore produces faster recovery for patients. The reason for this is that the Center is fully equipped for their cardiac treatments and procedures. This includes the best bypass operational procedure.

Another aspect that the hospital is receiving credit for is its’ concern and focus about women’s health aspects.

The nursing shortage in Delaware is sadly, very true.

In preparation to alleviate this, some schools in Delaware. One particular school is about to inaugurate its’ new health building. Another school has started construction on a building for their nursing school

The good thing that is happening is that the applications to these schools have been on the rise and is still rising.

Another factor that the nursing industry in Delaware should b dealt with immediately is that most people in Delaware are growing old. This certainly means that more people will be admitted to hospitals and clinics for treatment. With this comes the need for more nurses. But if this is not dealt with right away, then who is going to apply nursing care methods and procedures to future patients.

An officer from the Public Health Division of Delaware says that a nursing shortage on the quality of the nursing care system in the state of Delaware. This puts pressure on nursing schools to accept as much applicants that they can.

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