Best Hospitals in California

Nurses who wish to be employed in California and would like to have the best professional nursing experience can take their chance to be part of any of the top 5 hospitals within California.  To be included in any of these hospitals would certainly be a great opportunity as they are known to provide the best treatment to their patients.  More than having the most advanced medical equipment and technology, these hospitals are also known for their research which results to medical breakthroughs.

The best hospitals in the state of California where patients can definitely experience quality care and the most advanced treatments are the following:


  1. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

757 Westwood Plaza

Los Angeles, CA 90095

(310) 825- 6301

One of the best and the most modern hospitals that can be found in the state of California is the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.  This world class hospital was established in 1955, and what was known then as the UCLA Medical Center became Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in 2008.  Also at that same time, the hospital was launched again in a brand new 10 story infrastructure that brings hospital design to a totally new level.

The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is well- known for having the most current and up to date medical advances, and is located on the four acres property of the equally popular UCLA campusthat is situated in West Los Angeles.  Also in this compound are the Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA as well as the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA.

At this first class hospital, patients as well as their families can feel secure that all the medical supplies and equipment that are needed for the treatment can be easily provided.  What is amazing about Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is that in each of its floor, you can find its very own satellite pharmacy, dialysis storage, respiratory therapy workrooms as well as resident doctor sleep rooms which definitely gives convenience and easy accessibility to those who are concerned.

This hospital is definitely very modern in the sense that it has so many great features that makes it very patient- friendly.  One of its interesting features is that every patient room can be transformed into an intensive care unit should there be a need for it.  Aside from this, it also has surgical suites that have a complete audiovisual integration system along with the most revolutionary medical equipment.

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center also has what they call as The Birth Place, Westwood which provides the mothers an environment that is comfortable to give birth in and recover as it has home- like settings.  Again, this facility can be converted into an operating room when it is time for delivery.  More than all these, this hospital also has a Trauma Center as well as a Rehabilitation Services Department.

Patients are always treated with great care and they are the hospital’s greatest priority which is why their convenience and comfort are constantly accounted for.  To show this, the hospital has an underground tunnel which was built to transport patients between the hospital and the UCLA Medical Plaza if ever there is a need for tests, therapy and the like.  It also has a special lobby area in the parking lot where patients who are to be discharged can be picked up in a more private and comfortable ambiance.

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center also has an auditorium where the Music at the Med concerts are held to inspire the patients and their families.


  1. UCSF Medical Center

505 Parnassus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94143

(415) 353- 2733

Another outstanding hospital within California is the UCSF Medical Center which combines the most excellent research, finest teaching and an unsurpassed patient care to provide advancements in medicine.  UCSF Medical Center includes the best medical team in its staff to cater to every specialty from heart diseases and immunology to specialty services for women and children.  This hospital is also home to 5 Nobel Laureates who have superior understanding of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, HIV/ AIDS, aging and stem cell research.

As reported by the US News and World Report, the UCSF Medical Center, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals including its four professional schools namely dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy as well as a lot of its graduate programs rank consistently as one of the best in the entire United States.

The UCSF Medical Center is also known to be the second biggest employer where you can also find the most committed scientists, clinicians, students, nurses and other staff who all have the same desire to make the world a better place by improving health as well as human condition in general.  This medical facility also wishes to exploit the proficiency of multidisciplinary teams to speed up learning as well as scientific progress and accelerate the development of new therapies and cures.


  1. Stanford Hospital

Pavilion A, Level 1, A12, 300 Pasteur Dr,

Stanford, CA 94304

(650) 723- 5708

Stanford Hospital which is among the top hospitals in California constantly aims to give its patients only the most outstanding diagnosis and treatments with quality as well as concern and proper coordination.  Stanford Hospital is also known for its unsurpassed track record of scientific discovery as well as advancements in technology and also translational medicine.

This hospital has the best doctors in its team of medical experts and they are all known to provide innovative treatments to each of their patients.  Among its goals is to design new delivery models by making use of their most cutting- edge resources in order to make continuous care for each of their patients.  Another aim of Stanford Hospital is to be the most progressive hospital in the whole world which is certainly not far from being realized given that it has all the necessary ingredients to be one.

What is good about this hospital is that it allows its patients to select the kind of medical care they wish to receive by giving them an honest, clear and reliable information regarding the level care of the hospital to help the patients come up with the best decision.  Stanford Hospital also always makes sure that every treatment or care they give their patients is safe which means that any injuries are avoided.

All services or treatments offered by this hospital are founded on scientific knowledge and definitely the best practice.  This hospital is without a doubt patient- centered as they always have their patients’ convenience in mind.  It is also trying its best to lessen waiting time to prevent delays that can be possibly harmful to both the receiver as well as the provider of care or treatment.  Stanford Hospital also strives to inhibit waste of equipment, supplies, ideas and also energy by utilizing all of its resources properly.


  1. Cedars- Sinai Medical Center

8700 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

(310) 423- 5000

The history of Cedars- Sinai Medical Center began in its foundation in 1902, from a humble beginning, this hospital which is among the best hospitals in California is now a very popular non- profit academic medical center.  In fact Cedars- Sinai Medical Center is the biggest academic medical center in all of the western United States and has more than 350 residents as well as fellows who are involved in its more than 60 graduate medical education programs.

Cedars- Sinai Medical Center is recognized for giving the highest quality of patient care, and at the same time offers the finest treatments and medicines.  It is also dedicated to give superior outpatient, acute, sub- acute patient care, breakthrough biomedical research, graduate and undergraduate medical education as well as community service.

This world- class hospital is being guided by its four missions which are: leadership and excellence in delivering quality health care service; expand horizons of medical knowledge through biomedical research; educate and train doctors and other health care professionals and strive to improve the health status of the community.

Cedars- Sinai Medical Center employs more than 2,000 physicians in every clinical specialty and also has about 10,000 other professional staff, 2,000 volunteers and there is also some 15,000 fundraising support group members. Both the scientists as well as the doctors of this hospital are involved in basic and clinical research to come up with the latest medical innovations.

It has been ranked #1 in best overall quality of health care and at the same time has also earned the National Research Corporation’s Consumer Choice Award for having the highest quality medical care in Los Angeles.


  1. University of California San Diego Medical Center

UC San Diego Health System

200 West Arbor Drive

San Diego, CA 92103

(619) 543- 6222

University of California San Diego Medical Center is the only academic health system in the area and is known for being committed to provide the finest patient care through innovative research and inspired teaching.  This hospital was ranked #1 in San Diego for 5 consecutive years by the US New and World Report.

University of California San Diego Medical Center wishes to uphold its vision which is to have a healthier world and they believe that it is possible through new science, new medicine and new treatments.  Patients can expect to get medical treatments at this hospital which cannot be found in any other medical institution.

Doctors at this hospital are all leaders in their fields of expertise like medicine and surgery, and in just about 4 decades, University of California San Diego Medical Center has obtained international recognition as one place where discoveries are made.


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