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Nurses are said to be the backbones of the health care industry which is why these health care professionals are very essential to have in the organization.  Without these nurses, the health care industry will also suffer and people who are in need of health care assistance will also be neglected.

Nurses who wish to work in the state of Alabama are very much welcome.  In Alabama, nurses can choose from the top 5 best hospitals within the state.  All these 5 hospitals can definitely provide good opportunities to the nurses as they are known to have very good health care services, and also take care of their patients in the best way they can.  In line with this, it is safe to assume that since they care for their patients very well, then they also take care of their staff with as much care and attention.

There are definitely more hospitals within Alabama, but if nurses would like to take advantage of the best opportunities in terms of experience as well as to make an impact in their careers, then any of the following top 5 hospitals will certainly be the best choice to have.

The state of Alabama considers the following hospitals to be the best in their area:


  1. University of Alabama Hospital at Birmingham

UAB Hospital

1802 6th Avenue South

Birmingham, AL 35233

  1. 934. 3411

The University of Alabama Hospital at Birmingham is known to be the foremost center with regards to clinical research, and at the same time is also an institution where the top medical programs in the United States can be found.  All its hospital’s staff which includes faculty physicians, nursing workforce, as well as its other support personnel are all very much dedicated to their craft and are passionate in giving the best care and service to each of their patients.

Another advantage of University of Alabama Hospital at Birmingham is that it is situated at Birmingham’s medical district which definitely provides a great amount of convenience to their patients, and at the same time because of its location, they are also highly visible to both their current and potential patients.

This hospital is also known to be one of the 20 biggest hospitals in the nation that is well- equipped with technology and other medical devices that patients may need.  At University of Alabama Hospital at Birmingham, patients can expect to receive a full range of service as this hospital offers a complete range of primary as well as specialty care services.  This hospital also provides the latest medical treatments and innovations in the field of health care.  In fact there are some treatments that can only be found at the University of Alabama Hospital at Birmingham which cannot be found in any other health care facility or institution.

Another great feature of this hospital is that its service is always available to all its clients which includes their patients as well as their family members.  All they need to do is to dial *55 from any of the phone within the hospital and a staff will always be ready to give assistance.  Since its goal is to provide the best service and treatment to their patients, they offer a personalized treatment plan for each of their patients.

At University of Alabama Hospital at Birmingham, the doctors are all leaders in their fields of expertise and specialty, while its nursing staff are all highly trained and competent.  Aside from having the best doctors and medical team and providing the best medical treatment, this hospital also has what they call the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center which is the only one in a 5- state region.  It is also active in the UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Research Center and in fact, all its in patients are checked for any glucose abnormalities.


  1. Brookwood Medical Center

2010 Brookwood Medical Center Drive

Birmingham, Alabama 35209

(205) 877- 1000

Brookwood Medical Center is also one of the best hospitals in Alabama where nurses can take advantage of a good opportunity to give service and at the same time to gain experience.  This hospital offers a complete acute care service and is popular for some of its programs such as cardiology, oncology, mental health and also orthopedic.

Patients are always in good hands at Brookwood Medical Center as its medical staff are composed of highly skilled and well- credentialed physicians and nurses.  Its medical team is composed of 800 doctors and about 3,000 other workforce which includes nurses and other personnel.

Brookwood Medical Center’s main campus holds the Women’s Center which is the first women’s hospital in the state of Alabama that provides a specialized maternity and neonatal services in an environment that has the finest facilities.  There are certainly a lot of features that this hospital is proud of.  One of which is that it has over 60 affiliated doctors that can provide primary and specialty care, and another interesting fact about Brookwood Medical Center is that its volunteers provide scholarships every year to students who are taking up either a 2 year or 4 year undergraduate health care program.

The amount of scholarship award vary each year depending on the available funding, and is deposited to the student’s account.  The money is meant to be allotted for the recipient’s tuition, other fees, books, uniforms and other academic related expenses.


  1. Flowers Hospital

4370 West Main St., Dothan, AL 36305

(334) 793- 5000

Flowers Hospital which is considered to be one of the good hospitals in Alabama is a known health care provider within the community.  This hospital provides different kinds of services to the community such as in patient, outpatient, medical, surgical, diagnostic as well as emergency care.  At the present time, Flowers Hospital employs around 1,350 health care professionals which definitely signifies that this hospital has come a long way as it started with humble beginnings.

Flowers Hospital began as a small community hospital that was owned and managed by Dr. Flowers and his family.  This hospital has witnessed a lot of medical events in its entire history since its foundation and has experienced so many ups and downs, and has managed to overcome all its struggles that until today, it is still standing and continues to remains strong.

In 1992, the Flowers family sold the family- owned hospital to the Quorum Health Group and continued to be a private facility, then in the year 2000 Quorum Health Group Inc had an agreement with Triad Hospitals Inc.  Again in 2007, there was a change in management as Triad Hospitals Inc was acquired by Community Health System Inc which is an operator of acute care hospitals in non- urban markets all throughout the United States.

Flowers Hospital celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2010, and to this day still continues to make history by making advancements in medical technology as well as patient care.  At this time, Flowers Hospital is a regional medical referral center to the 450,000 people who are residing within the 50 mile, 16- county radius.  It also has 235 acute care beds and 4 intensive care units for medical, surgical, cardiac care and cardiovascular.  Aside from these, Flowers Hospital also has 38 outpatient surgery beds.

Part of its amazing services include having the most advanced and the latest technology and equipment and this hospital never stops to upgrade.  Among their equipment comprise of MRI, CT Scan, Linear Accelerator, Rheolytic Thrombectomy, Electrophysiology Lab, 2 Cardiac Catheterization Labs and a Hybrid Lab.  Flowers Hospital is definitely a stimulus for change in the area of Winegrass, and is also the second biggest employer in Houston  County while also being a primary supporter of the tax base.


  1. Huntsville Hospital

101 Sivley Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35801

(256) 265- 1000

Huntsville Hospital is a public, not- for- profit hospital campus that is comprised of a number of sites and buildings that originally began in the downtown area of Huntsville, Alabama.  Huntsville Hospital began to build its history on its foundation year in 1895 when it was still an infirmary at Mill Street.  Today, this hospital has definitely seen its success as it now has around 7,000 employees, 2,000 nurses and about 650 doctors.

While Huntsville Hospital does not have any official association with any institution of higher education, it has been the sole venue for clinical rotations for the students of the UAB School of Medicine as well as its very own family practice residency program.  In 1973, this institution was chosen to be the teaching facility for UAH’s School of Primary Medical Care, and also in the same year was also the only Neonatal Nursery in North Alabama.

Huntsville Hospital celebrated its 100th year anniversary in 1995 and in 2002, Huntsville Hospital East became Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children.  Also in the same year was the launching of the two car overhead tram system that connects the main facilities on campus.  In 2007, this hospital signed an affiliation contract with Athens- Limestone Hospital and in 2009, began to build a hospital in the nearby Madison, Alabama which is the first hospital in the area after 20 years and also acquires the Heart Center, PC.


  1. Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital

4401 River Chase Dr.

Phoenix City, AL 36867- 7483

334- 732- 3000


Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital is considered to have the #1 Orthopedic services and Joint Replacement in Alabama and is also one of the top 100 best hospitals in the country for Specialty Care categories for two consecutive years.  In 2013, this hospital earned its latest ranking of being one of the top 100 hospitals in the nation for Spine Surgery.

This well- acclaimed advanced acute care hospital is located in Phoenix City, Alabama and provides different services which includes orthopedic and general surgery, physical therapy, diagnostic imaging, pharmacy and has a full laboratory and also an emergency room that is open for 24 hours.

Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital is also known for having the finest medical technology and is licensed by the Alabama State Board of Health.  On top of all of its achievements, this hospital has also obtained the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval as a fully accredited hospital that is recognized for having the highest standards of quality and safety in the delivery of health care.

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